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  1. does playstation/game cube/whatever uses openGL or do they have their own libs?
  2. I know that a debate would get out of control. Because of that, it would suffice if members just mentioned the features they like about their lib, not how they think it's better that the other.
  3. I was looking at some code for Direct3D and I have to say that this is an ugly API. This lead me to think about using OpenGL instead, but I haven't looked at any code so I don't know if it's any better. I program some GUI before on Linux using QT and on Windows using the Win32 API. From my experience using Microsoft APIs they are no good. They are bulky and give you no help. But the bottom line is: if i have to use it I have to use it.I would be interested to know what you guys use and why do you think it's good. I don't want to start a flamewar here, I just want to know what you personally like about whatever library you use. Since I'm just starting to program 3D, it's best for me to choose what I want to learn now, OpenGL or Direct3D. What do you think are the drawbacks to using your library? I would like to know about some games created using the OpenGL? And, is it true that OpenGL is dying? I appreciate the feedback.
  4. I was just looking at some of the method names of Direct3D 9. I see that the names of interfaces have a 9 attached to them, such as 'Direct3DCreate9'. I realized immediately that this means that the code will need to be re-written if I want to take advantage of the next version of DirectX (maybe DirectX X?). That's gonna suck big ass. This assumption is correct, isn't it?
  5. kubicon

    Learning Direct3D from SDK help

    How is it comming along? are you learning anything. Which version are you using,DX9c?
  6. Since I don't have many other choices, I was thinking about learning Direct3D from the SDK help. Has anyone here done it?
  7. kubicon

    what is RM or Immidiate mode

    I was just quickly glancing over a tutorial in Immediate mode and notice the author saying "Create the DirectDraw and the Direct3D objects, required for rendering". Is directDraw still used in direct3D programming? Does the new directX9 uses directdraw to help render the scene as well? If I learn Immediate mode tutorials for directX8, can I still use them in DirectX9? So many questions I wanna ask.
  8. I"m sure this question comes up all the time, but since the search is disabled. What is the difference between Immidiate mode and retained mode. I just want to jump in and start learning the hardcore one. I don't want to start of with "the easy version" and then have to learn something else to do the more complex stuff. Right now, I'm interested in making 2d games with direct3D, since aparently DirectDraw is no good at doing basic things such as rotation. Thanks
  9. kubicon

    How common is rotation hardware

    Do you guys know some books or other resources that talk about writing 2d games using Direct3D.
  10. kubicon

    Question of when to blit

    I understand. But it's easy for me to check if the background has been invalidated. Although I would have to check the other sprites to see if they have been changed because otherwise they would invalidate the background image. Never mind.
  11. When is it the proper time to blit into the primary buffer (or to second then flip). I just noticed that if I blit an image it stays in the screen. Is it wise to only blit an image, such as a background, when change is detected? or should I blit all the images on each iteration of the main loop?
  12. How should I go about flipping an image that's on a surface in DirectDraw7. For instance, a character that is facing right but I want the same image facing left?
  13. kubicon

    How common is rotation hardware

    Damn, this makes me feel like I'm wasting my time learning the stuff that I'm being taught in the book. The book deals with DirecDraw. Am I wasting my time? Should I focus on making 2D graphics using Direct3D?
  14. I working 2d in directdraw 7, I'm reading in "Tricks of the windows game programming gurus, 2nd ed.", that in order to do ratition in directdraw one has to have rotation hardware on their video cards. How common is rotation hardware nowadays? Should I even bother implementing this on my engine?
  15. kubicon

    Image distortion

    Screw it. I'm just gonna work with 16bit images from now. But thanks
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