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  1. Brandon N

    Reading Lisp

    I think it is something that largely comes with exposure. It was for me. Obviously, using an editor that highlights matching parentheses is a necessity.
  2. Brandon N

    Server OS- Unix or Windows? Which Ports?

    I develop most all of my personal software to work in OS X, Linux and Windows. Developing in Windows with Visual Studio 7+ is great, I do it for my cross-platform projects. You may want to check out developing with Cygwin as it essentially gives you Windows ports of Unix tools like gcc. This way you can develop on Windows and, for the most part get your linux Makefiles up and working. Alternatively, you can try a Linux IDE so you do not have to maintain the makefiles yourself. These include (but are not limited to) KDevelop, Anjuta and Code::Blocks. For client/server I generally favor Linux simply because I can easily run it on a low end, headless machine. As for which distribution, it does not really matter immediately. Your only concern should be getting up a relatively slim environment in the long run. As for ports, I just pick a high number and see if it is taken by anything common.
  3. Brandon N

    Fooling Around With Python

    WolfHp = 50 WolfStr = 10 def battle( ): global WolfHp, Hp Move = 6 victory = 0 print "You are in the Arena fightning a wolf" while Move != 2: print "[1] = Attack" print "[2] = Flee" Move = input("Choose your move") if Move == 1: print "You attack the wolf dealinig", Str , "damage" WolfHp = WolfHp-Str ---------Causes a problem print "The wolf attacks back dealing", WolfStr , "damage" Hp = Hp-WolfStr -----------------Most likly causes a problem, cause the above causes a problem. print "Your Hp now is", Hp Try adding the global statement as above.
  4. Brandon N

    Python vs. C++

    I certainly find Python more easy and organized than C++...
  5. Brandon N


    Python home page. Wikipedia entry. I would search for basic tutorials. You'll find yourself doing things much more quickly than in C/C++/Java.
  6. Brandon N

    Networking RTS

    Quote:Original post by Servant of the Lord Quote:For a real-time strategy game, bandwidth compression becomes paramount, because there is often a large number of units moving around. A good article is on I believe that's the one they mean, however you now need to sign in, and as I don't have an account, I can't be sure if that's the right article. That is the correct one.
  7. Brandon N

    choosing an elective (major)

    Quote:Original post by MaulingMonkey COBOL ... Cons: It was made in 1959. 'Nuff said. Lisp came about before that, so I'd say that that's not enough said.
  8. I have it and consider it a good book. For $10 you can't really go wrong (unless you're young and without a job [grin]). In any event, it goes into great detail about the different kinds of iso and hex maps and does cover movement within them as well as mouse mapping. However, IIRC, it does not cover multi-level maps. Cheers.
  9. Brandon N

    Lisp question

    Quote:Original post by Dobbs You should be developing your software incrementally making good use of the REPL (Read-Eval-Print loop) for testing, don't just write and run and hope it works. Get small components working first to your satisfaction, then combine them into a whole program. You'll find yourself much more productive.I was just going to say that. Honestly, if you're having this much trouble, given the short length of what you have, I'd just start over. This way you could test each function thoroughly at the REPL level before moving on to the next. Also, some more commenting is a good idea as well.
  10. Brandon N

    Programmer's Block

    Quote:Original post by duke Go get a presciption for aderal, sounds like you have attention deficit disorder... and I am only mildly joking as it may be true, but I am not a doctor.I think that even if it exists, let alone if he has it, there are probably better ways to correct it than taking drugs.
  11. Brandon N

    My first game

    Quote:Original post by Adams555 Hello. As for a compiler, there are some free ones that I have heard of, ( look at that website, a quick search produced it, and it seems to have some good results. Anyway, I was able to get Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 professional for $50 on ebay. That is, if you like 6.0 better than .net... I haven't tried .net, but I like 6.0 a lot. (.net is basically Visual C++ 7.0, with elements of Java in it I believe)..Visual Studio .Net is considered generally superior to 6 in terms of standards compliance. Furthermore, you can program in the same old C++ as 6.0. C++.Net is a completely seperate entity, fyi.
  12. Brandon N

    Degrees in 2D

    Which API?
  13. Brandon N

    I know C++...

    Quote:Original post by Chris81 Quote:Original post by Ravyne but the idea is that they want you actually DO IT (on paper) rather than recite code-listings from the API of choice Why would a company want to see me do linear algebra / matrix translations on paper? Once you have fast math functions, it's way more important how you use them, not that you can do them manually (on paper or not).I've seen it where you had to write functionality to do this sort of thing. I think that makes sense because anyone can memorize a few API calls without actually having any idea how they work. Again, it depends upon what your intended work will be and such.
  14. Brandon N

    I know C++...

    Quote:Original post by Bulma Quote:Original post by Vladk10000 I have another question. What's the point of learning SDL? I know it's fast, but big companies don't use it and you don't benefit from it except if you make a game and start selling it. There is no point... It is a waste of time really... Would you care to back up such a statement with any points at all?
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