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    It's certainly a possibility.
  2. Brandon N


    How to Design Programs. Lisp CMUCL: a high-performance, free Common Lisp implementation Association of Lisp Users An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp LISP prehistory - Summer 1956 through Summer 1958 Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation Practical Common Lisp CLISP CLiki: The Common Lisp Wiki The Common Lisp Cookbook Planet Lisp
  3. Brandon N


    A program to fabricate and articulate a plausible interlude Using Lisp (or another language) to generate fictional characters Clean Slate Annotated objects which drive behavior The annotated cellar: an experiment A Lisp thinktank to explore nonstatic programs Lisp Is King What kind of library would you like to have, if at all? Enjoying books... Arc: interesting; strives to put power and beauty at your fingertips CLIPS-like language mutating/evolving Lisp code Silly/fun/cool Lisp code snippets!! SLIME: The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs The Music 220b Programming Environment
  4. Brandon N


    You're right. I haven't picked it up since.
  5. Brandon N


    So I've been sick since Sunday. Being congested in 80F degree weather isn't great. I've finished book three of the Hitchhiker's series. Bizarre stuff. I might be losing my steam with it though. I just remembered to check on Stewie, and realized that I'd not responded to a nice gentleman who took a screenshot for me (and evidently hosted it.) As I've just begun a workshop to cover some network programming basics and OpenGL programming for the ACM chapter of which I am an officer, I should get around to putting up a real page for it. At least the source and some direction as there has been some interest in seeing the code from a few developers. I'm still looking for a nice basic intro/tutorial on getting something like cl-sdl up and running in one of the big Linux Lisp versions. The website is about as informative as this journal. In the meantime I have sdl working well in Corman Lisp but that's a Windows only solution which doesn't work for me very well. This's neat.
  6. Brandon N

    Evaluating Languages

    Well, perhaps I should've expressed my concerns more properly. I was in a rush when I hammered this out (mostly so I could put down in writing my thoughts so as to better understand and analyze them), I'm currently aiming for a zelda-esque multiplayer game. I don't intend on this making it anywhere, aside from it being a neat project to work on while learning a few things. As is rather obvious, my only real qualm with Python is it's open nature. While you're correct in there being no real mainstream decompilers floating about, I know for a fact that there is at least one proprietary implementation that works rather well. Especially given Pythons increasing popularity, I expect to see similar, open ventures relatively soon. However, what might make this entirely moot, is that I may release at least the client as open source. Again, I'm fleshing things out.
  7. Brandon N

    Evaluating Languages

    I'm wondering whether to continue development on this with Python or not. I'm considering the following: Python: Pro: Tons of built in utilities Not strongly typed (duck-typed) Can jump to C easily as is necessary Lisp-style REPL in interpreter (good for quick testing of ideas) Con: Can't release without source (compiled Python easily decompiled) Not on Win platforms natively, py2exe largely alleviates this Lisp: Pro: Swift development cycle (make it work, make it work fast) Can jump to C with FFI Con: Will have to read up on the FFI of clisp or cmucl and get opengl up and working (very little documentation to be found on this) C/C++: Pro: Have existing code to borrow and build upon Con: Relatively slow development cycle Have to write separate code for various os-specific functionality (sockets, graphics, input, window) (glut or equivalent can fix this) Java: Pro: Applets are a terrific medium of distribution (a la runescape) Many built-in libraries Already installed on most systems Con: Will need to relearn some things Java is evil Further thoughts: Jython? Regardless of this project, I'd like to get a working lisp/sdl interface up. Pyrex is worth looking into but it's certainly anything but graceful.
  8. Brandon N


    This yielded this. Search for DIK_CAPITAL on that page. Hopefully that helps, it's been ages since I've worked with DI.
  9. Brandon N

    i r newb...

    Well, I'm certainly in agreement with your statement.
  10. Brandon N

    emerge unmerge python

    ( Don't do that. Seemant wasn't happy when I did. ) I spent most of my time debugging. I wonder if I'll have time tomorrow. Moving isn't exactly pleasant, even though it's a much nicer place. Oh, it's running ~90fps both fullscreen and windowed with the old multiple frame test so a few optimizations seem to have paid off.
  11. Brandon N

    Hmm, It's already 11:30

    I should probably make a dialog widget tonight. We'll see. I may be able to start clunking in the basic network connection procedures even, that'd be good. I want AmigaOS. I should write a simple version in pyOpenGL. That'd be fruitful... More importantly, I'd need it or some emulation of it in order to do so, not to mention that it is proprietary. Ooh la la. Any model recommendations?
  12. Brandon N

    Some work

    Haha, thanks. It's just a frame without a titlebar with a tested layout manager (which I'm ditching... I see no need for resizable frames at this time). I used that to create the numbered frames so I could test runtime addition/removal of frames and other widgets.
  13. Brandon N

    Some work

    The textbox currently displayed will turn into the listbox, with the actual textbox differing largely only in that font colors will be supported and the selection will be specific to the character. The fps is so low due to a number of issues primarily including my old laptop video card and immature passes at certain functionality (it doesn't go too fast with just about nothing on the screen so...). I'll need to profile and refactor at some point. Drawing text seems to be very slow with glut for some reason. I've not used it much outside of my encounter with it this year in Python so I really can't comment on that just yet. I may try to integrate the pyGame font handling code. Hmmm. At fullscreen it runs at ~80fps. I believe I've read that SDL (the underbelly of pyGame) is relatively slow when windowed so perhaps that is one aspect of this issue.
  14. Brandon N


    So Seemant was railing off on use flags again... I couldn't help but laugh at the comments on the bug report... specifically the ...SO FAST... ones, even though they must be common at this point. Sadly, those (use flags) are the sort of things I encounter with school mates as well... Anywho, I'm off for the weekend but I intend on finishing up the GUI (well, making it functional) and integrating it with the base network layer over the next week or so. Realistically, it'll take longer as I'm moving, program on and off anyway and yadda yadda.
  15. Brandon N

    C# + Direct3D == Awesome

    So you're learning all of Direct3D before making pong?
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