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  1. xCronus

    Who's your Hero?

    Jesus Christ.
  2. xCronus

    Victory Condtions in a RTS

    The Ninja Faction could leave after getting enough money, as said above.... ^^^They're ninjas, they fight then leave... If you were to add in a human military group, they would probably end up with stronger weapons but with a victory condition of destroying every other group.
  3. xCronus

    Possible Time Extension

    Womp Womp Wooooommmmmmmmp....... What if an, *accident*, were to befall a ju.....jk haha.
  4. xCronus

    Possible Time Extension

    ^^^Well said.
  5. xCronus

    Possible Time Extension

    Well of course you guys know that I support it.....I suggested it. I'm not asking for another 4 years so that Half-Life 3 and Quake 4 can enter, I'm just suggesting the staff and judges consider offering a small time extension in case something does come up unexpectedly. I understand some people feel this would give others an unfair advantage, but a small extension wouldn't allow the addition of any huge new features, this extra will come along when everyone is finishing their projects, not adding guns/abilities/a whole new dimension of gameplay.
  6. xCronus

    No More Health: Combat Alternatives?

    Vagrant Story (ps1) used a system that is almost exactly what you are talking about... It did it very well actually...
  7. Ok, I know this might just get a NO, but is there any chance of a time extension for 4E4? I know the date is probably set in stone because of the participation of sponsors, but I know it would help my team put out a better overall game (less quirky features, more time to tweak). Even though this seems a little early to say tweaking, I am taking into account the fact that school and work are about to come back up for most people in the fall etc etc. So.....
  8. xCronus

    Some Person

    Dented forehead is for the skinning part so that his hair doesnt look that flat without a bump/normal map.
  9. xCronus

    Some Person

    Ok, got a wire frame view.
  10. xCronus

    Some Person

    Haha, I blame the render...... ;p But thanks for the comments.
  11. xCronus

    Some Person

    Ok, screen for a person model.
  12. xCronus

    Base Male Model, for Characters

    Yeah, there's points along the joints for deformations. Animations looks gross when an entire arm bends at once.....
  13. xCronus

    Game genre questionaire

    Not alone. :P
  14. xCronus

    Game genre questionaire

    Is anyone here making a fps?
  15. It's probably like, a random staff member that got bored.
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