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  1. Well if I remember the name correctly it was something like TV3D and it is easily found on google
  2. The only one I have liked since I got it is Neocron it never gets boring but it needs time which I dont have.. I stopped since the neocron2 came out because no money and no time... But Ive had in my mind to start it again.. I like it.. But just needs time and its first boring.. But when your about capped level then its cool to be in the clan wars etc.. But anyway its almost only one I have liked from the mmorpgs.. I have tested almost all of them.. AC2, UO, AO and so on.. But I dont like them.. for some reason.. And the cons of mmos is monthly fee and of course the time it takes.. :/ Atleast in WoW you must use like 6 hours to do a instance.. thats just not right.. It should not be like that thats 1/4 of the day. If you spent so much infront of computer then I just must say GET A LIFE! My two cents..
  3. What is used mostly in games industry? And what is used mostly in applications industry? Thinking about making my own Sourceforge project that will be torrent client.. I like torrent protocol.. It so fast..
  4. I have tried many api´s but dont know which one I should use mainly.. I know best windows api but I have also little knowledge of wxwindows api which I like better than windows api.. What api should I mainly use? I dont know as there is alot of api´s and dont know which is mostly used and alot of people knows it and which is best.. If anyone can help please help I approciate it
  5. When I finished cant remember the name but anyway TMNT on snes :P
  6. Quote:Original post by Dave I wouldn't have thought so. You could try running windows compatability and setting it's environment to emulate windows 98. Dave Tried all the compatability settings.. nothing works everyone of them gives me crash at start of a match... :/¨ Quote:Original post by Promit If you raised the resolution, bring it back down to 640x480. Also tried all the resolutions all the biggers than 640x480 gives me crash too..
  7. Quote:Original post by Dave Update your graphics drivers? Updated.. Everything is up to date etc.. I am running windows xp sp2... Is that the problem?
  8. I am having problems getting Worms World Party to work.. I get it to work and get in the game normally.. All the menus and so on are right but when I actually begin a match I only see worms, mines, guns, boxes etc.. But dont see the land.. And the worms etc. has weird colors.. Not normal colors I tried to take screenshot but it didnt show almost anything anyway if someone wants to see screenshot which didnt work out too.. Below is the url. If you know what could be the problem please tell me.. http://microzilla.ticklestix.co.uk/screenies/worms.PNG
  9. Quote:Original post by steeg Well, you can always scramble your bytecodes to prevent reverse-engineering them. I've heard of one program that changes all your method names into numbers or random characters, say printLine() might be 1343343(). Even though this does not prevent a decompilation of the class files, it should be enough to irritate you and drive you into doing something else instead of trying to understand the code...lol I think it can be decrypted anyway as I think it uses hes own encryption on them.. And because he must also decrypt them to use them... And btw where does all the java applets store their files? I want to delete them as they take space :(
  10. Already done.. In japan they are playing several MMORPGS via their mobile phones IE. FF7 Before The Crisis.. Here is the link if you dont believe http://www.gamespot.com/news/6108651.html?q=Final%20fantasy%207
  11. It works fine for me too
  12. Quote:Original post by eedok this has been around a long time, it was used to make macros for runescape in the gamehacking scene way back in the day. I don't see how it makes the language any less secure though. Actually it was used badly.. As they made their whole OWN client for it with java.. So it had features that could automate the things.. So it was bad that time.. I can still remember when I set one of the bots for my friend (my noob friend who cant even english) so I needed to set up it for him... And actually it was like the bot makers runescape.. The menus changed everything almost..
  13. I heard that you can actually look into applets sources.. So you can modify it and so on? http://members.fortunecity.com/neshkov/dj.html this is the program I heard about..
  14. Anyone cant do this as this cost alot and takes alot time.. I ordered stuff I need (some of them and thats not all of it) and its now 500euros so its not cheap.. Atleast not in here :) As soon as I get my first stuff I get on working..
  15. Quote:Original post by Shamino BTW Radio waves would work for the MIC My wireless mouse works like that, no interference problems or anything, just set the channel.. Oh yeah forget about radio waves.. Yep going to the shop now and then setting up my room.. This is little bit expensive but it doesnt matter :P