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  1. [This is related to collisions, so I am assuming this is the correct forum] Let's assume the following: I have a server which stores the player's position (float x, float y, float z) [Don't worry about precision... just simplifying] Client sends the server it's updated position ever 250ms or so. Server has bounding boxes for all buildings & players ( Let's say each wall has it's own AABB or OBB. Do not assume a "tight" fit) For broad-phase collision detection, I use spatial hashing based on the bounding boxes. Client does full-on triangle level collisions locally. My question: - How can I quick calculate if a player has passed through a wall on the server only using AABBs or OBBs. Or, is there no way to do that without going to triangle-level collision detection. Maybe some other data structure? Any help would be appreciated - storing something else other than AABBs or OBBs?
  2. Comparing Pixel Values

    Quote:Original post by TheAdmiral Better colour-spaces exist for this kind of business. In particular, I'd recommend YCC. A weighted Euclidean distance-function in this space would give far better results than anything linear in RGB or even HSL. The most important coordinate is luma. I couldn't say anything certain about the two chroma components, but I suspect the red is more significant than blue (at middling intensities). IIRC, the the eye is far more sensitive to intensities in the blue hue at very low exposure, green at typical-to-high exposure, with red being fairly constant. I don't really know how or if this translates to hue-sensitivity. I'm sure Google knows a lot more, but you'll probably want to take that into consideration if working in HDR. Otherwise you may have success with something along the lines of: float3 ycc1 = RGBToYCrCb(rgb1); float3 ycc2 = RGBToYCrCb(rgb3); float3 ycc_dist = abs(ycc1 - ycc2); const float3 WEIGHTS = float3(0.814, 0.453, 0.362); float perceived_distance = dot(ycc_dist, WEIGHTS); Understand that the weights there came entirely off the top of my head (I normalised 9:5:4), and that better values have almost certainly been researched, if you know where to look. The implementation of the RGB-YCC conversion is linear (a matrix multiplication); details here. Thank you. Which method and color-space would be most effective for comparing gray-scale colors?
  3. Lets say I have one image of 10 pixels, and another of 1 pixel. I need to see which of the 10 pixels best matches the other image - not value wise, but how a human would see it. For example, two shades of blue. First I used: r2+toleration < r1 < r2-toleration g2+toleration < g1 < g2-toleration b2+toleration < b1 < b2-toleration Second, I used Euclidean distance on the RGB aka (r1-r2)^2+(g1-g2)^2+(b1-b2)^2 < toleration It didn't not work well - it worked pretty badly in fact. I also tried using HSB - but no luck. [So far, #1 worked the best for me - best for shades of a color, but not good enough :( ] Can anyone suggest some better ways to do it? P.S. Does anyone know how to convert HSB to 3D space?
  4. Note Generator??

    There was a famous program were you could input a large piece of text and it would generate notes from it. Does anyone know its name or have a link?
  5. http://digg.com/general_sciences/Was_Einstein_only_partially_responsible_for_discovering_general_relativity I know it takes a *while* to read through the discussion (Some might find it extremely boring since it is physics/history "talk", but it is quite interesting to me). If you are truly interested in the topic, it is definitely worth a read. After spending a few hours reading, my view point has drastically changed.
  6. This message is from the future

    If you are interested on this particular time machine, here are some interesting resources: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=42834 http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=147946 http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0410078 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Mallett#Objections
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRWwI61so5Q ======================================================================== Some papers related to this thing. http://www.phys.uconn.edu/~mallett/Mallett2000.pdf http://www.phys.uconn.edu/~mallett/Mallett2003.pdf Project Website: http://www.phys.uconn.edu/~mallett/main/main.htm ======================================================================== Objections/professional discussion of this time machine: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=42834 http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=147946 http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0410078 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Mallett#Objections [Edited by - Dansas on June 22, 2007 6:55:35 PM]
  8. Enjoy! Darren says: who r u? Dansas says: hey Dansas says: u can m@ke Dansas says: rpgs Dansas says: ? Darren says: U CAN MAKE RPG'S THEN? Dansas says: can u Darren says: I CAN MAKE THEM Dansas says: why u makin stuf capital? Darren says: sry Dansas says: what u make rpgs w/ Darren says: u mean whit? Dansas says: ya Darren says: well do u know how to make MMORPG's? Dansas says: kind@ Dansas says: i kno som html Dansas says: and a litt javascript Darren says: how do u use java? Darren says: to make MMORPG? Dansas says: i think theirs an option Dansas says: their Darren says: were? Dansas says: java.start(makemmo) Darren says: i have sun java Dansas says: try puttin in Darren says: wat do u have Dansas says: java.start(makemmo) Darren says: were did u get it? Dansas says: i tot u had java sun? Darren says: yes i hav Darren says: but i dont think java sun hav Dansas says: ??? Dansas says: i tot u had java sun hav Dansas says: ?? Darren says: well i have java sun Darren says: i entered it now Darren says: i have these choises: Darren says: Draw 4 app Darren says: Notepad App Darren says: Military Game App Darren says: swing set 2 app Dansas says: try Dansas says: notepad app Dansas says: then typin in Dansas says: java.start(makemmo); Dansas says: and clik ok Dansas says: d1d it worok Dansas says: ??? Darren says: ye i think so Darren says: noipe Darren says: i entered in my documents... Darren says: w8 i think i m transferring data from my pc to the note pad... Darren says: is that it? Dansas says: bak Dansas says: ya Dansas says: it shud work Dansas says: java.start(makemmo); Darren says: yep cool Dansas says: th@n u hav alot of choices Darren says: wat choises/ Dansas says: um.. Dansas says: twy da command Dansas says: c if it doz Dansas says: anythin Dansas says: hey, hw old r u btw Dansas says: ? Darren says: 14 Darren says: u? Dansas says: 11 Darren says: omg ur good for that age Dansas says: ya Dansas says: tnks Darren says: wanna make a game? Darren says: we can make many games... Dansas says: lik wat Darren says: rpg MMORPG's mayb too Dansas says: how bout ummorpg's? Darren says: watsummorpg's? Dansas says: ultra-mmorpgs Darren says: i donty really know things.. Darren says: how do u do them? Dansas says: hay, i am only 11, ur da big boy Darren says: lol Darren says: mayb mmorpg's for now... Darren says: tthink i knowq how to do that Darren says: u can help with html....? Dansas says: yep, mmorpg is eazy to make Dansas says: ya Dansas says: i can mak txt n stuff Darren says: well we will do 2 islands then...1 for me 1 for you Dansas says: ho gonna do da art? Darren says: thats not a real problem Dansas says: ...? Darren says: i have this program that make rpg's Dansas says: howz it called Darren says: it s the RPG maker xp Dansas says: wow Dansas says: soundz cool Darren says: it s incredably cool Dansas says: how muc did it cost Darren says: u have many monsters to choose...u choose lvls u choose nearly everything Dansas says: how muc did u but it 4 Darren says: well it was free... Dansas says: ??? Dansas says: tats illegal Darren says: y? Dansas says: u can get arrested Dansas says: u cant use it Darren says: it s not from a friend Dansas says: it cotz Dansas says: *cots Dansas says: 9800 yen Darren says: wats that? Dansas says: idk, tats wat the site sad Darren says: well i think the site is illegal... Darren says: u can get free from other sites Darren says: they get free and sell i think Dansas says: dab they Dansas says: *dan Dansas says: dey Dansas says: are illegal Darren says: yes but it s there site... Dansas says: wich one Darren says: i ment that if it s there site they can do wat they want Dansas says: how do u know Dansas says: its their site Darren says: wat do u mean? Dansas says: how do u kno Darren says: waty? Dansas says: dey own the site Dansas says: how do u kno its their site Darren says: well everysite have a webmaster... Darren says: i m referring to the sellers... Dansas says: wat does referrin mean? Darren says: meaning Darren says: or somthing like that Dansas says: so, u usin it illegally Darren says: ?/ Darren says: ? Darren says: ? Darren says: ? Note 1: The program he was using costs 9800 yen, or about 73 American Dollars Note 2: I think he might have been using notepad for his programming. I was going to give him a link to eclipse or netbeans, but then I redecided: He is not ready. Period. Fun time ^^ His Game Dev Name: draglix. From knowing nothing about programming, to using illegal software. http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/4193/funny6pg.jpg
  9. What do you think about RC?

    What do you all think about Realm Crafter? Personally, I believe its better to code your own stuff for alot faster speed/etc..
  10. Student Game Survey

    Woah, that was one LONG survey!
  11. First Languages?

    html -> ActionScript -> C++ -> Java
  12. Let's play with Google Earth

    Its someones house ( Someone somewhat famouse ^^)... Your getting warmer...
  13. Let's play with Google Earth

    You just have to guess this one. Its really good one.
  14. I can't take this anymore!!!

    I had the the exact same problem on my java client/server. I just put a thing on my client to send a small message every 30 seconds to the server, because for some odd reason if I put the server on another computer I would get a timeout every 1 minute or so.
  15. Yea, thats what we do (http-get), and plus, not only can you use it as a update server, you can also use it to distribute your files to your team very quickly. The downside is that anyone can download your files, because IP protecting is pointless even if you block all ip address's except your team-mates; Its because some use AOL or dont have static ips :/ Well, implanting a username/password would be good. Or, just use as an update server and dont distribute project files.