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  1. [quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1328180122' post='4908673'] [quote name='TheForgottenMindset' timestamp='1328151585' post='4908600'] I was talking about back when there was something like a 'rating: + or -' link on everyone's post, it was based on the usefulness of that particular post and I think there was some variability to the amount of rating you got, perhaps 3 to 5 levels if my memory serves. [/quote] That's the old rating system -- it was actually only per-user rather than per-post; you could be rated once by each other user, resulting in a rating score. We now have "reputation" for users -- you can see underneath your username on the left that (as of the time of my response) you have a score of 16. I think they're planning on adding lots of extra ways of increasing this via different forms of participation, but currently it's affected by a per-post rating system; it's disabled for this forum, the lounge and other areas that are considered off-topic, but if you visit one of the technical forums you'll see each post asks "did you find this helpful?" (or something along those lines), and has a button to "vote up" the post. Some users also have the option to vote a post down if they thought it was unhelpful. All of these scores are added to your overall reputation. [/quote] Ok cool, so yeah that's sounds good and all, but I'd like to see a page where it shows the rankings, like a high scoreboard to make it more gamelike. I'd put it close to the 'Watched Topics' link.
  2. Yes thanks for the detailed response, this is a little out of my league as I'm not really keen on animation. Makehuman is interesting, it may be possible to use it, but I was hopeing to make something relatively simple from scratch. I know there's a simple way to do it, I'll have to experiment. I will keep you posted as I marinate on this. If I forget, just pm me sometime if I get time to do it within the next few weeks. You deserve an answer
  3. Sorry for the delay, still not used to the profile, it's pretty thorough. I was talking about back when there was something like a 'rating: + or -' link on everyone's post, it was based on the usefulness of that particular post and I think there was some variability to the amount of rating you got, perhaps 3 to 5 levels if my memory serves. I loved it. I thought it was a good representation, since it wasn't based on total posts (to some degree yes), but for me it was based on my usefulness and proliferation. I don't think proliferation is a bad thing, yes it takes hard drive space, but it encourages more activity.
  4. I used to be a very active member about 6 years ago when we had a user ranking board, and I was so addicted to it. I used to love watching my user name rise the ranks by helping post useful content on threads and such. I actually got quite high up there, even though I was a novice at the time, at least people thought my feedback was useful, and I actually learned quite a bit in the process. It seems like the boards were more active back then, or it could be my imagination. I remember around 9 or 10 eastern time the boards were hot and popin, but they seem a little stale now imho. I could be wrong. Anyway this was a great incentive to keep people posting useful info, so where'd it go?
  5. [quote name='Madhed' timestamp='1328022676' post='4908011'] They have a prensentation about the character customization in brink over at the forums at www.splashdamage.com, however you must be registered to download. [/quote] Couldn't find it, do you have a link? Anyone else with some generic animation and character customization tips?
  6. Lee, thank you for your quick response. I think I understand your method, however I don't want the artist to create too many character meshes (only assets like hairdoos, faces, boots, pants, etc..) as that would be very time consuming and expensive. I'm thinking more on the line of a Sims-style character designer, and I'm actually thinking of having people's appearance randomly generated [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png[/img] (I need like 1,000 unique characters) Also, how accurate will the animations be if you animated the single rig to potentially different shaped people? Such as a fat butcher and a skinny man both using the same open door and walk animation. This leads me to another questions: How feasible is it to interpolate animations on the fly such as different height people both reaching for the same height door handle? I believe this isn't too hard considering unity has some similar scripts available for proper foot placement on the terrain. I'm primarily concerned with using generic animations effectively, but not AAA quality by any means (more like A-). Will your method work for generic animations? If so I suppose I may have to have the algorithm automatically weigh the model, I've seen this done by a guy on this forum who used Voxels to calculate volume of the mesh. I'm not trying to get complicated though, I'm looking for the simplest method possible (without paying a guy to make and animate 1000+ models)
  7. I'm working on game project involving a gta-style living breathing city, and i need a lot of characters to fill up this big city that was made. So I thought of creating a 'customize your character' type of tool that could be used to make NPCs as well as PCs. The modeler is going to work on creating a set of different hairstyles, clothes, and accessories, but I'm not sure what to ask him to do on the actual rig itself. The animation becomes the real trick as I want all the npcs to have be able to have standard animations (walk, run, open door, close door, idle, etc..). So I would like to know the best way to accomplish this. I thought of having a few architypical characters such as: adult male, adult female, fat male, fat female, boy and girl, and we could skew and scale the bones to accomplish customization. Does this sound reasonable? I'm using Unity 3D for my engine. So if anyone could give me some of their experience on this matter I would appreciate it. I've read some posts on this subject, but I'm worried about how I'm going to stitch the different hair styles and clothes onto the model. Do I simply parent a hairdo on to the 'head' bone at a specified center point? Are there performance downsides to this method? This is important because there must be a plentitde of characters on screen as NPC character interaction is the main point of the game. Online multiplayer may come later, but is not supposed to come out in this version of the game so I'm not focusing on it. Any tips or potential pitfals? I'd like to know the best way of creating a city full of NPCs that have standard animations and easy, simple customization. I think i've heard that you need to completely stitch a new mesh on the fly to get the most performance, can someone explain this versus just parenting (childing really) accessories to the bones? And how and the heck does one stitch a mesh on the fly if it does matter?
  8. Best article I've read on this subject, and I've read several when I started doing contract work. I love your formula: Calculating your cost of living + Tax Liability + Profit + Buffer. It's so true. I also agree networking is where it's at (communication skills). Nice to see someone who knows what they're talking about.
  9. I couldn't get it t;o load. It asked me my username but then it opened in a flash and closed. Only had a black window for a sec. I unblocked any security.
  10. [quote][quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1295416516' post='4761081'] [quote name='TheForgottenMindset' timestamp='1295407509' post='4761029'] Ameture Game Design or Indie Game Design What is the difference between the two.[/quote] I think you've forgotten what "game design" means. Look, your question is incomprehensible. [/quote] Thanks for the english lesson I just wanted your opinions, now I see the difference.[/quote] You're welcome. Still don't know what your question was. Apparently it's been answered, and I'm glad of that. Moved to The Lounge.
  11. What is the difference between the two. I'm making a website categorizing different video game genre's and I have to know the difference. Should I make a distinction at all? Will it offend certain developers if I choose the wrong one?
  12. Quote:Original post by phresnel Quote:Original post by 8d82 Forgive me my ignorance :) I've given some hints that can make you non-ignorant, tho. Don't be a jerk Yeah I did copy and past it, and I loved it
  13. Yeah, your right, I finally broke down and researched what ajax is, and I like it :)
  14. Hey, I'm building a site and I want it to have a rss news feed like on facebook where if a new update is posted, you automagically get updated on the site without having to refresh. I'm totally fluent in php, javascript and html, and I understand xml, just never tried it out. Any idea on how it updates by itself? javascript? Any input? Thanks!
  15. Ok so the problem is back again! It's possessed! It is compliling to program for the right version of windows (I checked the header info) but it's still whack any program I compile whether a basic console or win32 app throws this error before the program even launches! Yes ive reinstalled Yes ive got service pack 3 Yes i'm angry because I cant work on my masterpiece The video game gods will bless those who bless me Thanks :p Any other suggestions/possibilities?