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  1. Arglebargle

    The usual roundup of beer

    $200 is an amazing value for Gold, just make sure it's new and unregistered. EW doesn't allow license transfers.
  2. Arglebargle

    The usual roundup of beer

    I use Gold, and it's great, but 512 mb is NOT enough by a longshot, even with disk streaming active. I have 3 gb RAM and I still need more for big templates! This is assuming you want to load a full orchestra. If you want to only use a couple instances at a time you should be fine.
  3. Arglebargle

    Throwing down my cards

    I just finished a Flash site myself. It took a fair amount of work to learn Flash from scratch but it was totally worth it. Now I need to go back and figure out how to add some animation to it.
  4. Arglebargle

    Throwing down my cards

    Your website is really slick, and your stuff sounds awesome. It's definitely some of the best stuff I've heard on this site. Damn. Really good mixing too. Just to let you know though, this forum is for discussion about music, not promos. You'll want to head over to the Help Wanted forum.
  5. Arglebargle


    I've actually gotten to the point where I can't think of any more "necessary" software I need, which is actually a bit depressing cuz I've spent so much. What I'd like to get in the future are some decent monitors, and a new guitar. And... jeez, that might be it. Maaaaybe Atmosphere, maybe. Computer: AMD 4600+ dual-core, 2 gigs RAM EMU 0404 soundcard DAW: Sonar 6 Producer edition Plugins: A bunch of EastWest stuff (QLSO Gold, Symphonic Choirs, Stormdrum, RA, Vapor) Sampletank 2 Guitar Rig 3 z3ta many other bits and bobs Controller: M-Audio Oxygen
  6. Arglebargle

    Seemless Sound Effect Loops

    Crossfading is the way to go.
  7. okay, it works now. I voted, but... um, I honestly had no idea who any of those people were in the last question. <_<
  8. Arglebargle

    de ess in audacity

    this is the one I use it's really easy to use, just turn up the Sense and Depth, and sweep the Tune knob until you hear it working. Then turn down the Depth or Sense knobs to taste; too much and it can turn 'S' into 'TH'.
  9. 500 - Internal Server Error is what I get when I click your link.
  10. Arglebargle

    Commercial Software Packages under 100 dollars

    FL Studio is probably the best for a beginner. It has everything you need to create music. And even when/if you desire better synths, FL supports plugins so you can expand your arsenal. you might desire better acoustic or orchestral samples for example. easily remedied with a sample library or two. the only thing it can't do is detailed recording and editing.
  11. Arglebargle


    man, you guys are all doing such interesting things with music. I feel like I'm doing nothing of worth. :(
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