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  1. NaturalBornCamper

    Which one is used, Direct Sound/Audio/Music?

    Sorry, DirectSound I mean.. it's the same as xAudio2? It is the module DirectSound uses?
  2. NaturalBornCamper

    Program crashes when no speakers are plugged in

    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve I thought the problem was that the audio device doesn't show up when no speakers are connected, so you'd get the same behaviour on a PC with no audio device installed (Which aren't that uncommon), and the crash is caused by not checking return values, which should always be done anyway. Maybe they did that to make us into better programmers then..
  3. NaturalBornCamper

    Program crashes when no speakers are plugged in

    It's not a member variable and it's not the name of the variable in the program, I just put it like that for the post since in the end it returns the sound module, sorry if that was confusing. Don't worry haha, I know about the assert, I put it there myself. Anyway, I think I'll have to continue without sound as you suggested. I just thought that maybe someone had an idea how to fool DirectSound so I wouldn't have to edit all the references to the sound device.
  4. NaturalBornCamper

    Program crashes when no speakers are plugged in

    TEsted a few different configurations guys, and it's not only in Vista, it's the same with Windows7 and XP, but in XP, it only happens when you disable your sound card in the device manager. So the error happens at that point: mSoundDevice = DirectSoundCreate8( NULL, &mDirectSound, NULL ); assert( mSoundDevice == DS_OK ); // That would make it crash here
  5. NaturalBornCamper

    Which one is used, Direct Sound/Audio/Music?

    Thanks a lot! DirectAudio is the same as xAudio2, right?
  6. Hay! I can't find good resources on the sound engine of Directx. GemDev recommends "Directx Audio Exposed", but it's from 2003 and lots of things changed, for example, I saw that it seems there are no DirectAudio and DirectMusic anymore, that it is now called DirectSound. So can someone confirm that those two really aren't used anymore and have been replaced by DirectSound? I'm kind of lost and don't want to spend time on something that is obsolete. Does that mean that the two-kings tutorials are useless for DSound? Thanks guys (I don't want to use FMOD) Marco
  7. NaturalBornCamper

    Program crashes when no speakers are plugged in

    Found the spot where it's doing that already, but can't figure out why, that's why I thought maybe someone already had that problem.
  8. Hay! I'm using DirectAudio with my project but the application crashes when there are no speakers/headphones plugged in... What the?? Anybody has ever seen that before and knows how to fix it? Thanks! Marco
  9. NaturalBornCamper

    extract audio from games

    So, did you like the game :D ? What you are saying makes a lot of sense, thanks a lot, but I already have the music, and the filenames of the sounds are made by Winripper; it takes the filename of the file containing the sounds and adds "_0001", so if the file was instead: "data.pak", the sounds filenames would be "data_0001.wav", "data_0002.wav", etc. And with Soundforge, when I open the sounds, they have wav tags (you know like ID3 tags that mp3 have, except that these can contain markers and title, but, maybe you already know that ;) )and the title of the sound is someting like: "Chant,Demon,Raspy,Swirling" or "EXPLOSION GRENAD_CRB17503" and there's a copyright: "Copyright 2000, Sounddogs.com". So there must be a certain order in all that, I only need to find a good extractor. By the way, thanks for helping that much, I mean, not all people would download the demo, try to find the sounds, extract them, etc. -NBC
  10. NaturalBornCamper

    extract audio from games

    Hey, I'm trying to develop a little game for my multimedia course and I would like to use some sounds of a game named "Painkiller" (this is an "horror" game so maybe the ambiance will be better, since my game kinda sucks lol). I already have a software named "Winripper", but it extracts all sounds in the same folder with names such as "sound_0001" and there are about 2000 sounds in the game. Does anybody knows a software that will extracts the sounds but will keep them their original names and if possible keep them in the folders they were in the encrypted file? Or, the file is in .pak format. I found a lot of extractors, but none worked. I also searched on gamedev.net, but there are a lot of posts, and I can't refine my search, I tried a combination of all theses words: "extract, extractor, extracting, audio, sound, sounds, wav, pak, rip, ripper, ripping, etc. Thanks -NBC
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