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  1. Falling Sky

    Gamedev is down!

    Its done, but the www2 still works ;) Wonder whats up
  2. Falling Sky

    [.net] help with general question...

    Why dont you do Gedcom.Header.Value = 1;? Do you want to use pointers or something?
  3. Falling Sky

    [.net] help with general question...

    sooo what language are you using? And I dont get what your asking exactly... Do you want to do something like: Gedcom.Header.StringValue = Gedcom.Header.Value; ?
  4. Falling Sky

    Behold! Toothpick Tycoon

    dude! Nice!
  5. Falling Sky

    yup im confused

    >_< Sorry lol
  6. Falling Sky

    New look?

    I myself dont like it either! I say go back to the black!
  7. Falling Sky


    Try using google, but you shouldnt use it, its old and not updated anymore.
  8. Copy my signature and put it in yours to show your support!
  9. Falling Sky

    Some Questions for the experienced among you

    The win32 api isnt a language. But if your first getting into games, you should prob try out SDL!
  10. Falling Sky

    Bring Back The Black

    Add this to your signature:
  11. Falling Sky

    yup im confused

    No problem!
  12. Falling Sky

    yup im confused

    So what exactly do you need help with? Do you know any programming? Or is it just the game making aspect? Or is it a problem with learning APIs? [Edited by - Azh321 on November 27, 2005 1:37:44 PM]
  13. Might wanna check out blizzhackers too, I used to make maphacks for wc3 incase thats what your trying to do.
  14. Falling Sky

    Beginner needs book recommendations

    well, the first thing I noticed, when my 7th grade teacher asked us who knew what functions were, I raised my hand, she said to demonstrate, I walked up to the board and wrote: int main() { printf("Function Demo!"); return 0; }
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