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    Passing reference in C-Function

    Great, thank you for your quick help! Too bad this feature is not implemented in C. I really got used to it! Thx again cherio Woltan
  2. Hey folks, I ran across a problem in C. As a native C++er, I am used to declaring a function like this: void Func(int&); However, as I am now being forced to program in C the compiler cannot compile this because of the interger reference I am trying to use as a parameter. Is this a featur which is only implemented in C++? I hope you can help me out here! Thx in advance cherio Woltan
  3. Woltan

    3D Engine for Mono

    Ok Unity3D does use mono for "scripting". But since Unity3D isn't free I'd rather not use it. To Irrlicht: Isnt it is set back though, that maybe new features of irrlicht are not going to be supported? I feel much more comfortable using a maybe not so highly developed engine instead of one I know there is not going to be any improvement anymore. Are there any other suggestions?
  4. Woltan

    3D Engine for Mono

    Unity is a cool tool, but I was looking more for something to use with mono. Does anyone have any experience with Axiom3D? Cheers Woltan
  5. Woltan

    3D Engine for Mono

    Hey folks, it has been a while since I posted here but work kept me busy. However, I am planing to kicking off a new project using mono. The question is what graphics engine I should be using. I did some research and first a look at Ogre3D and Irrlich. Both projects seemed to have stopped developing the .net wrapper for their engines. Is that correct? Do you have any suggestion which engine I should use? My requirements are not that high. I would just like to load some simple animations unsing blender. Shaders or light effects are going to be kept minimal. Do you have any suggestions on any engine that goes well with .net and Mono? Any help, link advice is appreciated! Thx in advance Woltan
  6. Woltan

    c++/CLI managed vs. unmanaged

    Hey Shimayama thx for your posting, I found the error in the meantime. It had nothing to do with the managed unmanaged source predicament. And you are right my class is also defined as public ref class Blub, I made a mistake in my posting. But since the matter is resolved this thread can be *closed* Cherio Woltan
  7. Hi folks, I ran into a problem and am hoping you can help me out, ... again^^. I have an unmanaged class lets call it class U { public: U(){i = 0;} int i; }; Then I made myself a managed class with a pointer to my unmanaged class and a constructor and a function. class ref M { public: M() { u = new U; } void Function() { u->i = 1; } private: U *u; }; Now to the problem: When I try to access u in my function, there is no u any more. The debugger reads <undefined value>. I encountered the same problem when I allocate arrays of unmanaged classes. Sometimes it works but the allocated memory changed its adress in memory. And sometimes it looses elements. Maybe the garbage collector thinks it has to clean up stuff. But since I am using "new" instead of gcnew, I thought my memory would be save of the garbage collector!?!? What can I do to make my class available in my function? Any help/hint/link is deeply appreciated!! Thx in advance Woltan
  8. Woltan

    noob python questions

    Hi, first of all, thx for your postings. I figure, the work I'd have to put into it to get intellisense is quite a lot more than I would get out of it. After all the interface to the classes inside the program are reduced to a minimum, so having intellisense of my own classes must suffice this time. However, I'll keep those hints in mind just in case I come accross a similar problem. Thx again cherio Woltan
  9. Heyas, I am new to python and was hoping you could help me in a special situation. A program I am using provides a python interpreter and I am able to script a few lines in order to make the program do what I want (at least in most of the cases^^). Therefore, the program offers classes which allow the user to access and modify certain states of the program (like turn a switch or "click" a button). I am sure you know what I mean. I took a look into the depths of the folder where this program lies and was able to find plenty of *.pyc files, which hold all the names of the classes and functions I am using for scripting. Since the interpreter of the program itself is realy buggy and is most anoying to use, I started scripting with eclipse/pydev which helps quite a bit especially when you are not used to the python syntax. Coming to my question: Is there a way to use those *.pyc files in order for the intelisense of eclipse to work? I was not able to find any *.py files, as they must be hidden or something. The only other file that might help is a *.mdf file that seems to some kind of header: #***************************************************************************** # cdautomationlib.mdf # Copyright (c) 2000 by ****** GmbH # # Version MODULENAME cdautomationlib DESCRIPTION ControlDesk Main Automation library All neccessary classes general ControlDesk automation are implemented in here. GROUP cdautomationlib GROUP Application FUNCTION ArrangeWindows DESCRIPTION Arrange the windows inside the work area. CALL OBJ.ArrangeWindows([Arrangement = cwaChildWindowsArrangeCascade]) ENUM#2 cwaChildWindowsArrangeTileHorizontal,cwaChildWindowsArrangeCascade,cwaChildWindowsArrangeTileVertical END_FUNCTION FUNCTION EditMode DESCRIPTION Set edit mode for layouts, CALL OBJ.EditMode() END_FUNCTION FUNCTION Hide DESCRIPTION Hides the controldesk window CALL OBJ.Hide() END_FUNCTION FUNCTION Maximize DESCRIPTION Maximize the ControlDesk window. CALL OBJ.Maximize() END_FUNCTION Is this of any use? Is there a way to compile my files without creating dummy class representations? I hope I could make myself clear and there is a way for me to include those classes and functions. Thanks in advance for any hint / link / suggestion! Regards Woltan
  10. Hey j0mm0noer, I havent read all replys to your question, but reading your first post, I think a union might do the trick. union uData { int i; float f; }; Now you can access the int or float as you wanted and read and write to the float or int as you wish. Of course you can allocate that also as a buffer as you did in your source example. I think the answer is a little too trivial that you wouldnt have come of it yourself. But if you didnt this might do it Regards Woltan
  11. Woltan

    A couple of c++ syntax questins...

    Hey RDragon1, jpetrie thanks for reasureing myself, that the "version" of C or C++ I learned is still considered standard^^. Unfortunatly dumping the other compiler is not an option, since I am stuck with some piece of hardware, that implements that old compiler and just that compiler. So in other words, there is no way around "fixing" my source to the style of the old compiler, but this time knowing, that it is not me but the compiler that has trouble with C-syntax. Somehow that is nice too ;) Thanks for your insights and postings! Best regards Woltan
  12. Woltan

    A couple of c++ syntax questins...

    Hey Rycross & visitor, thank you for your postings and advice. I was never aware that my coding under visual studio (i have hardly ever used any other IDE) does not comply with the way C++ is defined. It is not, that I was not able to change the code in order for the other compiler to compile it, but I was curious what the reason might be. Thx again for your insight cherio Woltan
  13. Hey folks, I once again rely on your advice and help. This time my problem arises from being forced to use an other compiler (I believe its name is mcc fom microtec), and my source I developed with Visual Studio cannot be compiled under that comipler. I was hoping could tell me what might fix the problem and most of all WHY this does not work! Most of the problems have to do with a template based matrix class I wrote. OK here we go: template <class T> class Matrix { operator Matrix<float> () const; operator Matrix<double> () const; }; Compiler error messages: (Warning) #C0554-D "Matrix<double>::operator Matrix<double>() const" will not be called for implicit or explicit conversions operator Matrix<double> () const; ^ (Warning) #C0554-D "Matrix<float>::operator Matrix<float>() const" will not be called for implicit or explicit conversions operator Matrix<float> () const; ^ for(unsigned int i = 0; i < M1.Rows; i++) for(unsigned int j = 0; j < M1.Columns; j++) R(i, j) = M1(i, j); for(unsigned int i = 0; i < M2.Rows; i++) for(unsigned int j = 0; j < M2.Columns; j++) R(i + M1.Rows, j) = M2(i, j); Compiler error message: (E) #C0101 "i" has already been declared in the current scope for(unsigned int i = 0; i < M2.Rows; i++) ^ If I have a function Matrix<int> Func() { Matrix<int> M; //do something with M return M; } Would it make sense to call this function like this: Matrix<int> &M = Func(); I hope those source fragments are enough to give you a picture of what is going on. Maybe someone even has experiance with the compiler I mentioned above. Thanks in advance for any hint and link Regards Woltan
  14. Woltan

    Free parts of an array

    Quote:Original post by KulSeran Quote:I am stuck with a rather strange c++ compiler on a remote machine which is only accessible via Matlab. The question is though, are you stuck using Matlab? I'll take a stab at that being a yes. But the Matlab/Simulink setup lets you specify any compiler you want as the compiler it runs the code through. If you can install another compiler (gcc / VS2008), then you can rebind Matlab to that compiler. And if that IS possible, i suggest you do. The compiler that comes with Matlab really sucks for anything but the most basic of operations. Matlab is not the problem here. Matlab/Simulink is only the interface to some hardware that wishes to compile everything it gets itself. The fact is, that if I compile stuff via the mex operation (I think that is what you meant) everything is just fine. Yesterday I think i finally found a reference in the manual about the compiler that wacky machine is using. It developed by Microtec and calls itself mcc (I am still not 100% sure that this is the case). However, now I can add some compiler options and hopefully find a way to do what I want with it. Nothing is worse than bad documentation. cherio Woltan
  15. Woltan

    Free parts of an array

    I was able to give #include <cmath> a try today. But nope, the compiler didnt like this one either!
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