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    Cycling hints on the loading screen

    I think some of these will be answered by the type of hints your looking to implement. Are they just general helpful hints for the game or more specific to the current location or quest. Though you could randomly choose from a set of hints for a specific location.   In my opinion they should be cycled, just getting the same hint all the time means its just a normal loading screen and nothing else. Unless some of the hints are linked and should be viewed one after the other or have an already existing sequence to them then I don't think sequenced or random makes much of a difference.   Repeating is fine, just try and avoid having the same hints come up every few hints (testing should reveal if things are coming up to much but I would say at a guess, maybe hints shouldn't be eligible to come up again for 10 hints after last displaying).   Storing the hints against a key sounds like a good idea, but would suggest that storing where the player is up to is probably only needed across play sessions when the hints are sequenced and not when its random, since the sequence should continue but using random the player will only see a few the same before getting a different one.   One thing to keep in mind is that people read at different speeds and people's machines will load the game at different speeds (not to mention loading will take different amounts of time one he same machine for different areas of the game) so consider having the ability to finishing reading the hint after the game has finished loading (or by requesting a key press before leaving the screen, which can also be useful if the player has moved away or got distracted by something). It annoys me when I was trying to read something on the loading screen but run out of time before the screen disappears.   I sometimes find that the hints on the loading screen are so simple they are pointless or just not relevant to the type of character I'm player. Consider if hints are really needed or could be replaced with something else instead. Some other options could be:   Summary of the story so far to remind the player where they are currently at (See Final Fantasy XIII-2) Details of currently active quests World Lore or additional characters details
  2. Enchanted Arms - PS3 game with Final Fantasy type exploration and light tactics combat. The combat takes place on a grid (one side for the enemy and one side for the player) where players can move their characters around. Attacks take into account range. The combat does not however have some of the usual tactics items such as cover and height.   Wasteland 2 - PC. Like fallout with more depth in the tactical combat.   Fallout Tactics - PC. Fallout with a focus on the combat battles. While it doesn't have quite the same amount of exploration and story as the fallout games themselves it still has quite a bit.   Stellar Tactics - PC. A coming soon game (so far seen it on steam) that advertises itself as being an RPG with tactical combat. Looking at is so far it does look what it promises.     There are others, but I can't think of the names at the moment.
  3. Dragoncar

    defend sacred animals quest

    I think the herd should move from place to place stopping to eat etc. and run if they hear or sent the player. This forces the player to have to stay with the herd to protect them, rather than just sitting around passing time. When the hunters then show up they should be stalking the prey and the player can try and take out the hunters quietly if they can find them, scare the herd to charge off to have the hunters reveal themselves or wait until the hunters reveal themselves to strike.  
  4.   I think these are good things for a space tactics game as they allow more room for strategies through positioning and ship design.   Ship speed should actually allow for flanking etc. not just as a determination or what weapons can hit the ship. Engineer ships that can deploy minefields, walls, turrets Planet based weapons Planetary bombardment Multi-fleet combat (so reinforcements can arrive from different places on the battle map or even warp in) Obstacles that hide smaller ships for ambushes Gas pockets that can be ignited by weapons Ships able to fire multiple weapons in one turn Command and Control limitations (actually form viable fleets rather than super fleets of 20 super battleships) 
  5. You may want to have a look at Take on Mars which you should be able to create your scenarios in. I'm not sure if it has Occulus Rift support yet or not. The game is a Mars simulation already and I think it would probably cover your needs.   While is only got limited views in first person, its mostly 3rd person. You may also want to take a look at Kerbal Space Program. They also have an education version and they work with schools etc. so they may also be able to assist with additional content, etc.
  6. To me it really depends on what your hoping to get out of the combat. Is the combat the focus of the game, or is the focus on the world or the story? This isn't to say that combat isn't a major part of final fantasy or that the story isn't of the tactics games, just a different focus on it.   The final fantasy tactics or fire emblem type field combat is a lot slower than the darkest dungeon and final fantasy combat. However this doesn't make one combat style better than the other. The tactics games are focused on the combat and a lot of the game is about moving and fighting well in combat where as something like final fantasy has the combat more as a way to get resources/strength for being able to progress in the story and see more of the world. Also worth taking into account is that there will generally be more combat undertaken in Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy Tactics. For me both styles work well for the focus of their game, but I don't think a Final Fantasy Style game would work well with the Tactics game combat as it would become repetitive and slower when doing it so regularly.     Have you ever played Enchanted Arms which has a combat system which sits somewhere between the two. The combat area is a grid (5x5 if I remember correctly), but one grid for each side and you can't cross over from your grid to the enemies. Your characters skills then differing shapes and number of squares that can reach. It does however include both an auto mode (not great a picking moves, but does stop you from having to input all the commands for simple battles) and a speed up which makes the animations progress faster which makes turns go a lot quicker (Note: All commands are entered for a turn and then both sides move in one go with the order of individuals based on stats).
  7. I would suggest playing through a few battles by hand writing out why you choose a particular option. This will show you what decisions your AI will need to be making and what data it will need to operate on. This should help you see how this might fit better to a state machine or behavior tree or a combination of both. As suggested by Haegarr the tools can be combined together.
  8. Dragoncar

    Smooth outcomes/incomes in the game

    This is very similar to GaldorPunk's response, however it would seem to be that your looking at upkeep costs over time (eg. 5 swordsman costs 20 resources per 30 seconds) with building new units being a full price purchase instantly (eg. 25 resource when click the create new swordsman button) rather than paying over a period of time (eg. 1 resource per second for 25 seconds and then nothing).    It would seem to me that you are adjusting the player's balance for income and expanses at different times. In your example your doing income every 10 secs, but not doing expenses till 30 secs.   I would suggest that both should be done at the same time and the end result applied to the player's balance. This way the player's balance will gradually go up or down rather than jumping.   For example Initial resourse=10 1 min.:                Income: +5, Expense: -5, Change: 0, Resource: 10 1 min. 10 secs:   Income: +5, Expense: -5, Change: 0, Resource: 10 1 min. 20 secs:   Income: +5, Expense: -5, Change: 0, Resource: 10 1 min. 30 secs:   Income: +5, Expense: -5, Change: 0, Resource: 10   The expenses after 30 seconds is still 20, but it is spread across each step the same as income. The player isn't earning any income so would not be able to purchase the 25 cost unit. The player is left with two choices 1) increase income (such as by using the moving a unit into the right position for situational income) or 2) Decrease expenses (such as by getting rid of a unit)   Continuing from the previous example, assuming player removed unit to reduce expenses Initial resourse=10 1 min. 40 secs:   Income: +5, Expense: -4, Change: +1, Resource: 11 1 min. 50 secs:   Income: +5, Expense: -4, Change: +1, Resource: 12 2 min.             :   Income: +5, Expense: -4, Change: +1, Resource: 13 2 min. 10 secs:   Income: +5, Expense: -4, Change: +1, Resource: 14   The player is now earning again so will be able to a some point purchase the 25 cost unit, but doesn't have to time it just before the expenses get removed from their balance.
  9. Asking yourself a number of questions, as you answer some then others will probably become easier to answer and lead to further questions.   Some examples in no particular order: Why is the player in the maze? Why does the player need/want to escape? Why is the location a maze? Who is the player?       For you example of a spaceship this might be: The player was the pilot of the spaceship which crashed so due to the damage the spaceship has become a maze which the player needs to escape to survive.   This could then lead you to other locations to continue the story such as a garden then a cave system then a communications tower.
  10. What linkage are you looking to have between the novels and the game? Is the game story an interactive implementation of the story in the novels, a prequel, a sequel, or sharing world/characters?   You mention writing a sequel to the novel series, but having to wait until the game has been released. To me this suggests that the game is going to be part of the story arc included in the novels. Since you suggest that the game will include a branching story line this will cause a problem in that you don't actually have a defined story for the game as the story that one player gets is different to another so what story should be continued. This doesn't go away even if the game has been released.   I would also suggest that you'll need to be careful with the writing so that it doesn't assume that people playing the game have read the books and vice versa.
  11. I would suggesting considering if there is a difference other than data between a city, building and room and then consider if there is a need for separate classes. It would seem to me that each of "city", "building" and "room" could actually be done with one "location" class that can contain other locations (which could be none). This way you could the add additional "levels" to your structure such as building being made up of floors, cities made up of districts, states made up of cities, etc. without having to create additional classes for each type.
  12. There are many ways you can achieve this and they all have different strengths and weaknesses so it really depends on your exact requirements. A few of the ways are: Folder for Campaign with individual files for missions              Lots of individual files, but easy to read the exact mission file your interested in either for game or editor access. Single file for entire campaign              Only a single file to manage, but have to read through the file to find the section for the mission you want. Hard to edit since you have to replace data in the right part of the file. Xml/Json file for campaign              Only a single file to manage, relatively easy access to specific parts of the file. Archive for campaign              Lots of individual files for missions but packaged so not single files all over the place on the file system. Have to load archive to get to one single file though.     Regardless of what you use for the game to read the files you could have mission files as separate files for editing and then just pack them together (as a single file or achieve, preferably automated rather than manually) when putting a build of your game together.
  13. Do they need to have a fighting background. What about civilians joining the militia, so engineer or athlete, etc.?
  14. Dragoncar

    Game Design before?

    To do game programming you don't need to know Game Design theory. You only need to learn game design if your going to be designing games. Otherwise you just need the ability to take someone else's requirements (in this case from a game design) and develop the code to implement them.   If you instead plan on implementing your own games ideas, then yes you will need to learn some game design theory.
  15. Dragoncar

    Real Time Strategy mechanics

    As others have said Idea 1 is more conventional and Idea 2 is a bit more unique. From you specifying "competitve RTS" for the second idea i'm guesisng that you referring to things being persistant across game play sessions or at least having leader boards etc.   I think if you can simplify the second idea you can have it not require much if any more than the first idea. For me it wouldn't have any base invlolvement in the battle phase instead your armies instead would fight one another not actually attack the opponents base. The resource phase could involve base building for producing resources (which resources to produce, production bonuses to get). Then you use your resources to purchase technology and units (do you spend your resources on technology or more units).
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