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    c# object = object

    everything is clear now; thank You
  2. what is going on when I create something like: Class1 obj1 = new Class1; Class1 obj2 = new Class1; obj1.field1 = something; obj2.field1 = somethingElse; obj1 = obj1; Is memory allocated to obj1 being lost and obj1 points to obj2, or obj1 is overwritten with data from obj2 and there are two independent objects in the memory?
  3. hello, thank you. i've just found my stupid error; my string was empty - wrong variable name :| stupid me
  4. hello, why the following code fails ? Bitmap b = new Bitmap ("C:\my_file_name.bmp"); I've already tried using \\ and / chars instead of something is wrong :(
  5. could you pass some sample code? one thing, will the second window be achnored relative to the first window?
  6. very interesting idea, thank you. still, i've got a feeling that it can be done in more elegant way :)
  7. yes, but then my control is over the area where dx is rendering. So my "visibility" of dx rendering area is limited by that control. I want to avoid this situation. So in want to initialize dx in a part of the window.
  8. hello, how can I create a window (form) where only a part of it would be used for directx rendering, and other part would be used for standard windows controls (eg. Button)? thanks in advance; regards;
  9. thanks :) now I've got a whole picture.
  10. that's what i thought. I'm new to .net but I could not find CreateDevice event in Device class. Another question; Which of typical structures (eg. vertexBuffer) are lost on deviceReset?
  11. hello, in MS SDK starting with tutorial 2 there is something like: this.OnCreateDevice(device, null); which (in my understanding) starts implicitly: public void OnCreateDevice(object sender, EventArgs e) the same situation is created many times in this tutorial; my qestion is: what is the point in creating events if they have to be manually called? Or maybe I understand something wrong, then please tell me how this OnCreate... is being called in program execution. Thank You in advance. best regards, tnts
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