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  1. napoleondynamite

    What creeps you out or scares you?

    parasites and run time errors
  2. napoleondynamite

    Shortest Route (the game)

    159.76 including 14 fouls btw you should make it so that you cant continue jumping on blue squares after winning ><
  3. napoleondynamite

    Title the Modern Age

    ****The MySpace Age****
  4. napoleondynamite

    #define and const

    Imo #define can be useful in a certain few situations... for example #define PI 3.14159 void function(double x); void anotherfunction(float x); int main{ function(PI); anotherfunction(PI); return(0); } seems slightly easier than doing const float f_pi = 3.14159; const double d_pi = 3.14159; int main{ function(d_pi); anotherfunction(f_pi); } Not a big difference, but I think it makes it slightly easier to code and understand. Edit: Mixed up d_pi and f_pi - see! I told you it was easier the other way!!!
  5. napoleondynamite

    Baldur's Gate 2 SoA

    no need to try to control 6 characters... just play it through completely with a single sorcerer/mage - its completely doable
  6. napoleondynamite

    Who here likes fast and powerful solo piano?

    Quote:Original post by thundergunslinger Beautiful thread. But has no one mentioned Art "FREAKING" Tatum?!? darn classical peoples ><
  7. napoleondynamite

    Who here likes fast and powerful solo piano?

    Michel Camilo IMO
  8. napoleondynamite

    The Unnofficial GameDev Online Student Cookbook!

    Recipe Name: Meat, bread, and wasabi sauce, or just meat and wasabi sauce Ingredients: 1/4th pound meat (I prefer pastrami), wasabi sauce, bread(optional) Required Equipment: none Preparation time: 2-3 mins Servings: 1 Preparation instructions: if you are using bread, put the meat and wasabi sauce on it, otherwise just spread wasabi sauce on meat Its easy and delicious!!! Not a wide variety of nutrients though ><
  9. napoleondynamite

    Cannot get average of three variables.

    system("pause") isnt really less work if you just use a #define PAUSE (cin.get() or whatever you use to pause)
  10. napoleondynamite

    Yay SecuROM!

    secuROM wouldn't let me play Titan Quest because my disc which I had just bought at the store was "a backup disc." So yes, pester secuROM as much as possible :)
  11. napoleondynamite

    reading more than 2 keys at once from a keyboard?

    you could use a 789 4 6 123 setup for 4 dimensions and separate keys for other directions or you could make it so only a key press (not holding down the key) will make you move in that direction, so repeated presses will accelerate/decelerate. Or of course let the mouse have a part in movement. Seems like you dont have many other options if the keyboard will only recognize 2 held down at once ><
  12. napoleondynamite

    problem resetting lost direct3d device

    Got it! Thanks. ...Also <3 enginuity
  13. After alt-tabbing out of full screen, I know i need to free D3DPOOL_DEFAULT sources and use reset(). I changed my textures to D3DPOOL_MANAGED to attempt to get rid of the problem, but i still recieve this error: D3D9 Helper: IDirect3DDevice9::Reset failed: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL Direct3D9: (ERROR) :The following D3DPOOL_DEFAULT surfaces/buffers/textures still exist Direct3D9: (ERROR) : D3DRTYPE_VERTEXBUFFER Direct3D9: (ERROR) : D3DRTYPE_INDEXBUFFER Direct3D9: (ERROR) :All user created D3DPOOL_DEFAULT surfaces must be freed before Reset can succeed. Reset Fails. Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Reset failed and Reset/TestCooperativeLevel/Release are the only legal APIs to be called subsequently As I am only using 2d graphics at the moment, I never created either a vertex buffer or an index buffer, so it seems like these errors shouldnt happen. Help is greatly appreciated :).
  14. napoleondynamite

    I have derived the equation to LIFE!

    Quote:Original post by Mushu Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Quote:Original post by Mushu WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU MULTIPLY SIX BY NINE. 54? THIS THREAD IS NOW ABOUT HHGTTG REFERENCES. GOODBYE AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH. *SO LONG* and thanks for all the fish learn2memorizethewholesongbeforereferencingit
  15. napoleondynamite

    Including multiple C++ files

    make sure you are including the precompiled header file (usually StdAfx.h)
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