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    Another absence?!?!

    For shame, Omegavolt. FOR SHAME! Yep, I was out for a bit there but for good reason. After having to ask for help with the isometric WASD movement for my game, I tried to add the character/item interaction. Now, I thought I knew enough about GLBasic to pull that off. Add the sprite, set the collision, set the button press, remove the sprite, add item ID to inventory array. Simple, right? Well, turns out, my array was giving me errors and there wasnt an obvious command for sprite removal. So, I took a break. Yeah. Its hard for me to learn enough of a language to be able to create commands, but then the commands not work like I think they should. Completely frustrating and probably more of a motivation killer than not knowing the language at all. Thats the road to disaster for me. I had planned to ask the GLBasic creator AGAIN to help, but decided to hold off a bit lest I become too much of a pest. I mean, the guys programmed 75% of what Ive created so far. Why am I bothering??? But lo and behold, I have been rescued! In the form of a fellow OnGameDev'er named WyldKarde. He has plans to make a game just like mine and he plans for himself and his team to do the programming. They just need me to sprite it. :D Does this mean Ive given up on MY dream? Not just yet, my friend. Not knowing whether WyldKarde and company have planned enough of this game out prevents me from knowing if they have the tenacity to complete it. So I'll have to keep my idea on the shelf, not trash it completely. Because one never knows. In the meantime, Ill use GLBasic for easier projects to get my feet wet in its mucky syntax to be ready to reload in case the new project goes tits up. Here goes nothing. :P
  2. Omegavolt

    Moving right along...

    Woot! I got a respose from the GLBasic crew and they were able to code up a whammy of a WASD movement system. It works great, so I shouldnt need anymore help with the movement, thanks though. :D As for screenshots, theres really not much to see right now. So far, all I have is a grass field with a naked isometric human running around. Once I finish the pre-alpha checklist though, I will be creating a map for the alpha. That will have lots more content, with trees, rocks, plants, sand, sea, maybe some cliffs. Stuff worthy of a screenie. :P
  3. Omegavolt

    Moving right along...

    I was able to figure out the isometric WASD movement finally, but it involved quite a bit of seemingly simplistic code and the results werent exactly stellar. Pressing two keys at once makes my character do a jiggly dance in some random direction and releasing the keys leaves the sprite paused midstep. And the reaction is slow. But its functional. I decided though, that if I really want to continue on, I need to make sure this is optimized. Ive sent out a help request at the GLBasic forums. Ill probably find out that my 40 lines of coding could be condensed into 1 simple function. :P
  4. Omegavolt

    Well crap.

    Thanks Hope! Actually, after tinkering for a couple hours, I finally figured it out and was able to pull off the walking animation. The animation is a bit jumpy and slow to respond, but it WORKS! :D Im sure I'll be asking for assistance soon enough though, haha. :P
  5. Omegavolt

    Well crap.

    Since Im not dedicated enough to master C++ in my basement on my own for this game, Ive opted for GLBasic. The reason for this is that: 1) its easy to pick up on and start off right away, and 2) if I ever need the power of C++, it can be implemented inline to my program. It didnt take me long, however, to see how hard this would be on my own. It took me 2 nights just to figure out how to get my sprite to move across the ground in the proper directions when I push WASD. I attempted to animate the sprite as well, but its proving to be difficult. Even going this far was enough of a slap in the face to let me kick the pride thing and realize that I will probably have to beg for assistance from the GLBasic community, or even the might of the GDNet community. But, Ill do what I must. This game must succeed.
  6. Omegavolt

    Roadmap complete!

    Hehe, yeah, I guess a better word would be Resource Spawning, but I dont want resources to just spawn in the same spot over and over. I want them either randomly or through a small algorithm to spawn in different areas. Either way, it would be programming them to pop up in different spots. I mainly called it AI though because I put that one in right after Monster AI, which will be the point where I tell the monsters what do after spawning AND where to spawn at, which will be random or calculated points, like the resources.
  7. Omegavolt

    Roadmap complete!

    Just finished up my To Do list. Its all of the portions I can think of for right now. If anything is left out, Im sure it will come up during the development and Ill add it in if I can. To Do List: ----------------------- Pre-Alpha Alpha Map Create Character Character Movement Create Items Character-Item Interaction Create Inventory Inventory GUI Create Monsters Monster Movement Monster Attributes Battle Engine Character-Loot Interaction ------------------------ Alpha Closed Beta Map Character Creation Screen Character Attributes Skill Advancement Create Animals Create Resources Create HUD Monster AI Resource AI Animal AI Day/Night Cycle Season Cycle ------------------------ Closed Beta Open Beta Map Networking Skill Content Crafting In-game Message Board Local Chat Pets/Mounts Jobs Sim Jobs Creation Jobs PVP Guard AI Website ------------------------ Open Beta Tweaking and Patching! Advertisement Final Touches ------------------------ Complete Ive also add a quick progress bar thingy as my custom journal header so that everyone can see what Im up to so far. ;)
  8. Omegavolt

    How to start?

    Ive considered that possibility. It wont be easy for the players to regulate what happens in-game while they are away. Ive foreseen a few possible solutions to this. -Allow some NPCs so that the player can hire them to guard the town while they are off-line. This will be available or shop/tavern owners as well. -Only allow certain conditions to be present before something bad can happen to the town, for example, 25% of the town owners must be present before anything bad comes about. -Give the players the ability to let their own characters run on simple AI while they are offline, enough to take care of issues when they occur. The simplest plan at the moment seems to be to have NPCs guarding while players are offline. And I can also make it tough for players to be able to do large scale damage to a town without a large number of players helping. I will run the game without any of this though and see how it works.
  9. Omegavolt

    possible proof that consciousness is not physically describable?

    Depends on your definition of "it". In your first statement, you label everything outside of yourself as "it", then you apply the statement to yourself. Perceiving something outside of the self (which is based on our 5 senses) as opposed to perceiving oneself (an act of consciousness which is not dependent on our 5 senses [or is it?]) isn't necessarily the same thing. If I were left in a sensory deprevation chamber, would I still be able to sense my consciousness. Probably. I would still have thoughts and that allows me to validate my existence whether I can feel/see myself or not. I could tell the difference between being asleep and being awake. After a while, who knows what would happen to the mind without the 5 senses regulating your thoughts, though. Ever see the movie Altered States?
  10. Omegavolt

    How to start?

    The latest thing I've begun to worry about is how the game will start. I intend not to have any NPCs at all, which might make it difficult for the first few players. Which then leads to wondering how I plan on starting them off. The idea was to start them off with a bare continent and let them build from there. But without shops, quests, or anything, this may prove difficult. They will want to build a city, but since my game will not be very popular, it might be hard for enough people to be together to do so. I may have to design a way for players to build villages without having to come into contact with each other. So say that my very first player will come into the game onto a brand new continent. He or she will be equipped with the barest of essentials. A tent, a flint, and maybe a small weapon. From there, they will have to set up camp. A camp could be considered a 1-person town. But if more people come on, I would want them to build their camps next to the first persons camp so that it could become a village. So, Ill have to insert a rule about how to build towns by bunching up dwellings, and advise people that building next to an existing camp or village will cause it to grow and provide more resources. Good. Then the people will need to get things. Say one person wants a sword instead of the dagger he has. Since he is not a blacksmith, he will have to let someone with the blacksmithing skill know that he wants a sword. Ill have to create an in-game classified ads of sorts so that people can read the ads and get their quests from there. Someone with a blacksmith skill reads the ad, and builds the sword. Or if the smithy doesnt have the materials, he'll have to put in his own ad to have fighters go out and collect the materials for him. It sounds good in theory, but starting out, this game might end up being a bit boring. Or the first few dozen people will have to become a jack-of-all-trades to be able to get what they need. Ill have to wait until beta is up to find out.
  11. Omegavolt

    Have I got it right this time?

    Yeah, thats a good idea. Best to see how a working system operates. As it is, the jobs Im implementing are pretty much the cornerstone of the game. You use them to make money and build skills. So definitely, the skills should complement the jobs that are available. As far as attributes, I would have to check a working system for that, because I already have 8, but it feels like I should have more, or that Im not including some crucial ones to the list. Thanks for the help! :D
  12. Well, having never made a game on my own, I was doomed to make some mistakes along the way. The first was wanting to use a game maker to make the game with. I spent many an hour investigating several different versions, including GameMaker, BYOND, Elysium(Konfuze), and even RMXP. This game deserves better. It would have to. There will be way too much custom stuff in this game to allow me to just pawn it off on some Mirage clone. No, I have to learn a language and, at the very least, use a game engine instead. The second mistake was discovered after I decided to use C++. After familiarizing myself with the language, I realized that all of the notes that I had created so far weren't going to help me start programming one bit. I was going to need to know character attributes and skills, which I hadn't even bothered tackling yet. And once I thought about it, I realized that in order to determine those, it would be a good idea to know what those attributes and skills would be used for. So I set about creating the job structures for the game. I created 20 jobs in all, each with 4 levels of experience to obtain. With the jobs complete, I figured out what skills and attributes would be of value. For the attributes, I was a little unsure at first. So far, all I had to start was the tried and true: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom. But I was going to need more. These alone cannot help determine ones ability to run a town or run a shop, which are features Im including. But after a few drinks and a little imagination I came up with a few more: Charisma, Shrewdness, Leadership, and Workmanship. Charisma is familiar to some, but I want it to be more impacting than Ive seen it in other games. It will affect prices you come across and it determines your guild size. Shrewdness determines the maximum amount of businesses you can run, and how good your trade instincts are. Leadership determines the number of NPCs you are able to hire, and how many buildings you can have in your town. Workmanship determines how many jobs youre able to hold down, as well as what your skill cap will be. I designed these 4 to be opposing, much like Strengh and Dexterity, and Intelligence and Wisdom are. I still need to figure out how to distribute initial attribute points, but that will get figured out eventually. BUT ANYWAYS... I think I'm on the right track. Im getting a lot of content down on paper so that has to be a good thing. Once I get all the characters variables set, Ill start with some simple programming.
  13. Having returned refreshed and ready to hop into the project (I actually did a lot while home and opted to not let the project stress me out so much), I have spoken with my partner and we established some core properties. First and foremost, we gave the game a working title. There will be PvP in it, but we want there to be an anti-ganking system that will work somewhat like karma, so we decided to code-name the project Karma. To throw in some fresh ideas, we also decided to make the races based off of animals instead of the standard Tolkien fantasy fare. The ones I know for a fact that Im having so far will be human (but not the typical ones, almost caveman-ish, a bit more primal at least), lizard, cat, bird, and fish. But with these new races, Ill have to establish relationships and cultures to an extent. I wont be able to assume my audience automatically knows how the lizards and cats will interact, like I could with dwarves and elves. That will take some extra time, but it will be worth it, I think. Other than that, all is well and proceeding as planned. :D
  14. Omegavolt

    Now the grunt work begins...

    Precisely. ;)
  15. Omegavolt

    Now the grunt work begins...

    Now that Ive made my final decision on what to do with this game and having all of my design docs standing by, I am finally ready to proceed. But where to start? What I need to do now is establish how I want my GUI set up, begin defining the items I want in the game, and sprite my butt off. The folks over at OnGameDev are very supportive of a 'Sims within the RPG' idea that Ive been tossing about, so I want to make sure I can pull that off. I will be going on vacation back to Indiana for 2 weeks. I usually drink a lot of beer, play guitar with my dad, and play Scrabble with my mom, but Ill save some of the slower nights to get my sprite animations set up and do some concept art for the houses and items. Hopefully I get enough done so that we can put up a website of our own and show off our progress.
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