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    Some one gave me $20 on Paypal as a donation for MIDI Keyboard!! [grin][grin]
  2. H_o_p_s

    MIDI Keyboard v1.7

    MIDI Keyboard v1.7 I've done another update, this time I've made a GUI for chords. Instead of having only 9 chords to choose from, there are now over 50. I've an appointment with my school to see if they would be interested in licensing this product for all their computer work stations (some 4000+ computers) so I'll be hoping for the best. They said that they might be as willing to pay be $2/copy/year. So, ummm... fingers crossed! $8k a year isn't too bad [smile]
  3. H_o_p_s


    So a couple of things since my last update. The lack of updates this time is simply because I've not had the time nor internet connectection to do so. I've been working swing/grave-yard with doubles; but hey, money is money. As far as programming goes, I've been interested in getting back into OGL 3D programming, so I started created a simple engine to display a tiled isometric map based off a simple data structure. Eventually it'll be better than my current java2D engine which fails at higher map sizes to be fast enough. I've updated my MIDI Keyboard to version 1.6, and will be updating my VersionTracker entry to reflect this. Currently I have a rating of 4/5, so all is good [smile] Anyway, when school starts back up on the 17th expect more updates.
  4. H_o_p_s

    Orchestra Recording

    Trumpet Concerto.mp3[~15mb] This is a recording of my Orchestra's performance. This is the Trumpet Concerto by Alexander Arutunian. It is fairly long, but I figured that some of you might enjoy it. The least you could do is scan through it really quickly [smile] Enjoy.
  5. H_o_p_s

    MIDI Keyboard v1.5

    My newest version of MIDI Keyboard (for Mac OSX) v1.5 is available at Version Tracker's website. It has the following features: Graphical Piano GUI Mouse Input Chord Playback Key-bindings are editable Sustain pedal MIDI port selection Channel, Velocity, Instrument selection And other stuff I'm sure I've missed... So um... all you OSX junkies out there go and download it, and then give it a rating on VT.
  6. H_o_p_s


    Just registered for classes... I'm not a CS major, but rather a business major at Berklee College of Music (I want to get into the music/sound area in game development). COND-233-011 Conducting 2 CP-233-008 Traditional Counterpoint 2 CM-233-013 Trad Harmony & Composition 2 ET-242-016 Ear Training 4 HR-242-033 Harmony 4 ENSB-498-001 Contemporary Woodwind Orchestra (not taken for credit) ENSB-325-001 Flute Choir (not taken for credit) PIWD-XXX-113 Private Instruction - Woodwind BM-311-003 Legal Aspects: Music Industry BM-355-005 Advanced Computer Apps BM-375-002 International Economics BM-387-003 Principles of Financial Accounting
  7. H_o_p_s


    HM Editor v0.01a Not sure what is going to edit yet... but there ya go. No javascript at all.
  8. H_o_p_s

    New Avatar, and MIDI Keyboard 1.1 (for mac)

    Alright, I christmasified my avatar, and finished MIDI Keyboard 1.1. For mac. I'll get the Windows Binary put together as soon as I find my dang Virtual PC disc... I updated VPC, but it requires the CD again to verifiy that I purchased the program. I think that I loaned it out to someone last year though... : Anyway, here's the link: mk.112605.dmg.zip[75kb] Java know-it alls can probably get the same thing running under windows. The Main class is in mk.main. Anyway, there ya go.
  9. H_o_p_s


    My poor layout it all messed up now... [sad]
  10. H_o_p_s

    Um... yeah...

    For the better part of the week I've been spending way too much time doing college work... I've got my orchestral concert tomorrow, so I've been having evening rehersals from 5pm to 10pm. This usually leaves about three hours during the day to get my homework done for the next day's lessons. And then to top it off there is a girl I've been going out with for a while now too. So um... not much programming time [smile] So anyway, more posts to come...
  11. H_o_p_s


    Alright, I've got the clickmap mostly working in MIDI Keyboard... there are still a few wierd bugs that show up every once in a while, but generally working pretty good. So everything is still on track for a release this weekend. In other news I actually worked more on Battle tonight. I finished a generic move event that will make an actor move in any direction and any height of terrain. When there is a higher place he's jumping to, he jumps heigher. So I guess it is more like moving with dynamic map-height jumping. But either way, it saves me from having to write fifteen billion little arrays.
  12. H_o_p_s

    Valid XHTML Strict!

    I went through and made my code all Valid XHTML Strict. The problem was the IE didn't like it. Go figure. it works in every single other browser perfectly, and IE messes up on it... after another half an hour of work I created a hack that showed everything correctly in all browsers... I really wish that IE would support standards better. On the same note as my website, I got my emails working for hopkinsmultimedia.com. I can send/receive *@hopkinsmultimedia.com. So now when I need a serious email sent out, it can be from services@hopkinsmultimedia.com. Gmail was really helpful in this manner. I got a great amount of work done all MIDI Keyboard, and it should be ready for a release here at the end of the week. The only thing left to add is making the virtual keyboard clickable with the mouse, and reintegrate chord functionality from the previous version. So all in all be prepared for a wonderfull piece of software. //EDIT I just updated the website again, I've navigation working through AJAX.. [cool]
  13. H_o_p_s


    So I pretty much worked on my website today... www.HopkinsMultimedia.com. I think that the design is pretty much finished, time to start adding content... For those of you interested I got png alpha support working in the old IE that don't... for those of you that know how horrible it is that IE doesn't support png's alpha channel, you might find the fix a great help in your own web development. Just check out the source of the page (you might have to traverse down a frame because of my URL fowarding...) Anyway, I promise to get back to work on Battle as soon as my site is up and Midi Keyboard is to version 1.1.' Later.
  14. H_o_p_s


    Alright, enough playing with the orthodox designs with bad color schemes... www.HopkinsMultimedia.com has been registered and fowarded to my GamdeDev webspace for now. http://members.gamedev.net/hops/HopkinsMultimedia/index.html It is much nicer. I hope you all agree.
  15. Alright, sorry for the lack of updates, but I figured that I'd already messed up my calendar, what was another few days? [smile] I started to take a break from battle, and work more on a smaller project for a bit. You all know how it can be working on something for a long time, it eventually gets a bit boring, and it is nice to spice it up a bit. So I created MIDI Keyboard, which has been posted in this journal and in the Showcase. I also submitted it to VersionTracker.com and so far has received over 700 downloads from there. The next version (1.1) will be done shortly and includes a graphical representation of the notes being played, as well as knob UIs for controlling velocity, instrument, offset, and pitch. Currently the big fall back to the graphics is that is shows a nice keyboard on the screen, but the mouse can not click the keys yet. There are numerous ways to do this, I just haven't implemented them yet. When done, MIDI Keyboard will have a nice mouse-clickable nine octave MIDI input keyboard for all your sequencing needs. Another fall back is that the sustain method developed in 1.0 actually doesn't use the MIDI sustain message, but rather an internal buffer for holding notes, in 1.1 I hope to resolve this by using MIDI's own sustain. Since you all love screenies, here you go: //EDIT// And I have the site template I created for Hopkins Multimedia up: Hopkins Multimedia I will replace the content when I'm happy with what I have here on my localhost. I'll get the actuall domain name and hosting here soon, again once, I've fleshed out the site. So tell me what you thing of it!
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