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  1. Terrain Generation with Plate Tectonics

    Hey, I found this thread by googling for "procedural tectonics" [img][/img] I read through your thesis a bit and found it really interesting! It was cool that you distilled all of the information on Earth science I've been trying to absorb the last few days. I would have liked to see a lot more examples like Fig. 24. Maybe you could post more in this thread? Your results are pretty fascinating. Thanks for sharing your work, it's very helpful!
  2. I'm stuck, in the same place I get stuck every time I attempt to create some sort of 2D engine. What is an appropriate solution for constant movement speeds in a 2D enviroment independent of framerate? I've googled this, and sifted through gamedev's articles, but I cannot find anything that works well. I don't want to limit the framerate to something constant. The closest solution I've come up with used four doubles, xpos, ypos, xvel and yvel. The xvel/yvel was multiplied by the frames per second, and then added to xpos/ypos. When it came time to blit the image, the doubles were casted to ints. This almost worked, except when moving diagonally, they occasionally move unequally, causing a somewhat annoying, shaky diagonal path. Any ideas?