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  1. SOLVED - Rigid body movement

    Kind of, I got it now though; thanks for the replies. What would you suggest as a serious book on dynamics (for a maths student)?
  2. SOLVED - Rigid body movement

    Thanks for the answer, I will check those out. Daniele
  3. SOLVED - Rigid body movement

    When I have a force F that pushes/pulls a rigid body at a certain position P on the body, I usually apply the ordinary translational force to the body And a torque obtained with the formula t = ((P - CenterOfMass) X F) now the question is, if part* of the force goes into the torque, shouldn't I translate (I know that it's not the force to directly move the body) the body by a smaller amount than the whole F? Thanks for reading, Daniele *not sure about this [Edited by - ForestMaster on July 25, 2010 6:07:52 AM]
  4. how much is a portfolio important

    thanks for the prompt replies there are clearly different attitudes towards portfolio, anyway I'm glad to hear that none of you considers it plain useless. thanks again daniele
  5. As kindly suggested by Tom, I'm starting a new thread for this question I was wondering how much is a personal portfolio taken into account when considering applications in the games industry with respect to academic credentials and previous job experiences. Does a maths (not cs) graduate (guess whom I'm talking about), without job experience, yet with a rich amateur material, have any chance of getting a slot? thanks in advance for any answer daniele
  6. Best time for job change

    I have a related question, so I think it's better if I avoid a new topic: beside academic credentials and job experiences, do they take into account personal/amateur projects (tutorials, games, engines written)? I mean, are they valid as a kind of portfolio? thanks in advance for any answer daniele
  7. need advice for 3D modeler

    I might also take into account blender, but more as a side path, I'd like to learn how to use it properly (hopefully they'll keep it free), yet I don't need (for now) all the great features you have listed; as I mentioned above, I just need some crappy animated models : ) thanks again daniele
  8. need advice for 3D modeler

    thanks for the reply! I think I'll give a try to trueSpace and see if I can pull something out quickly, otherwise I'll move onto milkshape, which (from what I've gathered) should be the most gameprogrammer-oriented.
  9. need advice for 3D modeler

    Hello guys,I tried to PM a couple of users but I couldn't get any answer back so I thought I'd come here and create a thread ^^ I've been learning game programming for quite a while, now I'd like to get something done with my (humble) knowledge, and thus some simple 3D models to test my "games". I want to create these on my own, yet I don't want to spend too much time on the learning process, so I need a modeler which is pretty straightforward and allows me to create and animate basic lowpoly models without too much pain. I thought I'd pick one of these: - milkshape (cheap) - truespace (now free) - blender (free) - anim8or (free) the question is.. which one?!??! suggest me! thanks daniele
  10. couple questions

    thanks for the replies, I know the net is full of excellent articles and papers on game networking (I'll take care to read the one you linked), but I've always prefered some solid book-form reference (it's an obsession maybe) so I'm going to try out this book which I hope will give me a decent overview/introduction, I know it's a bit dated but I think the basic concepts are still valid and even basic stuff is worth That price : D as for the winsock stuff, does it mean that I can write one single cross-platform executable, or just that the code is easily portable? thanks again daniele
  11. couple questions

    I have some thin knowledge in game programming, but I've never had any look at multiplayer stuff. Is there any good introductory book which still manages to teach you how to actually setup a simple network code for, say, a RTS (I don't need massive multiplayer blablabla)? I've read of many books telling about winsocks, does this mean that I'm going learn platform-specific stuff? I'd prefer to learn some multiplatform ways. thanks in advance daniele
  12. Problems With SDL.

    maybe you need #include <SDL/SDL.h> instead of #include "SDL/SDL.h" since you have probably placed your SDL header files in a directory the preprocessor searches(for example the include folder of your compiler's). let us know and maybe link the tutorial! good luck
  13. A game I made a month ago...Critic it for me.

    nice job! you can try to improve your AI by making a random mixture of: 1. pick a random number inside the left range 2. pick the middle number of the left range (with left range i mean for example if you pick 33: 34-100 if the number-to-be-guessed is higher, 0-32 if it's lower. for example if it's higher and you then pick 90, if it's higher the range is now 91-100, otherwise it's 34-90) picking the middle number of the range should be the fastest non-random way of guessing it as far as I know. good luck and keep up the good work of course!
  14. Color Keying

    Ok, i know what you mean, i don't know if there's a way to key out a range of colors(i looked for something like that i had the same problem) thus i suggest you open your *whatever paint program* and make sure the border you don't want to see is the same color as the colorkey, even a 1 unit of red less or more of course will let it be displayed. anyway if you want as suggested above, a file format supporting an alpha layer, you can use for example .png and load that type of image using the library SDL_image, so you will be able to have different levels of alpha for every pixel in the surface, which i think you cannot achieve with the ordinary SDL_SetAlpha(). hope this helps, forest.
  15. SOIL: new lightweight image loading lib

    Quote:Original post by bubu LV ForestMaster: I think author is making SOIL as C not C++ library. So function overloading is not available. oh what a pity :D in this case id vote for the separate function