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  1. Jeff Molofee

    Lol thats quite a big task for some peaple ;) If he still uses his old e-mail adress i may have had it stored as a contact will check tommorow for you. Andf i do mean OLD e-mail address. i think it was 2005 i last e-mailed him. He started becoming a lot less active over here before he gave up nehe to the GDnet staff. Would be really niceto here from him, he started all of this and his tutorials helped me a lot back then. He was a really friendly guy.
  2. Quake3BSP Editors?

    Well im using vista (windows 7 in fact) and i reckon theres an issue with desktop composition, as in gtkradiant and 3dsMax also, the 3d viewports are either blank or really glitchy, meaning i cant see anything in them. Im tempted to dualboot winxp with win7, so i can work on windowsxp seeing as theres more support there xD But yeah, i dont need the .map format as im not developing for quake3 itself. Im no cool cat ya see ;) i really just need something i can model a map in which exports to the q3.bsp format for use with my game engine. haha
  3. OpenGL Matrix swapping

    Thanks, the deal is this. I have a camera class and everything set up, i have MD2 models loaded in and i need 1. a HUD and 2.a weapon attached to where the camera is for the player to see. Now if i use glOrtho, does this mean i can draw say a GL_QUAD with glvertex2f instead of glvertex3f cause the 3rd vertex wont be needed?? i really just need it overlayed over my screen cause using vectors to get the camera position etc is still a bit past my knowledge. Thanks
  4. Quake3BSP Editors?

    Thanks PlayerX, i had a look around, and i have managed it i think =] i Used Getic to create the level, and then exported to .map Then i fired it up in radiant, not seeing anything at all lol, and just compiled and exported =] Wish i thought of this sooner XD Now the scary part, testing it with my engine ;) haha thanks again =]
  5. FMOD Class

    Hey guys, just popping in here to ask if any of you could help me out (im sure you friendly peaple would be kind enough) ;) Im in the production stage of creating a game, and i want to add FMOD sounds to my engine. I already have it up and running only problem is, when the mouse button is pressed, it initalizes FMOD then loads and plays the sound. I want fmod to be initialized with everything else, which is done in a different source file to the window initialization. And also load and play different sounds/music and think that i may need some form of fancy class to handle all the initialization loading, then playing. Im hoping to acheive something where i can simply say: On initialization{ initOpenGL(); initFMOD(); Fmod.LoadSounds[1]("sound name"); //load sound file } On MouseButtonPress(){ Fmod.Playsound[1]; //Gunshot sound } Any ideas or hints on how to approach this? I havent used FMOD, only up to the point to where i can initialize, open and play sounds. Any Advice would help me lots =] Thanks guys
  6. Hi guys, i need a little hand here :S Im creating a game in c++ / opengl, and i have most things working, only problem is, i want to switch opengl to a 2d matrix to draw a HUD and menu system, only problem is i've tried and tested some examples on the web, but cant quite get the hang of this. I'd like to acheive: On initilization, draw all models(i have that done =], then switch to 2d and draw a HUD(will be text will textured quads) ontop of the screen. And when the Esc button is pressed, clear the screen and draw my 2d menu system (will be using textured quads,again xD and picking for input). I dont know whats happned but i cant seem to get my head round it xD haha Im using Glaux but i also have another project where i'd like a similar effect in glut. Thank you very much for your time and help =]
  7. Quake3BSP Editors?

    Hey guys, im working on a project for college. I have managed to get BSP loading in my game engine, and am currently looking for a decent Quake3BSP editor for use with creating the game levels. Anyone know of any? Im using vista(well windows7 =]) and gtk radiant has some issues with vista and 7, i cant see a damn thing haha. I've had a look at another rather respectable BSP editor, Getic. Its really good but it doesnt seem to esport to .bsp only's and its own formats :S Also if there arent any out there, is there anyway i can modify gtkradiant to have a custom game option in the game list so i can choose somewhere where my game is located, instead of having the options such as quake3,doom3 etc Thanks in advance guys =]
  8. Help with Walk Animations

    Thanks a lot mate =] This reall really helps xD Have a good day =]
  9. Help with Walk Animations

    Ok thanks a lot =] Do i simply put things like m_forward and m_forward speed in my player class as unsigned int's? and also what would i have to use for getdirection,addDirection and the FORWARD values etc. Sorry i woke you ;)
  10. Help with Walk Animations

    Ah well, i have my glTranslatef's in my void onDraw. and the input is done seperatley and just tells it to move the the xposition by its speed... I have a player class already however. struct { float xpos; float ypos; float zpos; float speed; float yrot; bool idle; bool walking; unsigned int animation; }player = {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 20.0f, {false}, {false}}; I just need to know how to switch the values of Idle and Walking when a key is held down and not keep switching, i beleive the problem is the, say if in this textbox i held the up arrow it would keep repeating the keypress until i reach the top of it. I think its a similar thing where it keeps repeating the keypress and the animation goes back to its first frame when the key is held down. Im still trying to implement the walking and idle values though. Id consult my 'C++ for dummies' but i dont have it handy right now =[
  11. Hey guys, firstly ive not been on here for a looong time. Glad your still around =] Been busy working and with college =[ My problem is, that i am working on a third person shooter game, I have a GLUT window in fullscreen, and it loads MD2 files with animations and are texture mapped, none of this is a problem however. My problem is coming from getting the input working, im currently using a Case statement to receive input and set an animation. case 'w': player.xpos += player.speed; idx = (1); break; Where w is the W key, it moves the character forward, a little jumpy, and idx = (1), is where we set the animation for the current MD2 model. Its working to a fashion, the player moves...the animation changes, but when the button is held down the animation is currently updating and being set to the (1) animation so when my model moves, the characters legs are in the air... also it only moves in one direction, where if i wanted to press w + d at the same time it would only do one of those translations. How would i go about getting better input so the user can press multiple buttons and move say diagonally, and also make sure the animation is only set once when the key is held so he walks and the animations plays and loops fully until the button is released? Thanks so much in advance =]
  12. OpenGL Custom Cursor

    Thanks a lot :) Ill try this.
  13. OpenGL Custom Cursor

    Hi all im making an openGL game, using c++. And i would like to use a custom sursor i have created, i was wondering how i would do this, i know there are two ways of doing it hardware and software based. I understand that the hardware method (using the windows cursor and the custom file) is easier than the software method. But i cant find anywhere which shows how to acheive this. Help would be appreciated, thanks in advance :)
  14. VB & Serial Port

    hehe thanks a lot mate :) You know before reading the last post i already have implemented a lot, i spent a few ours working on it and i have a nice BASIC script and my VB is coming along nicely, i used the picaxe sheet and the MSDN to find these out :) Thanks alot You know id like to create a tutorial on this as there isnt much on it :)
  15. VB & Serial Port

    So by using the serin/out i can send a string to the pc instead?? say i caould make it send the string "Up" and then the vb can read that? Hehe anyway looks as though i have a lot of work to do now, i mean i have to redesign my picaxe code, i can do that at home, and then redesign my PCB haha. Thanks alot benryves you are very resourcefull ;) good website too i have both you java apps on my phone :) Edit** You seem pretty well knowledgable in this feild :D. so to connect both circuits directly, you think i can just use a simple voltage divider?. Also before we go completely off topic you know any decent resources for the vb side of this? [Edited by - pheonix2468 on April 23, 2007 1:19:05 PM]