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  1. crudbreeder

    Rolls per second

    rolls per second = rolls / seconds
  2. You don't. You return the object that contains the two values.
  3. crudbreeder

    atmospheric scattering question

    I don't know anything about Sean O'Neil's technique, so I don't know what the parameters do. Just my 2c, sorry if there are too obvious. The atmospehere radius problems sounds like there is something wrong with the density function or density settings. If the sky opposite to the sun is black there is something wrong with the scattering functions or their parameters. Both of those might be caused by some problem with the scattering calculations/parameters which causes to little light to be in/back-scattered and added to the final result.
  4. https://jogl-demos.dev.java.net/applettest.html
  5. I'm not an GDI nor a DX expert, but I assume you can draw your instruments using DirectX/D3D and then copy the DX surface to a GDI surface. You can probably get a good answer about such things in the DirectX forum. Using DirectX would give you vector drawing with textures and antialiasing and all such nice things. I have myself done glass cockpit and HUD-type instruments in opengl (though not for MSFS) with excellent results. But I think DX is better for integrating with GDI.
  6. crudbreeder

    Photon Map Power Scaling

    550mm ~ 1.8' That page doesn't mention any other physical measurement, and I can't find the figure 9" anywhere. However this page mentiones another physical Cornell box model that has the dimensions 9". Perhaps you have confused those two?
  7. crudbreeder

    atof() precision

    Quote:Original post by Puzzler183...However, I was under the assumption that these values were once represented in a binary fashion, since they are an export from a modeling program. They are most likely truncated upon export, this is very common.
  8. crudbreeder

    Visual Studio 2005 Profiler?

    Quote:Original post by etothex ...which does not seem to be free, since you only get an evaluation copy. So unless it really is for free and the website is confusing, repeat the OP's original question. Sorry if I was unclear, I meant to point out that according to the page the community version doesn't support VS 2005.
  9. crudbreeder

    Visual Studio 2005 Profiler?

    It says on the page: Quote: -supports Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2002. Note: If you use Visual Studio 2005, click here to evaluate the new DevPartner Studio 8.0 with full integration into the Visual Studio environment.
  10. I havn't tried this myself, so I might be completely wrong, I apologize if I am. This is what it says at the end of the page you linked to: Quote: From the File menu, click New Project. In the New Project dialog box, expand the Visual C++ node in the Product Types tree and then click Win32. Click on the Win32 Console Application template and then give your project a name and click OK. In the Win32 Application Wizard dialog box, make sure that Windows application is selected as the Application type and the ATL is not selected. Click the Finish button to generate the project. That suggests to me that you still have to create a Win32 console application project and the edit the settings to make it a Win32 application. [Edited by - crudbreeder on April 10, 2006 3:24:24 AM]
  11. crudbreeder

    Clouds / Atmoshere Simulation

    A lot of people have. The most quoted paper about it is probably Preetham et als A practical analytical model for daylight
  12. AFAIK Petzold is generally considered to be the "win32 api super duper bible" I havn't used it alot myself though, I thought it took him ages to get to the point and that it was rather thin on the reference side. If you are merely looking for a function reference, MSDN got pretty much everything. Though it lack much needed "this is how you do it" info
  13. Yes. Every text string you want to display on the window (at the same time) needs it's own object. If you just want to change the text of an object you use wxStaticText::SetLabel() or wxTextControl::SetValue() etc. If you are developing bigger GUI apps, it might be a good idea to look into one of the available dialog editors
  14. crudbreeder

    deleting const pointers allowed?

    Why? Because if you are allowed to dynamically allocate moemory to a const pointer like this: const char* const cadena = new char('a'); You also need some way to delete it, otherwise you'll get memory leaks. :)
  15. crudbreeder


    Endianess is always an issue for all data types larger than one byte. So no, it doesn't matter if you use int or __int32, you'll still have the same problem.
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