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    Our country is being run by 5-year olds, apparently

    It's not only your country. It's spreading , and now it's here also. Looking at this problem, would it not be better to spread the power, not in one centre, but spread over an entire country. Power to a small minority is asking for trouble. Even if this is strictly speaking 'democracy'. But, it seems, there is no control anymore over the highest power themselves. (this is also a spiritual remark).
  2. Marmin

    Discussion: philosophy, us and the Universe

    There's so much we can't measure. We know the universe is really big, but a handful of sand has also a big number of sand parts , all differently shaped but we call it 'a handful of sand. I was playing Oolite again and was struck that the method of creating planet names feels so 'realistic', but it's just a formula. The way this universe is structured might just be a simple formula. Nothing really exists, everything physical 's just a result of different math formulas. Therefore we can predict something will happen,and this is used all the time (f.e. in economics ). About the tree falling, i'd say 'probably, given the fact that a tree generally is considered fairly large, it's heavy and will most likely srike something on it's way down, but until it isn't measured we can't be sure.' Logic is the beginning and the end..read Wittgenstein. Scary eh!
  3. Marmin

    Google Go!

    [Rant]looking at the examples it seems a mixture of Delphi and C. Is there a real need for just another text based p.l.? Why is there no real innovation in this matter. Graphical interface, etc. We need change! I don't see a big future for this but there are always people willing to use it.
  4. Marmin

    Earth 2 found, can we get there?

    I just keep stressing it.. no physical structure can move > c, it never will. Forget Star Trek , tachyon beams, etc. Let us dream about things that can be realised, such as environmental friendly energy (preferably easy to generate) . I don't think people can be recruited in the 'future' who will sacrifice their lifes for the good of space travel for hundreds of years. We're just like Alf (80s comic series), stuck on earth. Let's celibrate it.
  5. You can try to sell them and donate the money, or keep it
  6. Marmin

    Say hello to all!

    hi, welcome
  7. Marmin

    Fraps: Not So The Bestis

    i've tried a lot of freeware screen capturing software; fraps outperformed them all.
  8. Marmin

    Earth 2 found, can we get there?

    There's no way we can transport ourselves to these kind of systems, i.m.o. We might be able to send a probe, or an unmanned transport vessel, to Proxima Centauri or so. Even with 0.1c this would take 80 years to get the vessel back. If we would find a way to travel faster than light it would be a major breakthrough, but I seriously think this is a barriër that can't be overcome in physical means.
  9. I think I found the main problem; it only displayes the last texture I loaded. f.e. out of an array of textures it will only display the last texture. Even if I feed it texture[1] . No code changed whatsoever, in vista I didn't have this problem.
  10. It's one big mess. It seems the wrong texture numbers are displayed, rotated . I tried a little code modification but the bug seems persistent. It doesn't make sense. Windows tells me the latest drivers are installed.
  11. I've recently installed a windows 7 upgrade Kit. The problem I have is that the textures of my project are totally screwed. I'm starting to analyze the situation: 1) I haven't changed anything in the code, at all 2) I had no texture problems in Xp, Vista 3) On the same computer, all worked fine in Vista Should I do some sort of tweaking in windows 7 to have opengl work properly? It might be a simple problem, but I'm in the debugging process of my project and I'm just confused now as I have not changed anything in my computer setup and code except for having upgraded to Windows 7. The last thing I need is rewriting the ogl code.
  12. Marmin

    Climate Gate

    Quote: Limits on CO2 emissions are bogus and ineffective. CO2 is not toxic to the earth, and there isn't any credible evidence that it causes planetary warming. Toxic? It doesn't have to be toxic to be harmful. Please read: Form wikipedia: Human activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, leading to increased radiative forcing from CO2, methane, tropospheric ozone, CFCs and nitrous oxide. The concentrations of CO2 and methane have increased by 36% and 148% respectively since the mid-1700s.[23] These levels are much higher than at any time during the last 650,000 years, the period for which reliable data has been extracted from ice cores.[24]
  13. Marmin

    Climate Gate

    Quote:Original post by nobodynews I'd like to see some facts about this 'cooling for 10 years straight' comment. I've heard it said that 2005 was the warmest year ever by organizations such as Nasa. And from another NASA source2008 was the 9th warmest year since 1880. Of course, because over the last 10 years some climate scientists fudged their numbers and tried to discourage dissent means that, logically, everything any climate scientist says is 100% bullshit.It might be the geographic location. But here, record after record is being broken, things are warming up heavily (I think this year will earn itself a place in the top five of warmest years ever recorded). It's pretty straightforward, it's data. Quote:I believe that the scientific community who supports global warming only say it is a fraction of a percent that is different. They are only talking about a 2 degree change over the course of the next couple decades. Therefore, there must be another explanation for a 20 degree of more temperature increase in your area, such as a warm front. I also heard news, three months ago, it didn't got any attention from the mainstream media (maybe the economical depression fears at the time), that some scientists have concluded that the Co2 emission is much , much higher than anticipated, and that the global warming will be much higher (in percents) than currently anticipated.
  14. Marmin

    Climate Gate

    There seems to be a trend of downplaying the global climate change right now. Let's take a practical approach. It's end of november here in the Netherlands and it feels like late summer (or early spring). Two days ago, I heard woodpeckers and blackbirds singing. It is november not may!There is also a rise in pesty insects that appear only in summer like mosquitoes. It is clear nature is confused, and it is not the first time. If you ask me, we're heading for a frying pan.
  15. Marmin

    what do you want on this Black Friday?

    It's recession time, the chance of anyone gets trampled is reduced by 25.6 %.
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