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    help ,about D3DXFont

    Here is the code that works !!! D3DXCreateFont(RenderDevice::lpDevice,20,0,1,1,true, DEFAULT_CHARSET, OUT_TT_ONLY_PRECIS, DEFAULT_QUALITY, DEFAULT_PITCH,L"Arial",&pFont); RECT r; SetRect(&r,0,0,100,100); pFont->DrawText(NULL,Str,-1,&r,DT_LEFT,D3DCOLOR_XRGB(255,255,255));
  2. stalion76

    X file parser

    Hi everybody!! I have a major problem parsing the X file using the D3DXFileData (new interface).. D3DXLoadMeshFromXof does not fails but drawing mesh fails... if someone has complete code THAT WORKS i'll be very greatfull... Best regards Stalion76.....
  3. stalion76


    I am a lead programer of a small team. We want to develop a small game, that can bi distributed over the internet... But I have a problem with find a distributor for our game. I need some addreses for contact, or anything that can help me in my quest.. Best Regards Stalion76
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