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  1. DavidRM

    Indie Games Festival Beefcake

    Some bet about winning 2 awards. And, well, I guess because he could do it and not look bad doing it. -David
  2. DavidRM

    Faces of GDC Day 2

    Unfortunately, I don't know all the names.
  3. DavidRM

    GDC Day 3 I went back on Friday and grabbed a second one. Got 2 kids. And all. -David
  4. DavidRM

    And So It Ends...

    Well...I *took* 1400 pictures...and deleted as unusable quite a few of those. Plus, there were a lot of pics taken at the awards ceremony which will be posted later, by Drew. So...yeah...the total number of *useful* pictures is much less than 1400. =) -David
  5. DavidRM

    And So It Ends...

    All told, I shot about 1400 pictures, posting just over 200 of them. There are pictures of the awards ceremonies that haven't been posted (Drew will post those, I think). I had a lot of fun. I hope people enjoy the pics. -David
  6. DavidRM

    GDC Day 3

    I shot the awards last night, but I think Drew's going to be posting those. -David
  7. DavidRM

    Expo Pictures Posted

    I got a lot of pictures on my walkthrough this morning. I also got a lot of swag. :-) -David
  8. DavidRM

    Shot the Expo

    I shot the Expo this morning. Lots of pictures to post. Will get them online this afternoon. Hungry. Need lunch. Breakfast sucked. Didn't eat. Back to work... -David
  9. DavidRM

    Almost to GDC 2009

    Nikon D700 Most of my shooting so far has been with my 80-200mm f2.8 and my 50mm f1.8. I've got my full lens kit here, but those are the ones I'm using most. -David
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