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  1. jagguy


    with .net the idea is that you can us eit with either language like c# or vb.net etc. Now if you want to run your apps on linux from c#,asp.net or vb.net can it be done exactly if at all ?
  2. jagguy

    asp or php

    sounds like i need to use the 2 to make up my own mind. ASP.net seems to have a larger range of functions than php. Nothing can be as bad a perl the language which is messy and horrible to look at. Anything meaningful will take loads of code and waking up to see 100lines if perl code is , yuk! With so many technologies around why perl isn't ditched I don't know. Perl is a throwback from cobol days and things shoud have moved on. I want to learn asp.net. What I want to do initially is connect to a database like mysql and display data and do basic operations. I went looking for a book on learning asp.net and they expensive with all sorts of obscure topics on the subject. Is there some good websites around to learn from or anything like a book for basics etc. Also do you need to know c# in order to do asp.net or is it bettre you do know it? [Edited by - jagguy on October 21, 2006 1:19:26 AM]
  3. jagguy

    asp or php

    Where are some good asp.net forums as I have some questions . It seems hard to view a webpage as it keeps on crashing whenever view in browser from visual express WD ide. I haven't downloaded the module for asp work on my apache so I am hopig that's it or the MS VEWD is quite unstable to use
  4. jagguy

    asp or php

    tHANKS FOR ALL THE INFORMATION, IT ALL GETS READ. As well as leaving my caps lock on. Can you interact witha mysql database with asp.net ? Is the main function of asp.net to access databases and provide some Scripts for web pages. There seems many functions of asp.net so I am wonderig how much do you actually use in most common problems?
  5. jagguy


    I am new to .net work and the term is confusing me. I have been using vc++ and the .net keywords are everywhere on help screens. BY using .net what advantage do you get over not using it, is it more graphical, easier to use than COM is the old way I believe. Is c++ easier with it? PS I am not a fan of learning another language like c#. Is .net for win systems only?
  6. jagguy

    asp or php

    Can someone explain to me how to get asp.net ;do you ned to pay for it or is it free? Do you need to run it with IIS server winxp prof (which I have winxp home and apache)?
  7. jagguy

    asp or php

    I have only done a little .net stuff but it looks like a hard profession to get into to be honest. You can't learn about .net in college to any great level so where do you have the time to train to do it? Learning .net in your own time isn't going to get those must have few years experinece in .net jobs. I prefer open source to be honest but never say never. On a side note I really dislike perl as it is so messy compared to c++, and over 100 lines of code of perl isn't something I wish to debug or understand. With so many alternative newer web technologies around I can't see why you still want to purse perl.
  8. jagguy

    files in c/c++

    Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk Streams are adapted to C++'s object-oriented approach. In particular, polymorphism allows them to be extended globally instead of individually. Using C, and typedef struct { float x; float y; } complex;, write a single function to write a complex in text form to: - the standard output, error output, or log - a file - another string - any kind of equivalent object, passed as an argument The C++ version is: *** Source Snippet Removed *** Of course, binary writing is possible in the exact same way. Why would you manipulate a stream using ostream say instead of just using ofstream/cout on any object data you need. A more manula way I guess. What benefit is there as it seems a more complicated way to use files?
  9. jagguy

    asp or php

    Is there real advantage to asp over php other than availability , and what main servers don't use php?
  10. I notice some forums use php and others use asp to manage their system. I am a fan of php so i want to know why is asp used instead here and elsewhere over php. Does asp offer advantages over open source? Thank god perl wasn't used!
  11. hi, In C you open files to read and write using functions in stdio.h. In c++ you use the streams instead for file operations. What is the difference between the 2 methods as they both appear to do the same thing, so why did c++ reinvent file operations?
  12. jagguy


    So games are usually made out of programs made from directx say. So renderware is middleware and it could itself have been developed by directx. So does that eliminate the need to load in a 3d figure mesh like in directx. The process would be simpler? Is renderware slow? What about console games as I thought xbox was made from directx and ps3 from its own api? How does renderware fit in?
  13. jagguy


    I am confused with the gaming world as usual. Middleware is what again and is knowing directx helpful ? If many games are not created with directx/opnGL is the knowledge useful? Explain to me what actually happens when creating a game as in what they are using today?
  14. jagguy


    Hi I recieved this letter from a games course to see what they do. "Following the industry's lead, we teach middleware and APIs that are most useful for console game development. For example, for the past 3 years we have taught RenderWare Graphics, which has been used by a number of game developers both here and overseas. Some of the highest profile games have used RWG, including the "Grand Theft Auto" series, "Burnout", and the "Tony Hawk" games since TH3. In Melbourne, it was used in "Heroes of the Pacific", the AFL games, and others. We don't concentrate very heavily on Windows APIs such as DirectX or OpenGL, mostly because the console focus of RWG is more applicable to the local industry. Having said that, we do look at aspects of both APIs; we introduce 3D graphics with OpenGL, and look at DirectX when we're doing platform optimisation and shaders. " q) so is directx not that useful anymore? I thought xbox does use directx and many games use directx so what is the story with renderware? Can you download renderware api?
  15. jagguy

    3d models

    direcx ony seems to use 1 mesh file format, does it do others ? where do you get other mesh file formats to use?
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