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  1. Dirge

    3 new concepts + a new gun + other stuff

    Who are you using for your concept shots? These look great!
  2. Dirge

    Shadowing part I

    Looks nice, but I'm curious, how many CSM tiles do you plan to use, or are you planning to work up some kind of adaptive system? How many do you use in those shots?
  3. Dirge

    Planetary engine, part IV ( water )

    So how did you get the water to wrap around the planetary sphere. It appears to warp along the horizon, or is that merely a matter of perspective due to the camera FOV?
  4. Dirge

    Combat prototype 0.4.e

    Thats really phenomenal looking, excellent work! Could you perhaps outline some of the specific aspects of that scene that you're especially proud of? (i.e. the bloom, planet in the background, scale, etc...).
  5. Dirge

    Tossing away triangles

    Absolutely, great journal and a very impressive job thus far! Your implementation is also very interesting so would be nice if you could include more details into the algorithms you employ.
  6. Dirge

    Planet texture, again

    It doesn't appear to tile. I assume thats planned? Nice job though, I'm impressed.
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