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    Arresting People

    Take a look at Swat 4. In that game, you have to "non-lethal" someone (using smoke, bean bag shotgun, tazer...) and then you take out your cuffs and arrest them. I would love it if you could press a surrender button also.
  2. fg_brian

    directx c++

    DirectX is up to level 9 right now, I believe.
  3. fg_brian

    Buying a game engine

    If you are going to buy an engine, and don't have much money, I have heard of the garagegames Torque engine. I know the guys over at UT are using that for their game, and I believe one of the Tribes games used the Torque engine. Head on over to the www.garagegames.com website if it sounds interesting. One thing that I'll probably do after a little bit more learning (such as what you're doing right now) is buy that new "Programming a Multiplayer FPS" book and piece that together and write an engine off of that. So, in other words, reading material and making your own engine may be a really good way to go.
  4. fg_brian

    Game Distribution? Please help.

    To the left of your "search" feature there should be a drop down menu that says "Debug". Try changing that to "Release" and see if that helps.
  5. fg_brian

    Normal Mapping

    An excellent example is in "The Making of Doom 3" book, where they have a low-poly model, very high poly model, and the final textured model. From that example, I'm guessing that it is done in a 3D program, so Zeptera is right.
  6. Wow, that's a lot of feedback. Thank you everyone that responded. I have actually been visiting this sight for 2 years, but I just never registered :P. I have visited nehe.gamedev.net, but when I did visit there my Junior year in High School, I did not know a lot of code and could not understand what I had read, so I stopped that direction. Now that I'm a little bit further into my studies, I really want to get back into GameDev hardcore. Hopefully I can have a decent 2d game running by the end of the year :P. As for what aspect I am currently into. Well, since I am unexperienced I would like to know a general something about everything. Mostly, for right now, getting my own engine up and running. I'm into FPS right now (isn't there a book coming out in March?), but I'm looking at this RPG programming book to broaden my horizons since it recieved some good reviews. Again, thank you guys for taking the time. -Ryan
  7. ***You may skip down to next "***" if you don't want to know a brief history of me*** Hi guys, I'm an 18 yr. old that has been programming C++ for 3 years (I just finished up my 3rd programming college course (data structures) at my local community college. I have a pretty high GPA, so you can say that I'm somewhat intelligent at least :). Anyways, I started out programming on my own until I began taking college courses which I did well in. Afterwards, I dove into the moding scene for a while as a world mapper in HL1, which later I turned to coding. I wasn't as experienced as I needed to be to completely understand the HL code, but I recognized the code fairly well. That was about 2-3 years ago, and now I'm stuck at a small crossroad. In my Data Structures class, I met a guy that liked playing games, and began telling him about the IGDA and UT conferences I went to. I got him on board, as well as 9 other people (not just coders, but every part of a small dev team), to hash out a HL2 mod (since the modding community is an extra path into the industry now). School started up again, and the team is still together, but the Project Manger has decided to restart major production when school gets out. Until the, he wants us to all work on our part of the mod. ***On with my question*** I want to get a deeper understanding of programming. I am not currently enrolled in another programming class, so that leaves me some free programming time of my own. What books should I get that teach both a deeper understanding of programming (I'm passed Trees) as well as introduce me to real-time games (by real time, I mean something that doesn't use the console application step-by-step procedure, but rather work like a win32 application). I have done a 2d tic-tac-toe (win console application) before, so I can program any step-by-step game using the windows console application. I just need some real world experience since the classes that I take give none. I'm sure some of you have walked the same route as me at some point in time, so maybe you can take my case and give a little input. Who knows, I may be the one that gives you strength during that crunch time when our game ships in a couple months :D. Thank you, Ryan
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