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    DirectX to Bitmap

    Hello, I am using DirectX to render images for html pages. So what I need to know is what would be the fastest way to get directX to render something and get the rendered image in the form of either a bitmap or an array of bytes. This is how i'm currently getting the image directX rendered: I'm rendering to a texture then saving it into a graphics stream then saving the stream into a bitmap. GraphicsStream stream = TextureLoader.SaveToStream( ImageFileFormat.Png, renderTexture ); Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap( width, height, width, PixelFormat.Format32bppRgb, stream.InternalData ); Is there a faster way to do this? web_scripter
  2. web_scripter

    Rendering with DirectX on web server

    Right now i'm just using XP pro, and IIS 5.1. I'm not using an actual server. DirectX is working fine when I use it in a desktop application but does not work when I use it in a web app. Does DirectX need special permissions? or have the client run the web app in a different trust setting? maybe .net settings need to be modified? Webconfig file? Web_scripter
  3. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use DirectX on a web server to generate images then display them onto a webpage. I do this with GDI+ but when I try it with DirectX I keep getting an error - "Direct3D.NotAvailableException". Any ideas, work arounds? Web_scripter
  4. web_scripter

    C#.net or C# 2005

    There are very few changes in syntax between VS 2005/2003. For instance, there are things called partial classes in 2005 but not in 2003. Partial classes allow for the class to be split up into two files, so theirs nothing major to learn between the two. But everything else is the same. The IDE changes, and the libraries for C# change but not the actual language. You should know that VS 2005 uses .Net 2.0 and 2003 uses 1.1. The difference between the two are just newer controls, more classes, etc. I find that VS 2005 runs slower, for instance, it takes longer to start and close, but there are many features which are very helpful. That said I still stick with 2003 just because it's faster. Web_scripter
  5. web_scripter

    You favorite RTS

    Which is your favorite RTS and why: Rise of Nations, and Homeworld. Unfortunately, I have not played the sequals, but I really like the originals. The thing about Homeworld is that it has a story line, and every game should have one. It gives it so much more interest to the game, knowing that it's going to lead to something. In Rise of Nations I liked the fact that there was an endless supply of resources. Like trees would not disapear when you've harvested them to a certain amount. Also I liked the Conquer the World campaign. I just love the strategy involed in that unfortunately it needs inmprovement. Like after a battle has been one shouldn't the land you've just attacked or defended upgrade to a higher level cause you have built new buildings and gave it an army, and so forth. What do you hate about RTS’s: Mostly the AI and Micromanagement. When your army is attacking a city and their army is comming in, don't you think they should stop killing citizens and farms and concentrate on the military threat and kill what they are specialized in. For intance, the anti-tank guy should attack tanks not infantry. Controls, whats the best and most efficient UI or control you’ve seen in an RTS: In a 3d rts I loved the Homeworld controls, except sometimes you can't tell where they are going to go in the 3d world. Loved the Rise of nations economy control. Shows you how fast you are going to collect a resource. What would you like in an RTS, improvements, enhancements etc. Micromanagement to be reduced, Unit AI Improvements. More Turned based strategy and then the realtime in major battles. Finally what would be your dream RTS? Homeworld combined with an empire building game. That's actually what i'm making at the moment. [edit] Add AI scripting capabilities for the player. That way they can say what each unit should do under certain situations. For instace who to attack when idle, what to do when they are attacked. etc
  6. Hello. How do add antialiasing to my directx 3d game? Is there any sample code i can see? Any tutorials? btw, i'm using C#. so Managed DirectX. But i can convert cpp to C# so probably no worries. Thanks
  7. Hello, How would i render spline based models. In DirectX, OpenGl, or other Graphics library's. BTW i'm rendering in a 3d environment. Also, i'm programming in C#. Are there any tutorials?
  8. Hi. I'm making a 3d space rts, like homeworld. I'm having trouble making the movement system for my game. I use collision spheres for all my game objects (ships, space stations, asteroids, planets, etc). I'm the only one programming the game, so i can't have a system that is too complicated. also i'm programming in C#. How do i make a movmement system like homeworld? Homeworld's system allows the units to do maneuvers, tell other ships (which are smaller) to move, formation movement, attacking in formation, etc. Thanks for the help.
  9. web_scripter

    equation in code

    Is the equation the same as the code shown? x1 and y1 are the location of the circle. x2 and y2 are the coordinates produced by the equation Equation: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CircleTangentLine.html int xs = x1*x1; int ys = y1*y1; int rs = r*r; double t = Math.Acos( ((-r*x1) + (y1*Math.Sqrt( xs + ys - rs ))) / (xs + ys) ); double t2 = -Math.Acos( ((-r*x1) + (y1*Math.Sqrt( xs + ys - rs ))) / (xs + ys) ); double t3 = -Math.Acos( ((-r*x1) - (y1*Math.Sqrt( xs + ys - rs ))) / (xs + ys) ); double t4 = Math.Acos( ((-r*x1) - (y1*Math.Sqrt( xs + ys - rs ))) / (xs + ys) ); if( x1 < 0 ) { if( y1 > 0 ) { x2 = (float)( x1 + 45*Math.Cos(t3) ); y2 = (float)( y1 + 45*Math.Sin(t3) ); } else { x2 = (float)( x1 + 45*Math.Cos(t) ); y2 = (float)( y1 + 45*Math.Sin(t) ); } } else if( x1 >= 0 ) { if( y1 > 0 ) { x2 = (float)( x1 + 45*Math.Cos(t) ); y2 = (float)( y1 + 45*Math.Sin(t) ); } else { x2 = (float)( x1 + 45*Math.Cos(t) ); y2 = (float)( y1 + 45*Math.Sin(t) ); } }
  10. Hello I'm trying to do a swept sphere - sphere collision detection system. I'm doing this in 3d and in C#. What is the algorithm? is there any sample code i could look at (C# or C++)? Any tutorials? I have the direction vector and the length i want it to be and the radius but that's about it. Thanks for all the help. web_scripter
  11. web_scripter

    Spline Movement Path

    Hello How can i make a spline and get an object to move along the spline and also rotated correctly? I already have the objects all i need is way to make spline paths and move the object along it. I'm using Managed directX C# Thanks Web_scripter
  12. Hi, i'm trying to figure out how to do my collision detection system for my game. My game is a 3d rts space game. All my objects have a bounding sphere. I have two vectors a current position and the destination position. So i need to check if along the path, will it incounter a collision. Also i only need to check for possible collisions with objects in a certain range. So i will need to get all the ships that are in range and check if i'm going to collide with them. How would i do this? Should i use a sphere-sphere interection algorithm? Is there anything in the directx api that i need to use? Thanks for all the help.
  13. web_scripter

    3d space rts

    No i'm not a fan of rush's. But i don't really like the idea of having seperate places for each player then when they want to battle they have to send their army there and use lots of fuel and resources. I just can't think of another way, that's all. Objectives Well say you wanted to attack the other players trade routes. Your objectives could be 1.Scout this area. 2.Build 2 wings of fighters 3.Destroy 12 transports So when you have completed the first objective you would know where the players trade routes are. And when you have completed objective 3 you probably would have anoyed the other player so much that he is going to start protecting his trade routes or attack yours. So you might want another objective to protect your trade routes. Customizable Ships Well i'm not sure yet, but i probably will, because this adds to the strategy part. Depending on what your enemy has you have to build the best unit that either assaults or defends against those units. and there would be so many combinations that it would be hard to find the best unit. Planetary Invasions Well if i'm going to let the player colonize the planets then ships would probably need either a component or a technology that allows them to fly on planets, the same way they do in space. But if i'm not going to allow the player to colonize the planets then i don't see why you would need to invade planets. Language / Graphics Library I have already thought about this. I am going to program in C# and use DirectX. I have been programming in C# for quite a while now, and am more comforable in C# than any other language. I know there are some disadvantages but i don't really care at this point.
  14. web_scripter

    3d space rts

    No each player would not be restricted to a solar system, but at the beginning before they research light speed they would have to traverse a large area of space to reach another solar system. They could build a scout send it across space to the next solar system, but that would take a while. If they had the light speed tech they could build transport ships that take them there almost instantly. I don't know this is just an option. I'm not to keen on it my self. I like the second option. I guess we are taking about the same thing. But i'm not sure because i haven't thought about it much. The strategic view would have a different interface than the tactical view. In the strategic view you would see borders, trade routes, resources, etc. Also you can set objectives, make battle plans, do diplomacy, etc. In the tactical view you would fufill these objectives that you made in the strategic view. So if you made battle plans, which state you need 100 interceptors, 5 missile lanchers, 2 battle cruisers, and you need to send them to attack the enemy's trade route. You would have to harvest resources to create these ships, recruite pilots, maybe increase the population. Then send them off to battle. And there you would actually fight the enemy. I might even make a third view. A view for battling. There you could set attack patterns, what component of certain ships you want to attack, so you could attack the engines, their guns, etc. For each view you would be able to control the camera differently. because when you're battaling you might like to have it top view, or side or something else. when you're in tactical you might like to have the camera locked on to the station, or a free camera, where when you can scroll to other places, just like in age of empires. So the user could chose the way the camera behaves in each view.
  15. web_scripter

    3d space rts

    I have two options 1.making it so big that each player would be in their own solar system. This way it prevents rushs and things. But when they want to attack another player they would have either traverse space or research technology that would get there way faster. 2.make it like homeworld but with planets and suns. This would allow for rushs but that's also part of an rts, isn't it. I was thinking of having two modes. The strategic part and the combat ( Real time ) part. When you're in the strategic part you see each players controlled region. and you see all your colonies. You can set objectives for each of your colonies, plan attacks. ally with other players, etc. Then when you are finished doing the strategic part you go into the real time part, where you do all the traditional things like build units, harvest resources, trade, research, etc. But you also can complete those objectives you set out in the strategic part. So the strategic part is like being a General and commanding your armies or a king and managing your empire. And the real time part is like being a captain of a squadron and leading it into combat, or a minister managing just one colony.
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