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  1. I've got my hands on some camera code that makes a view transform, seems to work fine but its using lefthanded y-up and I need lefthanded z-up. Here is the code I have. Matrix4 rotationMatrix; m_orientation.ToRotationMatrix(rotationMatrix); // quaternion to matrix // Make the translation relative to axes rotationMatrix.Transpose(); Matrix4 tmp(-rotationMatrix); tmp(3,3) = 1.0f; Vector3 trans = m_position.GetTransformedCoord(tmp); // Make final matrix rotationMatrix(3, 0) = trans.x; rotationMatrix(3, 1) = trans.y; rotationMatrix(3, 2) = trans.z; return rotationMatrix; I thought I could just rotate the 'rotationMatrix' by 90deg around the X axis but that doesnt seem to work. I know I should figure out exactly what is going one here but until I do, does anyone know how to make view matrix I need?
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