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  1. I normally use valgrind to check for things like this. It walks through your program and gives dynamic warnings on uninitialized variables and also memory leaks
  2. Simian Man

    SOPA protests (dumb idea)

    Yeah just like all of those people who protested their workplaces by not working. Not only is this pointless, it only hurts themselves because they lost the wages they would have earned. They would be better off working, then sending a letter to their congressmen on their break. These kind of strikes have never accomplished anything. Oh wait a minute...
  3. I LOVE that feature of Linux and get frustrated when I can't do that on Windows.
  4. Simian Man

    Purchasing A Game

    I honestly don't buy games very often any more. I moreso just replay the best of the ones I already have, especially Oblivion. I also still play Age of Empires 2 regularly. Maybe when I finally graduate I'll catch up on buying new games . So you're saying that you decide to buy games either ahead of time, or not ahead of time?
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