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  1. Antisheep

    Experimental Track

    No, I have no clue what Rite of Spring is. Time for some googling. =)
  2. Antisheep

    Experimental Track

    Mr. Madsen: It totally makes sense. =) This was actually a completely unrefined w.i.p. In my Music in America class, we're studying experimental music, and I was inspired. It's not finished, by far. Thanks for the replies! =) ~Paul
  3. Antisheep

    The Story of a Cheater

    Quote:Original post by stimarco You have a new best friend: you've been going out with her for nine years. Keep her and put away childish things.QFE. For your own sake, Jekler, show this guy some tough love. In fact, make it really really tough love.
  4. Antisheep

    Experimental Track

    Don't be frightened
  5. Antisheep

    The answer to everything is 42

    Quote:Original post by Extrarius Quote:Original post by Thevenin The op's name has got me wondering, what is at the end of the infinite loop? [oh]The Next IterationGenius =)
  6. Antisheep

    MS Paint design a weapon

    Introducing the pissed-off, jet-packed, grill-wearing, no-armed GangsterPirateSmileyface. Your timbers are shivered--fo sho.
  7. Antisheep

    Microsoft ditches Vista transfer limits

    I think Necrecia's right. And it looks like it's going to be more phone conversations with computer voices and (with all due respect) hard-to-understand foreign people. =(
  8. Antisheep

    Britney spears files for divorce

    The thing I find sad is the fact that people get emotionally involved in the lives of celebrities. Who cares? =P
  9. Antisheep

    If you missed it, is back online

    That really sucks that they lost so much content...
  10. Quote:Original post by DakeDesu Okay, I cannot think of better time to do this: > do a barrel roll qfe. I know it's repetetive, JBourrie, but come on. Ya gotta. =D
  11. To the OP: Never in my life have I heard that usage of doubt. But from my experience with Spanish-speaking people (and my limited knowledge of the language), most of these kinds of mix-ups come from the way such phrases are said in the other language. Example: "¿Que paso`?" in Spanish is literally "what happened?", but the English version is more used when referring to a direct occurrence. My bilingual coworker would often use "What happened?" in a way that would be better suited by, "what's going on?" or "How are things?". My 2 cents. =) Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Yann L Oh yeah, and this gets my vote for the most annoying mistake ever: "I could care less". And I hear that on a regular base, from natives and non-natives alike. (blah blah blah) The meaning of both of these phrases flows more from the words "care less" than it does from "could" or "couldn't" (blah blah blah) Um, I would disagree. Using an opposite ("could") of a word ("couldn't") would definitely change the meaning of a phrase. =P And, in this case, it flips the meaning 180 degress. That's what Yann L was talking about, and I get just as much annoyed about it, lol. "I couldn't care less", would logically mean, "I care so little already that my level of care cannot get smaller". "I could care less" (notice the use of opposing verbs could and couldn't) implies the opposite: that I do care. In other words, it logically means, "I care a lot." =P No skin off my back, I just didn't know anyone else noticed that inconsistency. We could be friends, Yann L. ^_^
  12. > Ask conehead for a smoke. > Drink mega-elixir. > Cast Demi 3 on nearby enemies.
  13. > Equip Leather Galoshes of Courage > Run!
  14. Antisheep

    Nerf Guns got cool again.

    It's NERF or NOTHING! (Sorry, had to =P)
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