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  1. Hi Do you know some good link to a page, where is well explained (especially with all MATH needed) CUBIC ENVIROMENTAL MAPPING (or other DX stuff?) Iam creating my final work (thesis) at technical university and I need to include there some math equations about this theme. Please send me some math-related-page link. Thank you....
  2. Hi, Iam not the "god-like dx9" programmer, but Iam interested in your problem. When I face some problem like your (ie. I think that nothing is wrong in my code and error must be in DX or CPU, not in my code), I try to reduce my code to the torso, when almost everything is disabled (/* code*/) BUT the program works properly. Then I (very slowly, one by one) add little parts of disabled code, test it, until I catch the single commmand, that causes "!?@*!! problem. Now I know know who is "guilty" and can easily fix it. I know that this is not an advice you have expected, but Iam only trying to share my experience. This way I repaired all my "unfixable" bugs. So try to build your universe without any material settings and if it worx fine, slowly add some material (or other) specifications, until you find the damn line(s). good luck
  3. Bitterman8

    Enviroment (cube) mapping problem

    OK, I solved it alone. The problem was not in World matrix of objects but in View matrix of SkyBox. The Skybox is propably meant to be a stationary base of cube map (like sky and ground), so the translation items (.41, .42, .43, .44) of Skybox's View matrix must be zero => all bounding walls remain in same distance form "player" no matter how we move camera. And then the reflections are reflected properly. Why is this fact not written somewhere ?! I spent many hours trying to handle this f..ing problem....
  4. Please help me! Iam only trying to make some changes in tutor example : Direct3D/EnvMapping/CubeMap (the airplane flying around the teapot, DX9.0 SDK). I noticed one big problem: reflections work properly only if the WORLD MATRIX of teapot (object surrounded by cubemap) is an IDENTITY ATRIX. But I need to scale, rotate and transpose it, and then reflections are corrupted. What am I supposed to do? What should I change (propably some matrices, I tried almost everything, but no result). Thank you...
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