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  1. I have a new problem. This python code works: count = 4 def OnJoin(receiver, sender, host, message): return "PRIVMSG "+receiver+" :Joincount is "+str(count)+" (" And this count = 4 def OnJoin(receiver, sender, host, message): count = 7 # NEW return "PRIVMSG "+receiver+" :Joincount is "+str(count)+" (" However, this doesn't: count = 4 def OnJoin(receiver, sender, host, message): count += 1 # NEW return "PRIVMSG "+receiver+" :Joincount is "+str(count)+" (" Why doesn't that work? When in the python console or in "IDLE" it works... The host c++ app stalls and crashes when this python function is called. Edit: I'm done with python now... I think it sucks. I will instead use the mighty language of Pawn ( You should try it too! [Edited by - Pepper_ on October 8, 2005 9:28:00 PM]
  2. Yeah I looked at it briefly, but decided to try without it. Anyway, I think I'm gonna use it now anyway, since I ran into this much trouble. I just thought I'd ask here first. Anyway, thanks for your reply! Regards, Anton
  3. Hello! I am trying to embed Python into my C++ application. After some simple testing I decided it would be good to have a PythonManager-class, so I wrote one. class PythonManager { public: PythonManager(CNetwork *n); ~PythonManager(); void privRespond(const std::string &rcvr, const std::string &sndr, const std::string &hst, const std::string &msg); private: std::vector<PyObject *> prvFuncs; CNetwork *net; std::string out; PyObject *pName; PyObject *pModule; PyObject *pDict; PyObject *pFunc; PyObject *pValue; PyObject *pArgs; }; In the destructor of this class, I call the Py_Finalize() function. The constructor is responsible for loading all the python-scripts and calling Py_Initialize(). The privRespond()-method will loop through all the registered python-scripts that contains the function "OnPrivMsg()" and pass on the arguments to all of them. This is what it looks like in my test script ( def OnPrivMsg(receiver, sender, host, message): return "PRIVMSG "+receiver+" :Hello "+sender+"!" This works like a charm. However, when I call Py_Finalize() in the destructor I get an access violation and my app crashes. It is because of something I do wrong in the privRespond-method, because if I comment it out I don't get the access violation. This is what the method looks like: void PythonManager::privRespond(const std::string &rcvr, const std::string &sndr, const std::string &hst, const std::string &msg) { for ( int i=0; i<prvFuncs.size(); i++ ) { pArgs = PyTuple_New(4); pValue = PyString_FromString(rcvr.c_str()); PyTuple_SetItem(pArgs, 0, pValue); pValue = PyString_FromString(sndr.c_str()); PyTuple_SetItem(pArgs, 1, pValue); pValue = PyString_FromString(hst.c_str()); PyTuple_SetItem(pArgs, 2, pValue); pValue = PyString_FromString(msg.c_str()); PyTuple_SetItem(pArgs, 3, pValue); pValue = PyObject_CallObject(prvFuncs, pArgs); Py_DECREF(pArgs); out = PyString_AsString(pValue); Py_DECREF(pValue); out += "\r\n"; net->Send(out); } } Now, my guess is it has something to do with reference counts, but I don't get it, even after reading every article I could find using google. I will post the destructor code also: PythonManager::~PythonManager() { // Clean up Py_DECREF(pModule); // Shutdown the python interpreter Py_Finalize(); } Thanks in advance!
  4. Pepper_

    Music needed for my game

    NightShader: I really loved your work! Damn that was good! I added you to my MSN.
  5. Hi, I need music for me and my friend's game. It's a platform game in 2d where your goal is to escape through a huge door. However, this door is locked until you've collected all the diamonds in the level. In order to reach all the diamonds you need to climb ladders, fly (using a jetpack), teleport yourself and avoid enemies. I'd like it if I could have the music in the *.ogg file format. Or you can send me a wave-file and I can convert it myself if that's ok with you. If I use your music, you will of course secure a place in the "credits" section. I'm going to need about 3-5 songs. If there is anything else you'd like to know just ask!
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