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  1. taby

    Fractals in games

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone.
  2. taby

    Fractals in games

    That Outerra looks amazing. It reminds me (or vice versa) of Rage 2. JoeJ! Can you please post a link to the ending on YouTube? Does anyone know how to calculate the dimension of a fractal?
  3. taby

    Fractals in games

    Haha. Thanks for the input.
  4. taby

    Fractals in games

    Do you know of any work with fractals that is used to make game assets?
  5. taby

    Ball physics question

  6. taby

    Ball physics question

    Didn't someone say that those who can't do calculus, do numerical analysis instead? That's why I use numerical integration, like the 4th-order symplectic integration code that I got from you a while back. I'm horrible at calculus.
  7. taby

    Ball physics question

    It's worth mentioning the SUVAT equations. They tell you all kinds of things about projectile motion!
  8. Don't you do unit testing? Make a unit test for the code you posted, and post that on GitHub. I see you're following me on GitHub; that's great!
  9. Write a new code that implements this portion that you've already pasted into this topic. That way you can post the whole code.
  10. Can you post the whole code on GitHub?
  11. Maybe subdivide your triangles a few times, then see where all of the vertices lie (which voxel box they're in). After you do that, you should have a shell. Filling in the shell shouldn't be too difficult or slow.
  12. taby

    Game Physics by Dr Eberly

    Can you put the source up on GitHub? Solutions encapsulate projects encapsulate source files, header files, and resource files. When putting your source code on GitHub, it is best to not include the solution/project(s) files, because they can contain malicious configurations. Are you familiar with the concept of compiling and linking a C++ program?
  13. Last post... I took your advice and tried to make the paper more clear. I also ditched the source code section. Thanks again. bezier_escape.pdf
  14. Thanks for all of the help and insight. You guys are awesome.
  15. I have added a diagram to the paper. bezier_escape.pdf
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