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  1. I've recently read that GPUs have become more efficient in performing the same task while using less power. But this comparison only works if you plan on having the exact same scenes/renderings. So many factors can be involved if the scenes themselves might be different, as stated above.
  2. I'm trying to gather some examples of 2d fluid dynamics using HLSL. Any links / resources would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks in advance!
  3. Many of the nvidia SDK demos use features specific to Nvidia, or at least the method they used to call the feature. A lot of the demos are a little dated and aren't like todays generic shader networks.
  4. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    Awesome got it working perfect, thanks a ton guys!
  5. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    Ah, well I can use that source for the calculations like you said, I will just try them manually. Can I just multiply the position incoming to the shader by that matrix in order to get the UV coords? [Edited by - iequalshane on November 1, 2006 3:28:43 PM]
  6. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    Again, I understand that. However, I do not have access to the code outside of the shader. I only have access to the shader itself. How the current setup works, I only gets matrices from the current view, so I need to calculate the matrices for the lights view independently.
  7. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    I understand that, the only problem is in the current application I'm working with I don't have access to that matrix outside of the shader. I need to generate the matrix manually, which I'm not quite sure how to do.
  8. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    In order to fix some of my projection mapping issues I want to go ahead and just project the texture from the light in the shader itself. How would I go about generating the matrix I need to multiply the incoming position by given the position, orientation, perspective and aspect ratio of the light source's camera?
  9. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    Actually I am already using a bias and my objects and they can intersect. I think my issue may be in my texture projection method. I think it is slightly off which and causing heavily sloped surfaces to have the incorrect depth information on them. However, currently I use a constant depth bias, so I may try out some of these averaging methods in scenes I know objects won't intersect.
  10. iequalshane

    Depth map shadow artifacts

    Well in this instance I'm simply using a plane and the actual shadow is being calculated by rendering a depth map and projecting it from the lights point of view. I'm not quite sure using 2 shadow maps with front and back facing polygons calculated independently would fix the issue. I might be misunderstanding you though.
  11. When my light source hits a surface at an angle less than 30 degrees or so and my camera is seeing the surface from a more direct angle I notice shadow artifacts. I understand that these artifacts are caused by the depth map having a fairly low resolution on that exact surface compared to how much of the surface is actually visible from the viewing angle but I cannot find a decent solution to remedy this. How do you guys handle this in your depth map shadow algorithms? Thanks in advance.
  12. iequalshane

    large textures

    You'll need to break it up into multiple textures. Since you have a lot of vertice info it doesn't seem like a real issue.
  13. iequalshane

    Game Car

    Since the car is normal mapped it would be a good idea to show off a wireframe version also with stats such as the poly count. It looks pretty good though.
  14. iequalshane

    Programmer-game concept

    There's actually a real robot AI competition where robots play soccer without outside interaction using their programmed AI. I can't remember the competition and I hope I'm not restating what someone else may have already said. There should be some videos on google, just try "robot soccer" or something.
  15. iequalshane


    Honestly, unless you are very passionate about another subject I would say don't minor. Instead, spend that time doing internship(s). Getting real world experience and creating a great portfolio of real work is a good way to get ahead of your fellow class-mates. I personally landed a great internship while at college, interned for 2 semesters and was hired. Now I'm having the most fun of my life, earning great benefits and meeting great people in the industry all the time.
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