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  1. InsaneBoarder234

    Potential job - advice on pay negotiation?

    Good idea, thanks :-) According to this salary calculator the net income would be around £20,722.
  2. InsaneBoarder234

    Potential job - advice on pay negotiation?

    It was Antheus who mentioned finding some random undergrad on the Internet. I wanted to say another big thanks to everyone for the comments here. I really wasn't sure what to expect on my way to the factory but it was a huge success! It is a temporary role so I went in at £200 a day/£25 an hour and they seemed more than happy with that and I've come away with a portable hard drive full of source code and some tasks to get my head around. If that wasn't enough good news for me today I also received a phone call about a graduate job I applied for earlier in the year with the BBC and they told me I wasn't offered a place on the graduate scheme because they believe I'm beyond it so they're encouraging me to apply for a higher grade job!
  3. InsaneBoarder234

    What do you guys do at work, when not working?

    Have you tried ? ;-)
  4. InsaneBoarder234

    Potential job - advice on pay negotiation?

    Wow thank you all for the responses! It's really helpful to have a range of perspectives on this and I'm taking notes in preparation for my visit to the factory! To clarify a few things... I have been looking at other jobs around the £27k salary mark and I've seen plenty of graduate positions around this salary but most seem to be "bog standard" Java/PHP/web development roles and most graduates are not industry qualified (J2EE etc..)! The £100 per day was a very crude estimate based purely on a division and rounding down of the £27k salary I'm looking for because in all honesty I'm not sure what to aim for as a daily/hourly rate - I definitely want to at least match the salary I'm aiming for. Then there's issues of having no job security, the legacy technology and as highlighted here the potential dead-end for my own career development. Maybe I'm delusional but I see no rude awakening happening! I'll turn this job down at the drop of a hat if it doesn't suit me! Part of the reason this opportunity caught my eye is that it sounds like it could be a more interesting experience than churning out websites one after another (as seems to be the case with most of the graduate roles I've seen advertised)! Regarding finding some random undergrad on the Internet I fail to see the issue - I keep hearing complaints from employers about the quality of employees found via recruitment companies. What's wrong with using the Internet to cut out the middle man and source someone yourself? Yes it's a needle in a haystack problem but sometimes you find that needle. This person has potentially seen my previous experience in developer roles, awards, and samples of my work prior to contacting me, all thanks to the Internet. I'm going down to the factory on Thursday and many thanks to all the input here I have a good list of questions to get through before considering rates and taking on the role.
  5. InsaneBoarder234

    Potential job - advice on pay negotiation?

    Hey all, I've been contacted through LinkedIn about a potential job and I wanted to ask some advice! It's not a game development job but this is the only programming related forum I really use and I figured I'd be able to get some advice here regardless The information I have so far is that a factory has machinery running on Visual Basic 6 (which I have listed on my LinkedIn profile and is the reason for them contacting me) and the original developers are banned from the site due to "business politics". They're looking for someone to come in and get their head around the old VB code with a view to improve and optimise it and put in some modifications on a go forward basis. They've asked if I'm free to pop to the factory later this week and the only mention of pay was "we'll take it from there with regard to rates etc". Looking at a 'salary watch' website the average salary for a VB developer in the UK is ~£27k and for a consultant it is ~£32k. I'm about to graduate from university and I'm aiming for a ~£25-27k salary so I'd probably ask for £27k if the position is permanent but if it's a temporary position I'm unsure how to go about negotiating pay. The £27k works out somewhere around £100 per day (based on 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year) but this seems really low for a temporary work contract in software development. Also it seems like a more specialised role than your bog standard Java developer role where everybody learns Java at university, or web development which everybody and his mum seems to do these days! Do I push for more if the position is temporary? How much more? Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated!
  6. InsaneBoarder234

    Can we have some link styling in posts please?!

    It seems to have been fixed since I created this thread :-)
  7. Hey guess what, this is a link, but you wouldn't know it unless you hovered over it. I read this forum thread recently, oh wait here's your link http://www.gamedev.n...ost__p__4802667, and along with IADaveMark I didn't realise there was a link in the post #5 until IADaveMark pointed it out - I went off and did a Google search for the Google AI Challenge instead. Can we please get some styling of links in forum posts to give some indication that a piece of text is a link? Forum signatures have link styling! I know there's a hover style but that means hovering the mouse over the link text which as proven by the linked thread about isn't always obvious. I thought UX was all the rage these days!
  8. InsaneBoarder234

    DirextX 7 using VB - Help!

    Are you using DirectDraw? This tutorial gives an example of loading a bitmap image in to a DirectDraw 7 surface using Visual Basic. I was always a fan of Lucky's VB Gaming Site when I first started experimenting with VB and game dev. [edit] Links are awful in this new forum... I have bolded the link text!
  9. I can't find any information on retrieving the native/physical resolution, seemingly because not all monitors have a native resolution (e.g. CRT monitors). What you could do is enumerate the available display adapters and supported display modes and presumably select the maximum supported resolution? To do this you can use the Win32 API functions EnumDisplayAdapters and EnumDisplaySettings. I'm not sure how reliable this method is though - for example my Asus EEE netbook can have a display resolution larger than the native/physical display resolution by allowing the display to be scrolled. I don't know for sure if EnumDisplaySettings on the netbook would return resolutions larger than the physical resolution or if this is a feature supported only by the supplied software.
  10. InsaneBoarder234


    Hm, failblog? Dot ooorg! Slightly off topic but how about a funky "long time to wait for your download" message from DropBox:
  11. Hey folks! Uni life is coming to a close so I'll have more free time on my hands where I'm not stressing about coursework or exams soon! I'm looking to play around with some game dev, I've been away for too long! I have an idea that I can only see working with the Wiimote as an input device - it would involve various gestures and movements such as holding hands in the air, moving them up/down/forwards/backwards. I've heard of a couple of libraries for Wiimote development on the PC but I wanted to ask if anyone has experience using any of them and any advice they have? What libraries have you used, what limitations have you experienced etc? I'm also looking for a 3D engine to use in prototyping my idea - any recommendations? I'm a strong C++ programmer and I've got some experience with C# too. I looked at Unity but I've heard using a Wiimote library with the free version is horrible - I hear the input values have to be written to a file by some program then read from within Unity! Any recommendations here? Many thanks!
  12. InsaneBoarder234

    How to code Pacman Map?

    Quote:Original post by marius1930 Quote:Original post by InsaneBoarder234 For pathfinding you could take a look at the A* algorithm. Won't work. Perhaps for 1 of the ghosts, but not the rest. Care to explain why you think it won't work? I know the ghosts have different behaviour but according to the previously linked "Pac-Man Dossier" all four of the ghosts require pathfinding ability. Another article hosted here at says that three of the ghosts require pathfinding and one has random movement - and depending how you implement random movement you may still require pathfinding (e.g. select a random location then use pathfinding to determine the route).
  13. InsaneBoarder234

    How to code Pacman Map?

    Are you asking about how to create the map or how to handle pathfinding? A common approach for the map would be to create it using a tile-based approach whereby the map is a 2D grid of tiles. Each tile can be associated with an image for drawing and a boolean attribute stating whether the tile represents a wall or a corridor (and hence whether the player or enemies can move over the tile). For pathfinding you could take a look at the A* algorithm.
  14. Quote:Original post by Rattrap Quote:Original post by RonHiler 1. Is there a way to detect the incoming format (UTF8, UTF16, etc.) There are some ways to detect this, assuming it is a form of Unicode. It usually involves putting a specific series of bytes at the beginning of a file. Note that this is more for file reading, not handling individual strings. Slightly off topic but there's a bug that's been spread around the Internet to do with Notepad where if you type "bush hid the facts" in a new file and save it then re-open the file you'll get a bunch of random characters instead of the original text that was saved, this could be related to this series of bytes you mention (I don't know a great deal about unicode)? It's reported to work with most combinations of [4 letter word] [3 letter word] [3 letter word] [5 letter word], however "woah cow eat grass" is one string that does not work :-)
  15. InsaneBoarder234

    Quick Question

    I'm no expert but foo has a return type of void, so why should it be a problem?
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