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  1. The Najdorf

    Feedback for Rocky (free game by ragdollsoft)

    Thanks guys! Glad the "tutorial" worked, was quite a pain to put it in ;) Realistic waves are hard to put, so I'm keeping things simple for now. As for a low gravity mode, I'll probably put that in sooner or later, at least to help people that have troubles with the game ;) Cheers! Matteo
  2. It's finally released and it's free! Woohoo. It's page is this one Please tell me how you like it - if you manage to play it (or it's too hard...) Thanks! Matteo [Edited by - The Najdorf on July 19, 2006 7:40:41 PM]
  3. The Najdorf

    Rocky the monkey prerelease

    Hi, i finished my new game, I'd appreciate a lot some feedback before I release it screenshot: here download: here Thanks! Matteo,
  4. The Najdorf

    new flash game at gamedifferent

    Ok, I've done a prettier version of pushball, candy pushball!!
  5. The Najdorf

    new flash game at gamedifferent

    Ah, you're right, i'l fix this :)
  6. I'm trying to do a game developement marathon, making 1 new flash game every day or two (or at least I'll try, you never know how much you can push your neurons before they shut down). Today's game is Pushball The site is
  7. The Najdorf

    Flash games + blog

    Thanks, I'm planning to do a 1 game / day marathon for a month :) Ragdoll pong will come for sure ;)
  8. The Najdorf

    Flash games + blog

    Hello, just wanted to tell that I started a blog at The cool thing about the blog is that there is a new game at every post :) Kind of like a webcomic but with a flash game instead of a strip First game is ragdoll avalanche
  9. The Najdorf

    c++ constructor question

    Hmm, so I get it I cant do it "automatically". >I SERIOUSLY need to point out that circular dependencies such as this are very bad practice Bah, are you sure? It looks quite natural to me.
  10. Say I have a "Ragdoll" class that is composed by 10 "balls" class Ragdoll { Ball balls[10]; }; And the Ball class contains a pointer to the owner ragdoll: class Ball { ... Ragdoll* owner; }; I want the ball class to have a constructor which takes as parameter the pointer to the Ragdoll which owns it: something like Ball::Ball(Ragdoll* ownerin) { owner=ownerin; } The problem is I dont know how to call the Ball::Ball constructor when I make a ragdoll! Say I call Ragdoll ragdolls[2] I dont know where-how to specify the argument for the Ball constructor!
  11. The Najdorf

    3D ragdoll (again...)

    This time with opengl! Move with the arrow keys
  12. The Najdorf

    two c++ questions

    1)Ok thanks, I guess I'll just pass the pointer to the array from outside and modify the array inside. (I dont want to use dynamic memory if I can avoid it) 2) Fine thx
  13. The Najdorf

    two c++ questions

    Thanks... 1) reading from google it seems that you just can't do it, which is ridiculous >:( 2) I cant try it now but wouldn't it say "duplicate class" or something?
  14. 1) How do I do a function that returns an array (not the pointer, the whole array): I tried something like int function()[] { int foo[5]; ... return foo; } then calling it with int foo[5]=function(); but it doesnt seem to work. 2) Say I have a "Ragdoll" class that is composed by 10 "Balls". Now, I want every ball to have a pointer to the Ragdoll of which it's a part of. So I would have class Ragdoll { Ball balls[10]; }; class Ball { ... Ragdoll* ragdoll; }; But the compiler does not like this, since the "Ball" class needs the ragdoll class to be defined and viceversa. How should I do it? Thanks.
  15. Check this out! I was amazed I actually managed to get it working :)
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