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    I'm talking old school

    The other day my parents where clearing all the old boxes out the attic to lay down some insulation. As I was rifling through the junk I came across the tape of the very first game I ever made, "Chip in Unknown World" for the Amstrad CPC! I spent a little while trying to get the tape to load into an emulator (its about 12 years old) but finally I got it to work. The way I did it in the end was to record the tape as a .wav and then use samp2cdt to turn it into a binary that I could load into an emulator. Despite the spelling errors and frankly random gameplay it still held its charm. So if you haven't had enough of games made by 10 year olds Download it now! and if you have download it anyway! You'll need something like CPCE to run it, it's saved as a snapshot that you can open in the emulator without messing around with pretend tape loading. UPDATE: If you do want to play it the controls are joystick to move and fire button to do an action/use item (usually num pad is joystick and 5 is fire). You have to collect all the bonuses on each level and then get the rocket ship out of there. Sometimes you have to collect something on one level to use in the next. Its 10 levels and more difficult than it looks.
  2. Patbert


    Malcolm is brilliant. I've made him my desktop background.
  3. Patbert

    A New Approach to GUIs

    If I remember correctly, RISC OS had a little buttom in the gap between the horizontal and vertical scroll bars which allowed you to drag both scroll bars simultaneously. I saw people using that quite often.
  4. Patbert

    go wagonwheels

    I tell ya, it's all politics.
  5. Patbert

    My new slogan

  6. Patbert

    Concept Art!

    Looks pretty interesting from the picture. I like the conversation, maybe the game could be "figure out the rules for the game". I once thought of making a joke cricket simulator where none of the rules made sense and it ends in a draw every time.
  7. Patbert

    Swing the Cat

    That's a pretty good drawing. Paint.net was made as a replacement for MSPaint but with more features like layers and good resizing etc.
  8. Patbert

    Swing the Cat

    Inkscape looks quite interesting, I might try it out. I usually use Paint, GIMP and more recently Paint.net. I've never been able to do very good pixel art and shrinking it down has the added advantage of adding anti-aliasing for you.
  9. Patbert

    Seams fixed, coming work

    That's pretty. The purple one would be good for planets with toxic air.
  10. Patbert

    Swing the Cat

    Enjoy some original Swing the Cat artwork. As you might've guessed my method for creating the graphics was to create a large image in Paint and then shrink it down to the required size with GIMP, its so much easier to do that than pixel art but it does mean some detail can get lost. (Someone else drew the dog, I'm too talentless) (It's a heart, geddit?) Feel free to comment on your method of designing graphics.
  11. Patbert

    Stompy an adventure game???

    Yeah. Having actual levels in a game makes it a lot more interesting and designing levels is quite fun.
  12. Patbert


    You're right, that works quite nicely.
  13. Patbert


    I've decided I need to finish psycho boy 3d otherwise it will just sit there laughing at me as another unfinished project. So I've started doing the soundtrack using modplug tracker, its going ok so far considering I don't actually have any musical talent. Listen to one of my tunes and tell me what you think. It doesn't have to be good just a tune you can listen in the background while throwing virtual bricks for a level or two (not the whole game!). Eat Japan.IT Requires something that will play ITracker music (eg winamp, modplug)
  14. Patbert

    All's well

    Have you checked out my confusing online highscore tutorial? I've been meaning to spruce it up a bit (split the chunks of code up into sections with explanations like nehe) and then submit it to gd's articles but laziness won over [wink].
  15. Patbert

    Cat swinging

    Swing the Cat is now available from the GD Showcase. I've fixed a slight bug with timing so it should run better on slower PCs. Also for anyone interested Jeff Minter has made an update on his History of Llamasoft.
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