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    Free stuff on the internets

    Quote:Original post by AntonyCoder Looks nice, but is there anyway to simulate a keyboard with your pc keyboard? I don't have midi at all. Hi. This reply might be worthless by now, but check this out: Bome's Mouse Keyboard
  2. darklordsatan

    3d graphics in video stream

    Mmm... dya mean something like this?
  3. Hello folks. I was about to bump my old thread here, but it says it has been retired. I guess after a while old topics get automatically locked or something. Anyway, Ill refer to markr's last reply. I basically find myself in this situation: I have a download script @ college that saves the downloaded file to the /tmp of the server, since I have a low quota on my shell account there. The file I downloaded now is a huge (300 Mb+ file) game trailer, but now I need to stream it back home. The point here is not to go to college and get it, etc.. its about having the capacity to create a script that can load the file and stream the content to my web client. In this case, a download manager such as Flashget, or wget. The problem is that I need download resume support. According to markr's reply I have to enhance my script with the capacity to handle HTTP 'range' headers... which is something I thought an hour ago, but didnt know the technical term for it. In any case, I thought the fread() would somehow work fine, and automatically handle a request for a specific offset, but I guess Im blatantly wrong here. Anyway, this is what Ive been able to pull off so far <?php $path = $_GET['file']; $filename = explode( '/', $path ); $filename = $filename[count( $filename) - 1]; $mimetype = 'application/zip'; header('Content-Description: File Transfer'); header('Content-Type: '.$mimetype); header('Content-Length: '.filesize($path)); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.$filename.'"'); //readfile($path.'/'.$file_name); // This doesnt work as it loads the whole file!!!! $fp = fopen( $path, 'rb'); while(!feof($fp)) { print(fread($fp, 1024)); flush(); } fclose($fp); ?> Nevermind the mimetype, as I just have it as 'zip' now, but no matter the mimetype, I know the script will work fine for the .mov or any other binary file. And anyway I coded a library for getting mimetypes outta file extensions, so it doesnt matter. In any case the download is not working at all, dont know what the error might be, but now i know I need to use the range headers as well... I guess what Im asking for is some pointers on how to get this piece of code to an usable state [embarrass] Thanks a lot for your time.
  4. darklordsatan

    New look?

    Quote:Original post by AdamGL They just switched it now. Not everything is done though. Missing images and links but its coming alongg. Ah ok thanks.
  5. darklordsatan

    New look?

    Ok I might be missing the obvious... but Im logged in to www.gamedev.net, which is the new look. And www2.gamedev.net is just the old one (black)... So...? Am I going crazy or something, because I hear you guys talking about www2 being the future one...?
  6. darklordsatan

    best band ever

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  7. darklordsatan


    Quote:Original post by massive-war what if I made some bs threat? like announce on the read-me file that I auto upload their ip to my server, and tell who they are, so if they're using an unregistered copy I'll find them after all, it's school, they couldn't get very far and they wouldn't bother trying to mess with something like that lol Well, they could always use a proxy... Quote:Original post by massive-war my peers are stupid Well, thats not very polite of you isnt it? Anyways, if they are "stupid" as you say... then you shouldnt be worring about making copy protections in the first place... There is a saying in spanish, dont know the english equivalent, but it goes like this "Dont make a storm out of a glass of water" because that's what you seem to be doing. Just for now, focus on creating a fun, addictive, original game, since worring about piracy now, its kind of counter-productive. I mean, you dont even know so far, if people will like your game or not...
  8. darklordsatan


    Quote:Original post by massive-war what about a random key-code generator in the form of a .dll file that ramdomly generates key-codes at the application start up? However, i could fix it so that it "randomly" generates the first key-code, which I give them, and that they can activate only on the first start-up of the application. that way, if they try to copy it or whatever, the key-code won't work ever again, because it'll be mixed with 10 million other possiblities. I'd have multiple original key-codes, one for each copy Tell me what you think. Is this doable? This can be easily tampered with cracking techniques... in a matter of hours like Raduprv said. For example, there is DLL Injection... Also, follow Raduprv's advice on focus on the game first and then copy protections later... but in the end, you know -sadly- there will always be warez, even if its the old way (people "borrowing" things from their friends).
  9. darklordsatan

    [java] Need Help Testing...

    Ok, working flawlessly in both my Slackware 10.1 box, and WinXP SP2.
  10. darklordsatan

    [web] On Cookies and Password

    Quote:Original post by T1Oracle A good use for MD5 hashes is to encrypt a password before it is sent over the net to the server to verify login. After that, there should be no futher retransmissions of the password. If you are intested in that MD5 hash technique I found out about it here and I plan on implementing it with some modifications. Yeah, In the past Ive made simple login systems with sessions (not cookies), and I ve used MD5 hashes to store the passwords... but that link seems rather interesting... quite a login system :) Thanks. Quote:Original post by Sander They will need to crack it if the session stores more than the MD5 hash of the password alone (e.g. it tracks IP as well). Cracking the hash means that you don't have to recreate the entire session but can simply login. Brute-forcing MD5 hashes of weak passwords (those using a limited character set, like [a-zA-Z0-9]) is pretty trivial on modern day hardware. It can be done in anytthing from a few minutes to a few hours at most. Hashes of passwords that use the full ASCII set are much harder. You're looking at days/weeks to force a collision. Yeah, you're right here, as most people pick up really weak passwords... like the name of their pets, their favourite food and else, so cracking those with a brute force schema would take hours not days in most of the cases (and if your dictionary is populated :D )
  11. darklordsatan

    [web] On Cookies and Password

    Thanks a lot Spoonbender, you have been really helpful. Ill just use plain old school sessions then [grin] Now I think I dont wanna ever see or eat a cookie again [lol] Cheers.
  12. darklordsatan

    [web] On Cookies and Password

    Whoa thanks both! And cookie not cokie, Im not a native-english speaker, thus I have always believed cookie = eat, cokie = Web :) Guess I was wrong as hell. So I guess I was wrong about the ID not being the user one, but random generated. Quote:Original post by Spoonbender I really don't see why you want to use cookies. You're basically just reinventing sessions. Am I? :D Well, its just I dont see any other way to provide the users the chance to stay logged in forever or for a fixed amount of time, by using only sessions (well I could make something like the date of last access, compare it with the currect access date, and if the fixed amount of time is equal or bigger between them, I log out the user. Otherwise, if the user wants to stay logged in forever, I dont make this procedure. But It seems like a tedious process... thats when I figured out I could use cookies instead) Quote:Original post by Spoonbender But if you really want to use cookies, then you'd have to store both username and password in cookies. But that's not very secure. Has the same flaws as sessions, plus if someone copies that cookie, they have your password, not just a temporary session ID. I guess I could store the MD5 hash instead... It can be cracked, but I think it would take a lot of time, since most of cracking techniques involve brute force. So I pressume the password would be safe.
  13. Ok, here is a short one (weird coming from me [embarrass]) I was just thinking on using Cookies (instead of sessions) for my CMS. The thing is... I was checking the cookies set by firefox (my cookies that is), and most of them have an ID. My bet is that, making aside the path, etc... I can simply store the user ID in a cookie, and if I set the expiration date to 2066, then the user will remain logged in forever. But, what about the password? Lets say the user with login ID # 13, opens the CMS, then I proceed to log him in automatically, if the cookie is set... but how do I check the password, if the user has no chance to input any? Just like Im logged in 24/7 in gamedev, but I never have to enter any passwords... And my bet is that, if I just check the user ID, and I say "Well, thats the user #13, so Im sure its him", what would restrict me from taking an open source browser, changing the cookies code probably (or maybe I can just hack an existent browser), and then manually changing the stored cookies, I'd put instead of the ID # 13, ID # 1 and voila, Im logged in as the admin of the site. Obviously, what I just said is stupid, since someone else would have done it years ago... So, where do I check the password? Thanks for your time folks. [Edited by - darklordsatan on October 24, 2005 12:55:05 PM]
  14. darklordsatan

    Game engine source codes

    Quote:Original post by Virii Where can I find the Quake 1-3 source codes? Here and Here for the Q3 source, which Im not sure is the one listed in the first link. Edit Actually, its all Here at the official ID public FTP server [grin]
  15. darklordsatan

    Game engine source codes

    Quote:Original post by Endurion Also SourceForge might be of interest ;) +1 There is a huge quantity of games there, you can check out. Edit Quote:Original post by LuFe Quote:Original post by Raduprv Did you try the source code for Quake 1-3? Does Someone understand thats sources? I dont. You take your original Quake 1-3 game media, and the source code of the engines, which has been released by ID. Thats a game [grin]
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