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  1. alexmoura


    ftp under windows 7 command prompt. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it with the proper case, and the forum password.
  2. alexmoura


    I can't seem to ftp in with my gdnet credentials. Any ideas?
  3. alexmoura

    Start screen...

    The super in the foot should probably be a bit darker - it's somewhat ineligeble right now. Other than that, pretty good :)
  4. alexmoura


    Cool - also, very nice snow in Big white.
  5. alexmoura

    Tech Demo Video 2010

    A suggestion - on the lookaround, instead of just rotating the camera around a fixed point, make it so that is rotates around a point below and behind the camera - it might make it look more natural, being closer to how we move our eyes around our neck. (details: it should rotate horizontally around a vertical axis behind the camera, and tilt up/down around an axis placed below and behind the camera.)
  6. alexmoura

    Audio engine and various updates

    How do you like VS 2008 so far?
  7. alexmoura

    I am now a DirectX MVP!

  8. alexmoura

    Blur shader

    Looks good. It seems that when if falls into the water it moves a bit too fast - water should slow down movement, to feel more natural.
  9. alexmoura


    The location for a bar probably depends on what shape the typical battle ends up having - basically if it tends to define a front line somewhat elongated sideways, or if it tends to be elongated longitudinally because of long distance units attacking from behind the front line, then you would want your visible screen to be more rectangular, and would want to have the bar on the bottom or the top of the screen. If it tends to form a square, then you probably want the bar on the side.
  10. alexmoura

    Stuff from beyond...

    Foi o Joao?
  11. alexmoura

    Terrain engine

    Nitpicking is like an intrinsic property of the universe, I think. Part of it is that As your engine approaches photo realism, small details start appearing. A sort of uncanny valley for terrain, I guess. It's weird - part of my brain prefered the screenshots without the trees :). Living in seattle gives you an unrealistic notion of how forests should look. Anyway, it's looking bloody good. Can't wait to play it.
  12. alexmoura

    It snowed

    Here, it started snowing mid day. I was taking a scuba class, come out of the water, look up, and there's snow falling. Really weird moment, actually.
  13. alexmoura

    Multimonitor support

    Have you considered having a blind spot between the monitors? One thing that always annoys me is how things instantly transfer from one monitor to another. The distance in real life between two pixels in the one monitor or across monitors doesn't have a one to one correspondance with the image on the screen. I'd like to be able to add an adjustable blind spot to correspond to the distance between my monitors' edges. Edit - upon re-reading, that seems to be implied in the last phrase. Ignore, please :)
  14. alexmoura

    Brag on

    You can probably get a silver account (even without an xbox :) ) But anyway, I was just bragging that I finally got into a tournament, and with that got my final achievement in PGR3.
  15. alexmoura

    This is gonna be quick.

    Quote:Original post by Prinz Eugn Quote:Original post by Scet So, how does a lighthouse kill someone? How do you think? Um... I dunno... Simple, really - Just like trees, they just sit there and wait for skiers/pilots to crash into them.
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