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  1. I dont know if it's the same problem as you've found, but there is an errata on his site for that function: Wyzfen
  2. Wyzfen

    Board Games!

    There are loads of board games now. The Boardgame Geek is a great source. Gateway games (on the 'geek) lists a lot of those that are considered great to start with. Wyzfen
  3. Wyzfen

    Am I the oldest non staff member here?

    What a depressing thread - In that I've still not made a game I'd be willing to release :p Wyzfen [back to lurking]
  4. Form.Activate Will flash the taskbar if your application isnt active, or will bring it to the front if it is. Wyzfen
  5. Look into the System.Threading.Timer class - it can be set up to periodically call a delegate, in another thread (it creates a worker thread for you, using the ThreadPool). MSDN Link Wyzfen
  6. Quote:Original post by Cycles Quote:Original post by Wyzfen If you want a cheap oscilliscope, check out picotech's pc-based oscilliscopes (the 2000 series are probably best for hobbies); Wyzfen ps : yes, I work for PicoTech - I write the software. Not quite my idea of cheap, saddly ;) Heh. Before I started working here, I was looking for an oscilliscope, and they came up as the cheapest I could find ... didnt buy one tho, as I was just a student at the time, and even cheap was too expensive. Wyzfen
  7. If you want a cheap oscilliscope, check out picotech's pc-based oscilliscopes (the 2000 series are probably best for hobbies); PicoScope 2000 Also, I think the PicAxe is a brilliant way to get into electronics - there's a lot of sites that have starter kits - including a robot kit (which i guess is more for programming than electronics). I've mode a few robots, and a NimH battery charger with pics - they're lots of fun. Wyzfen ps : I work for PicoTech - I write the software. [Edited by - Wyzfen on April 3, 2008 2:43:48 PM]
  8. Use System.Buffer.BlockCopy ie : byte [,] source = new byte[10,10]; byte [] dest = new byte[source.Length]; // assume that you've filled source data System.Buffer.BlockCopy(source, 0, dest, 0, source.Length); so long as the source and dest are of the same type (eg, byte, float etc) it will work. (it will work otherwise - see below). the length parameter is the number of bytes to copy - so if you're copying floats, you'll need to multiply the array length by 4 (the size of a float). this function can also be used to copy the bytes of one type array into another - useful for getting at the bytes of an object. so long as the dest array has enough bytes (not indices). The dimensions of the source (or dest) dont matter - since they are just stored as a flat block in memory. so in the final example you gave where you want to convert a float array to a byte array, you could do : float [,] source = new float[10,10]; byte [] dest = new byte[source.Length * 4]; // assume that you've filled source data System.Buffer.BlockCopy(source, 0, dest, 0, source.Length * 4); Wyzfen
  9. When you're resolving the backbuffer, its just copying a 2d image with everything already drawn. If you want to get a screenshot with some of it not drawn, you'll need to re-draw the scene, with those things turned off. theres a good example on MSDN on using render targets : in the example, there is a TODO section - there, you'd call your main draw function. Inside that draw, you'd check a flag and based on that you wouldnt draw your sprites. Finally, apparently on the XBOX when you change render target, you blow away the current back buffer - which means you'd only want to do this -after- the current scene has been presented (or it may present your gui-less render). Wyzfen. EDIT : BlackKnight's idea makes much more sense than mine, if you're drawing things in that order. I was thinking of capturing the exact frame, but there'll be a delay from the user anyway, so it makes more sense to do it DURING a later frame :)
  10. Wyzfen

    Free sprites for a space shooter?

    how about the graphics from Tyrian (wikipedia) The artist who made the graphics released them on his site, Lost Garden Wyzfen
  11. Wyzfen

    OBB? from a AABB?

    I store my OBBs (and AABBs) as a centre and vectors to the (two) corners. To transform, I just use a normal transformation (ie, no translation - uses 3x3 transform) to transform the vectors, then a coordinate transform on the centre point. It looks like your points include the translation ... shouldnt you remove the existing translation, apply the new rotations, then apply the new+existing translations ? ie ... (pseudocode) centre = (min + max) / 2 min = min - centre max = max - centre min = matrix.normalTranform(min) max = matrix.normalTransform(max) min = matrix.coordianteTransform(min) + centre max = matrix.coordianteTransform(max) + centre hope that helps - otherwise, the book you mentioned is very useful. Wyzfen
  12. I have that book - was very useful when i was trying to learn about bounding boxes and collision detection (Yay for seperating axes). Also has a lot of information on intersection tests. The website for the book is You can see a table of contents at Wyzfen
  13. Wyzfen

    I hate winter

    I like the idea of a competition with supplied art assets - it'd be kind of like what Danc at is doing, only competitive :) As for winter - I'm from Adelaide, now living in the UK - I spent a year living in Edinburgh, and the winters werent too bad ... very cold, and it snowed, but generally there were blue skies ... and cold. Open fires are great :) Although, apparently Adelaide is getting down to freezing now too, which never used to happen. Think i blinked and missed summer tho :( Wyzfen
  14. Wyzfen

    MAGIC Game Dev Contest - Results are in!

    Might be able to do something for this - Given that the judging machines have directx and .net 2.0, could you put XNA on too ? (otherwise, it'll take ~2MB of my entry) Wyzfen
  15. Wyzfen


    Mmm. Alienrock is great - thats one of the only things i miss from Edinburgh. Now living in the middle of england - completely flat - the 'climbing gym' here is a converted squash court. ug. Wyzfen
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