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    I hate winter

    I like the idea of a competition with supplied art assets - it'd be kind of like what Danc at lostgarden.com is doing, only competitive :) As for winter - I'm from Adelaide, now living in the UK - I spent a year living in Edinburgh, and the winters werent too bad ... very cold, and it snowed, but generally there were blue skies ... and cold. Open fires are great :) Although, apparently Adelaide is getting down to freezing now too, which never used to happen. Think i blinked and missed summer tho :( Wyzfen
  2. Wyzfen


    Mmm. Alienrock is great - thats one of the only things i miss from Edinburgh. Now living in the middle of england - completely flat - the 'climbing gym' here is a converted squash court. ug. Wyzfen
  3. Wyzfen

    Some night screenshots...

    Looks good - i think i see 4 things that might make it look a little off - but its probably not worth trying to fix those as it already looks good ;) 1. All the cities i've been in tend to be bright, even further from a streetlight - theres reflections etc from other lights / windows etc adding to the ambient light further down the street. 2. No moon, or clouds: the moon would add a silvery glow, and clouds would add a huge amount of orange ambient light (with reflections off the clouds). 3. Your buildings are all lit up, but they dont add any light to the scene - ie, some of your shopfronts look open, but no light spills onto the pavement. 4. Usually when you have traffic lights, they're on/near streetlights - some of your intersections are pitch black :p Overall, just needs some more ambient light - not in alleys and stuff, just on the streets, so somehow, not global ambient. Like the way you're implementing so many lights - going to have to try to work out how i could use that in my game. Wyzfen
  4. Wyzfen


    Your fridge isnt half empty - its twice as big as it needs to be ;) Also, I tend to be more alert in the evening - and I dont often have caffeine (and definately not at night - unless i'm up for 20+ hours). Wyzfen
  5. Wyzfen

    New Computer

    To find out what time your comp rebooted, use the eventViewer (eventvwr.exe). If you're lucky it might also say why. Wyzfen
  6. Wyzfen

    Switching it up

    Looks good. Was wondering how you fixed your opening door animation ? - it looks like you've given the door a frame for it to retract into. Wyzfen
  7. Wyzfen

    ## It sucks, but it's a start

    Ah, so you're using a line-strip using the same buffer as the triangle strip, rather than just putting it in wireframe mode ? The error makes sense then - I'd expect extra lines using a line strip - since the degenerate points will make that pair not draw, but wont fix the next line (left-to-right). I dont use openGL - is there a way of setting the renderstate to wireframe, rather than just using a line-strip ? Wyzfen
  8. Wyzfen

    ## It sucks, but it's a start

    Yup, thats right for a triangle strip. A triangle strip uses 3 consecutive points - so when you wrap the line, it uses the two points from the last triangle (on the left) and the new one on the right. To fix it, you'd usually make a 'degenerate triangle' - one where two of the points coincide - so, once you finish a row, repeat the last point of the last triangle before starting the next row. (Actually, i'm surprised it only shows up in wireframe mode - are you doing anything different for that other than just setting the render state to wireframe ?) Wyzfen
  9. Wyzfen

    Awesome app idea

    I like the look of the Gmail Drive shell extension : http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm Lets you use your gmail account to store files - and maps it to a drive on your computer. There are probably similar things for ftp (although i havent seen them) - then the 'icon' you drag to is a 'virtual drive' :) Wyzfen
  10. Wyzfen

    I want!

    3 weeks after my wife bought her mac-mini, they released the intel based mac-mini ... at the same price. damnit. Wyzfen
  11. Wyzfen

    Moving onto DX9 Part II

    That setup looks like mine. When you create your device, what deviceType do you use ? (just trying to start at the start). I use PIX to work out what calls i'm making - that might help you check your states etc. Wyzfen
  12. Wyzfen

    Moving onto DX9 Part II

    The really simple mistake i made when i started MDX was setting the device type to software. Or software vertex processing (think i did both initially).
  13. Wyzfen

    Disappearing Doors

    Are you using shaders ? If so ... If you have a 1bit mask texture that represents the area where the doors should be drawn, you could; - in the vertex shader, offset the texture so only the bit of door that should be drawn has an 'on' value in the texture. ie, texture moves across door model, at same speed as door moves, in opposite direction. (The offset would be passed as an input) - in the pixel shader, use the texkill instruction to remove any pixel that that isnt 'on' in the mask texture. The other idea is to use clip planes (uses a texture slot per 2 planes) or apparently 'see the "TexKillClipPlanes" example delivered in the NVIDIA Effects Browser' for a way of doing your own clip-planes in a shader. Wyzfen
  14. Wyzfen

    Disappearing Doors

    Two suggestions - both in design, not code... Could you redesign it so the doors are physically possible (ie, they have somewhere to go, and dont magically go through the frame). I think any solution you come up with otherwise will look a bit strange. Even in trek, the doors slid into the walls. OR, in your model editor, use boolean operations to clip the door models to inside the door-frame for each frame or animation (probably only 5 positions or so) - then instead of moving your door, just change which mesh you use (turn off all the ones not relevant). It'll take more data in the file, but no longer to draw. Of course, that option wont look smooth unless you do enough seperate frames. Wyzfen
  15. Wyzfen

    Good news and Bad news

    Hmm. Thanks for that address. Not sure i want to work on games professionally tho - just being a hobby might be better. Wyzfen
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