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  1. The entire page seems to be down. Not sure what happened.
  2. if any of us had an ssh account on that server we would be able to access all the files and would know the answer to this problem. @ricekrispyw , there error is just telling you that port 20 is not able to read the protcol (http) that you are trying to send it. port 20 is listening/read ssh. if you have a ssh program you can connect to port 20 and it ask you for a user name and password.
  3. actually now that i think about it. On his blog he refers to this step as step 3 when talking about his friends submission. So when he talks about people being on step 3 maybe he is really talking about step 2. Meaning that nobody has made it to the real step 3. Or more likely, there is not step past this one. I have to agree with ace_lovegrove
  4. you didn't HAVE to fill in zeros. doing it by hand you can convert 11 to be 3 just as you could 00000011 to be 3. It is only if you are using some type of a computer program to convert from binary to ascii do you have to do extra work. Therefore the first puzzle wasn't missing anything itself but just wasn't in the format that some programs wanted it to be.
  5. that has already been posted. You would probably want to read through all 24 pages of this thread to see what doesn't work so that you won't waste time trying to repeat any of it. It will take less time to read that it would to repeat all the same mistakes.
  6. @smart_idiot i have mine set the defualt setting and the had the last page of replies for me get screwed up like that.
  7. are we really sure there are people on the next step? Maybe that is just a lie to keep us going. While reading other threads for this puzzle i have seen some from about 1 year ago that never made it anywhere and they gave up. Without having somebody prove they are on the next step there really isn't much of a way to know if anybody really has solved it.
  8. ok so the next step is on another site? Is there any way to get a listing of all sites a person has registered to them?
  9. Quote:Original post by saxe the whole 8081 brute pass isn't going to work how about brute pass on ftp www.ninebows.com with the username ryan to see the files on the server? not that i am saying we should hack his server or anything as that would not be very nice or legal. so PD G33K have you figured it out? [Edited by - E x a v i o r on February 17, 2005 10:02:59 AM]
  10. I know some schools in my area (not sure how many of them) are now teaching algebra to 4th graders. Back when i was in school people didn't normally have algebra till highschool unless they were in honor courses in which they would start about 7th or 8th grade. If schools are teaching algebra now in elementary school, then it might actually be possible for middleschoolers to have knowledge of number systems or other types of math that normally people didn't have till highschool. [Edited by - E x a v i o r on February 16, 2005 1:03:48 PM]
  11. I might have missed it but has anyone tried assuming the + and - are for creating a sequence and tried working with that set of numbers? what i mean is that 27 26 30+3 11+1 15 22+1 23-1 23-1 22-2 is really this 27 26 30 31 32 33 11 12 15 22 23 23 22 23 22 22 21 20 I have not done much with this yet myself, but was wonder if anyone else has tried going this path. If there is already a post about this and i overlook it I am sorry.