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  1. Quote:Original post by James Trotter Quote:Original post by Diodor The problem is AI programmers aren't designers too. Games will have great AI when the problems the AI is supposed to solve are designed to be solvable and are designed to make the AI look smart. Which problems are you referring to? The current discussion seems rather diffuse, I must enquire of the original poster: What was your intention with this thread? Truth to tell, I'm not much of an AI guy, (I've got that phat AI Game Programming Wisdom 2 on my bookshelf, but haven't had time to read it...), but this is an interesting discussion. How does it work in AI programming, compared to, for instance, graphics? Is there a kind of SIGGRAPH where AI gurus present their new brilliant algorithms? I am writing a dissertation on games AI and am interested in frequent gamers opinions on the current state of game AI.
  2. Do you feel that game AI has been neglected because of aims to improve Graphics and realism? whats your opinion...
  3. Does anyone have an idea of what research methods are used to develop Game AI?
  4. my study is researching into the current level of ai in games, what can be improved, is it the future etc. So far i have done a few experiments for example: I allowed as many volunteers as possible who play games regularly, to participate in playing against themselves and AI bots in Time Splitters 2. They then filled in a questionnaire based on the aspects of AI in video games. I monitored the differences in Character self Preservation, Intelligent Behaviour, Social Interaction and Communication. My next experiment is going to use single player games to see if there is a difference in the AI level from multiplayer. I have also taken notes from a few AI in games based books and a few websites. I will research into the areas u have mentioned, if u can think of other experiments or research i can look at, please tell me. Thanks
  5. hey the wanderer (james), just read your reply. Can you recommend any research areas i can go into to help me along with my study? thanks.
  6. in leeds uni- UK, its ok but the lecturers suck! its mostly learn 3dsmax for urself, im in my final year now so cant wait to finish. Would be a great help if u answer my questions Thanks dude!
  7. Hey, Im doing a dissertation in my games course and chose AI in videogames for my topic! Can you take a couple of minutes to answer these questions? Cheers dudes Do you feel that AI in games is actually thinking like a human or just doing what it is programmed to do? What is the future of AI in video games in your opinion?
  8. Hey, Im doing a dissertation in my games course and chose AI in videogames for my topic! Can you take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions, on your opinion on AI in games. Cheers dudes 1.Name 2.Gender 3.How interested in games? (1-10) 4.Name 5 of your Favorite Games 5.Do you play multiplayer games? 6.Do you play against Human or against the AI Bots or both? 7.Which do you prefere? 8.What are the Pros and cons of human and ai? 9.Do you prefer individual games? 10.Just a short answer why? 11.Using your imagination, how do you think man will make use of AI in the future? (There is no right or wrong to this question; any answer will do) 12.What is Artificial Intelligence in your opinion? 13.Which of the following definitions of AI do you most agree with? A.Creating systems that think humanly. B.Creating systems that act humanly. C.Creating systems that think rationally. D.Creating systems that act rationally. Game im making is Crimson fall! take a look > www.freewebs.com/crimsonfall Dan. [Edited by - Metahawk on February 18, 2005 1:39:34 PM]