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    Fallout install problems

    I recently have been wanting to play Fallout again. I reinstalled it without any roblems from the setup wizard. However when I go to play the game (double click on the icon) I get a message saying that I need 20 Meg free hard drive space (I have 20 gig free). I did the full install and have no problem with Fallout 2 which I installed from the same compilation set. Any thoughts on how to get around the error?
  2. During the 5 years it took me to get through Mechanical Engineering I learned to fail with style (well get Ds anyway). What you want to focus on is learning the subject, no matter how many tries it takes. Once I resigned myself to this I actually did better. It may kick your but this time and you might cruise through it next time. When it came to senior year I was in the same group I had struggled through with the whole time for our final project. At the end of a long semester of work we recieved the highest grade in the class. We recieved many compliments on our attention to detail and adherance to good practices. We had the lowest GPA of any group. I strongly believe that because we had to repeat classes and struggle we were more cautious and remembered early course work better. So stick in there, it just means you will have seen that information twice where others have only seen it once. Plus these classes are the very foundation off which you can build a strong understanding of your later coursework. Muse, I had the same thing happen to me in General Relativity I. I had very little problem in Special Relativity. However the math in Gen Rev kicked my ass and I was given a C- when I deserved a D I am sure. It still bugs me and I have kept at it hoping to go back some day and redeem myself (to myself).
  3. Quote:Original post by Conner McCloud Quote:Original post by Hakiko If a man has a knife they can shock him instead of shooting him. Tasers aren't distance weapons. If you are close enough to use the taser, then he is close enough to stab you. In which case, he was probably supposed to have been shot already. CM Apparently a police taser has a range of 21 feet (found another reference of one with a range of 30 feet but this one seemed more reliable) at least for this department. This is significantly better range than a knife, sword, baseball bat, or HumVee. In fact this document details several incidents where a taser was used against someone armed with a knife or other deadly force. Also this paper seems to back up the idea that tasers have decreased both suspect and police injuries.
  4. Quote:Original post by Cads There will be an estimated 400,000 tasers incidents in 2006. 93% of taser incidents go without any injuries. 6% feature minor wounds such as puncture wounds or light abrasions. .2% experience moderate injuries including abrasions, carpet burn, skinned knees, cut in mouth, cuts from falling on glass, and penis/testicle shots. .061% experience severe wounds which include probes to eyes, cardiac/respiratory arrest, and fractured skulls. Tasers are significantly safer than using other means of force, and reduce officer injuries. Any idea where this came from? Sorry I am always skeptical of anything with a percent sign on the internet. However it looks totally plausible so lets go with it for now. Based on intuition (the kind that you use to make educated guesses, not the kind used to know the sex of a baby) I would expect a higher percentage of abrasions, fractures, concussions etc. on the blunt force weapons such as rubber bullets and night sticks. However it would be interesting to see how quickly the tazer scales up with repeated use. For example do your chances of heart or neurological problems jump exponentially with each shock or does it stay fairly linear. If risk increases greatly with repeated use we would need to be sure that officers were given comprehensive training in their use to prevent abuse. In this case a threshold could actually be set for police brutality regarding the device. If the risk curve is fairly flat (or even decreases, not impossible) they would seem to be a good choice.
  5. Quote:Original post by capn_midnight In that case, rubber bullets and bean-bag shot are just as effective and again are not as deadly. Non lethal weapons are a huge field of research, and new products are available every year. There are dozens of products that are cheaper, more reliable, and safer than tazers. The police even have most of them already. Screw tazers, they have no unique use. I completely agree that we should make sure that our officers have the best and safest non-lethal technology. I also think that this is a field that deserves a lot of attention. Safeguarding our citizens who have not been convicted of a crime is a huge responsibility. However I am not convinced that tazers do not offer a unique solution path. Rubber bullets could arguably be considered a hazard to others in the area. Also does the gun used for rubber bullets look significantly different from a regular gun (to keep from escalating the situation further)? Do rubber bullets actually offer a solution to an small incident in a confined space with innocent bystanders, or are they more appropriate in a riot situation? Obviously we need better data on tazers. It should not be that hard to collect data on all the times an officer has discharged their tazer. We keep fairly detailed incident reports in this country and budgets should make it easy to see what towns have them in use. We definatly need to see deaths/uses to draw better conclusions. If they represent a significant risk they should either be yanked from use or have restrictions put on their use.
  6. Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Police have operated for centuries without the use of tazers, why do they need them now? A well place joint lock is just as incapacitating as a tazer and not at all damaging. You can't be killed by a wrist lock. The worst that can happen is an overzealous cop breaks your wrist. Given the nature of the technique, a broken wrist is a pretty solid proof that the cop was using excessive force. Tazers have given people heart attacks and they have died. I could teach practically anyone how to properly apply two or three joint lock maneuvers in a single day. You can't ever teach someone the appropriate use of a tazer to completely avoid heart attacks because the only way to completely prevent it is to never use the tazer. Of course a tazer would be useful if deadly force was in between you and the joint you wished to lock. It gives officers another choice. If a man has a knife they can shock him instead of shooting him. I don't think we can reasonably ask our police officers to get physically close to someone with a knife without offering them options to disarm him from a distance. On the other hand I agree that this incident is looking more and more like a case of 4 idiots in a confined space three of which have tazers. However only three of the idiots were being paid to be responsible at the time. I don't know if criminal charges are necessary but I would think that job related discipline is in order. I wonder if they crossed some threshold by shocking him to get him to comply to a request. For example there would be a big difference between shocking to stop an action (brandishing a weapon, running away) and shocking to start an action (stand up, walk this way). Shocking to start an action is a slippery slope that could lead to actual torture (You vill answer ze question NOW! ZAP!)
  7. Hakiko

    Wii Launch Lineup Announced

    Ice Hockey for NES and Metal Slug give me Star Tropics and I'm there.
  8. Hakiko

    What is your Age/Job/Location?

    Double Post
  9. Hakiko

    What is your Age/Job/Location?

    Age: 28 Job: Mechanical Engineer. I work on crash rated perimeter security devices and fiber optics. Location: Taylors, SC. Home of the head of the Southern Baptist Church and the eye of the swirling vortex of ignorance and bigotry
  10. Good ideas. I'll try them when I get home from work. Thank you
  11. I am posting this here after dealing with SOE's customer service for over 2 months. I have posted on many, many Everquest related tech help forums and it remains a complete mystery. Hopefully someone here will be able to help me. I cannot get rid of Everquest. I uninstalled it. I have searched for and deleted every Everquest related file and registry entry I can find (searches for eq, everquest, SOE, sony etc.). I have repaired my registy and scanned my computer numerous times. The problem is that I was once involved with the a beta test for the Everquest progression server. When you join a beta test for Everquest they have you install another version of the game named TestEQ. This allows you to keep test changes seperate from your ability to play the regular game. I finished the beta test without incident and never thought about it again. However after I left everquest and uninstalled it something strange began to happen: when I started some applications (napster and freedownloadmanager come to mind but there are many more) it opened up a window titled EQpatcher and began downloading the entire TestEQ to my desktop (which makes a really big mess). The correct application never opens and the process shows up as Documents on the process list. When I stop it the only EQ related files are the ones just downloaded to my desktop. Sony customer service keeps insisting that there is a file on my root named program.exe that is causing this. I have searched for it every way they have come up with and never found it. At this point I am seriously considering a total reformat and reinstall but this will mean literally days of downloading updates so I am hoping to avoid this. Any help would be appreciated, even crazy ideas at this point.
  12. Hakiko

    Help me kill my rats!

    I find level 1 humans kill a lot of rats. Dwarves do not work as well as they tend to go for wolves. Usually as soon as a rat appears a level 1 human will handle it. If you are having problems attracting level 1 humans to your garage it is usually because the drops from the rats aren't keeping up with the economy. You may need to redesign the loot table for your garage. This site is probably more usefull than me:
  13. Hakiko

    OOP Book

    I am interested in finding a book on OOP theory. I have been using C++ for a few years now but have not gone deep into the OOP aspects of it (I haven't ever touched something like multiple inheritance for example). My interest is academic, I just want to expand my brain a little (or even more than a little) here. I would like a book that focuses mostly on the theory not actual code. It doesn't have to be a C++ book, in fact I would prefer a book that does not focus on a language at all if possible. I have searched around and found a book: Object Oriented Software Construction by Meyer. Looks like it has a good rep on Amazon but I am unsure if it is what I am looking for. Edit: Accidently typed OPP at one point. To clarify I am not, at this time, down with OPP
  14. Hakiko

    Your Most Enjoyed Antagonist

    For me it was the Russians in Nintendo Ice Hockey. That fat guy always knocked my skinny guys around everywhere.
  15. Hakiko

    Title the Modern Age

    It has dawned. We are living in the Age of Pisces
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