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  1. bjle

    EA takes the cake and eats it too

    Quote: Sure, I have an always-on net connection but what happens if I don't play for 11 days and the moment I want to play my connection is down? Are you saying I'm not going to be able to play my perfectly legitimate purchased copy of the game, even the retail version, until I get permission? Quote: That is correct. And I would suggest that you contact EA Support the moment this happens (once you get your internet back) to report the issue. If there are people having problems with the system as designed, then Support needs to hear about it so they can help us evaluate it for the next game title. I find this quote pretty cool. Although no one in the bioware thread seems to pick up on it, he's basically saying "we don't want this crap on our game either, please complain to EA about it". The developers obviously can't explicitly express that they're against it, but what he said is at least somewhat reassuring.
  2. bjle

    High School Honors

    Let's see if I understand the class hierarchy: AP (hardest possible?) Honors Advanced College-prep (easiest possible?) Kids sure are getting smarter these days!
  3. bjle

    Square function

    I still like mine [grin]
  4. I get this too, but it comes from the actual PC and not out the speakers. It's the graphics card, in my case. Happens when apps run at very high framerates (200+) as well.
  5. bjle

    Square function

    How about f(x + iy) = sin(1/y)? (f(x + 0i) = 0, if you like) Does the function have to take real numbers?
  6. Both X-Wing Alliance and Starlancer are quality games in the space-sim genre, though they're old so you might have already played them. It seems like they just stopped making this style of game after 2000, though I'd like to be proven wrong on that.
  7. bjle

    Bizarre trance-like experience

    Interesting descriptions. I've experienced a floating sensation pretty often when going to sleep, and the "focus" vision is easy to acheive by staring at something motionlessly. The neurons that fire when you see things at certain parts of your visual field get "fatigued" and stop firing as strongly after some time. This is the cause of quite a few of the optical illusions you'll find online. I wonder how much of this is made up by your mind and (subconscious?) expectations, and how much would happen to most people if they tried it. Did you come up with the technique yourself or read about it somewhere beforehand?
  8. bjle

    Earth Expandig?

    Don't misunderstand me, he's definitely wrong [grin]. It's true that pointing out the internal inconsistencies of the theory should shake the faith of anyone who believes the earth is growing, but I don't think that using physics equations will do the trick.
  9. bjle

    Earth Expandig?

    It's funny that people are doing calculations about energy/mass conversion and gravity and cosmic dust and bone density to "disprove" the theory. While throwing numbers around is fun, he clearly says you have to abandon our current scientific model if his model is true. He's not operating in the realm of science. Trying to disprove his theory is like trying to disprove a religion; you won't get anywhere.
  10. If she's beating you with heavy air and level 6+ heroes, your games are probably lasting far longer than online strategy guides for 1v1s will help with. If you really just want to win a game like that, simply keep an eye on all gold mines and keep her from expanding. It's more fun in a friendly game to duke it out with big armies after a long buildup, though.
  11. bjle

    Safe mode?

    I think lonelywolf is talking about COD2's safemode, not windows' safe mode. You can probably use a command line parameter to do this, unfortunately those are usually hard to find documentation on for windows games(a quick google came up with nothing). I would try appending -safe or -safemode (or both, couldn't hurt) to the shortcut target. If you've never done this before, right-click on the shortcut and select properties to see the field I'm talking about.
  12. bjle

    Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job!

    Dr. Brule is my favorite part of that show; too bad he's not on it much. He's as informative as any TV News doctor, and twice as entertaining!
  13. Hash the password with all possible salts, and see if one matches. Edit: Just to clarify, you'd only do this when verifying if the password is correct. You just store the hashed (password + 1 random salt) in your database.
  14. Quote:Original post by slayemin The salt which you add to a password is valuable and needs to be added to password verification attempts. That means you have to store or calculate the salt somewhere. If your database is compromised, then the salt is compromised as well. With a maximum limit of 8 characters in a password, you can do something like this to brute force the password... There might be something I'm missing, but you don't have to store the salt anywhere. Using a (for example) 1-byte random salt will increase the time spent validating a password server-side by about a factor of 100, which is in almost all cases not a big deal. For one thing, even a 1-byte salt prevents reverse-lookup in a database of known passwords. Additionally, a brute force attack like you described also takes ~100 times longer, (ignoring the possibility that there exist additional 'valid' passwords for different random salt values), which is a big deal.
  15. bjle

    Future of gaming

    I'm no expert on these matters, but if someone put goggles on me and showed me a video of my own back, I'd feel like I was looking at my own back too. They call this "inducing an out of body experience"? (Although the participants apparently felt that they were looking at someone else, which makes it even less like an out of body experience doesn't it?)
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