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  1. Quote:Original post by shmoove I have to say, it looks like some godless liberals have had their way with the Conservapedia to make it look stupid. And that's why they won't allow new users anymore. I mean, what other explanation could you find for their entry on Brazil? shmoove What's wrong with the entry about Brazil? Clearly, your one of the liberals! j/k
  2. KGodwin

    Evil landlords and housing agencies

    Quote:Original post by tok_junior On the other hand you have gunlaws that makes it a hazardous habit for the landlord ;) Not really ^.^
  3. KGodwin

    Me wonders: what's Sony's strategy?

    While I agree most of that is silly. The price increase is perfectly reasnoble, EUR$ vs. US$ has stayed about 1.25:1 for quite some time now.
  4. I know how you feel, I have had this happen to me enough that I just do projects that I can do by myself if worse comes to worse. He's probably decided it's too much work or hit a roadblock he doesn't have the experience to surmount and came up with an excuse to vanish. I could be wrong, but it's the highest probability of the possible scenarios. Just out of curiousity, what part(s) were you and he doing?
  5. KGodwin

    No more MMORPGs please...

    Quote:Original post by Thevenin Listen, the OS can handle 10k sockets. The OS can handle 60k sockets. What Promit said was that the CPU is going to effectively DIE because the OS is going to be sending soo many instructions to the CPU that it is going to cease right up. However.. depending on how fast your CPU is will determine how many sockets you are to run before the CPU dies. Edit: Also, I believe the max number of sockets on 32bit operating systems (if not all operating systems) is the upperbound of an unsigned 16-bit short (65536). Double Edit: Actually, I do not think there is a limit. Because you do not have to bind a socket to use a socket. The amount of ports you can listen on though is certainly limited. The operating system can handle 65536 sockets. It'll just handle them slow as molasses. And your not taking into account (since it's 1 server) all of your game logic, data being saved to the database, etc. Be happy if you hit 2000 users connecting at the same time without people noticing a serious slow down (assuming of course, you've got the 10mb/s-15mb/s connection at a data centre to handle that many people). You'll be much better off with your game being able to be put on multiple servers if you honestly believe you can get 10,000 or more players accessing it at the same time (or even half that).
  6. KGodwin

    The Interesting Story (possibly 56k unfriendly)

    ravaged the village of the Oompa Loompas
  7. KGodwin

    [.net] VC++.net or Vb.Net or C#

    Quote:Original post by NickBarkus Hi all, I have a decent knowledge of c++ , visual basic 6 and java. I dont have much experience in these lang but i am not even that bad also.I want to start working on .net platform but i am confused with which lang do i start with . I think C# would be better option but it would be like learning a new lang again. i have heard Microsoft is supporting or preferring c# a lot(XNA in c# only )and also , i am not sure, C# support lot of features which it gives a edge over VB.Net. What do u guy prefer or advice ? thanks -nick- If your still 'learning' go with C#, it may not replace C++ or anything for a long time but it will eventually much like VB eventually replaced the other basic languages in general use (although that's more to do with MS's support of it w/i the office suite than it's strength as a language).
  8. Quote:Original post by DakeDesu .... Now, it said I needed to sign up to get full view of the site--or that was the impression I got. However, it seems, to a new viewer, that every section requires its own login. Yahoo! has known for years, that a single user accound for all services is the best bet for keeping users. ... I'm not sure what your talking about? Once you have a forum account and are logged in, that's the only login that's used. The login screens are for people who had not logged in for whatever reason so they don't need to go to the forums to login.
  9. KGodwin

    Federal judges don't get paid enough?

    Quote:Original post by Eelco Quote:Original post by LilBudyWizer I don't see what teachers and judges have to do with one another. I also don't see what senior law professors and deans have to do with judges either. I do think it is flawed to have a fixed national salary. The cost of living varies a great deal across the nation. Also since the goal is tenure there should be adjustments for time served. The guy that's served 20 years shouldn't be making the same as the guy that started yesterday. Also this judge is talking about a 16% raise. Yeah, that's a pretty heft raise, but it doens't say anything about the time period. Is it 16% this year after 16% last year, or after no raise in the last five years? I think it's valid to compare what judges make now and the standard of living that affords them versus what they have historically made. Factored into that has to be things like the fact that two income households are pretty well the norm now and a spouse that doesn't work is a luxary. P.S. I think the real question would be do you want those just power hungry attracted to the position or both greedy and power hungry? the only question should be: what wages do we need to pay to fill the benches with competent judges? obviously that may vary in time and place. That's like arguing game programmers are less likely to be competent than their business application equivalents because the latter makes more. Some people picked their career path with an eye towards things other than fiscal compensation for their time. It's not like we are talking about a field of work that employs thousands or tens of thousands of people but something that provides a couple hundred jobs. Eh, I know you weren't quoting me but the logic you were arguing against was basically what I was stating earlier in the thread. =0
  10. KGodwin

    Your keyboard and mouse setup

    Quote:Original post by idloco My config is Saitek Eclipse Keyboard: Great for coding at night Logitech G5 Laser Mouse:Great for gaming :D I second that...I don't have that exact mouse, but it's a logitech. =0
  11. Quote:Original post by Thevenin <edits out spam of advertisements> Ok, I think I may have over done it. I still believe you have way too many advertisements on that page, and they are almost all mature audience advertisements! [flaming] What adult ad? It's just link exchanges (1 top, 2 bottom). I'm gathering it's truly crap in everyone's opinion and everyone is too tactful to come out and say it. =) Alright, got it. =0
  12. I like that color scheme, maybe I'm just a sick fellow. Anyway...any suggestions on an alternative?
  13. KGodwin

    I'm getting married.

    Congrats, King of Men!
  14. KGodwin

    Federal judges don't get paid enough?

    Quote:Original post by CrimsonSun Quote:Original post by KGodwin Judges have a helluva alot more power than a law professor or your average lawyer. I'm not sure that judges do have much power. My district's attorney was the DA before becoming a judge. Later she resigned from her judicial duties and ran for DA again. Having known her, she said that judges have no power to influence policy the only thing they can do is enforce it as written. In order to actually change something, you have to be a lawyer or be wealthy enough to hire lawyers. As DA, she was able to reverse some rather ludicrous prosecuting practices of the previous DA's, something to do with any crimes involving guns regardless of circumstances warranting an additional 10-15 years. As a judge, she would never have been able to do that. A district attorney is an elected official and therefore as much politician as lawyer. And therefore are not an 'average' lawyer. Judges interpret what is written and enforce it as they believe the meaning to be. The people who interpret the law are hardly powerless individuals, since it's their opinion of it that matters and not say, the judge a couple of districts over. I'm pretty sure the majority of judges interpret the majority of the law the same way, but there are still differences of opinion and those could make or break a case. And I don't believe a disagreement on what exactly falls within the letter of the law between a judge and an attorney is grounds for an appeal unless the judge screwed up royally. Quote:Original post by d000hg $165K is a lot, but not HUGE. It's also a LOT less than $300K. Thee's a saying "the worker is worth his pay" - while it seems a very high salary to pay someone, they are doing a very important job. I wonder how much senators get paid - bet it's a really big number. Senators make $165,200. The President makes 400,000US
  15. Site to critique. I'm going to be taking it apart and putting together a 'final' version and I was wondering if people would mind listing everything that's wrong with the current one to help me with that. Part of my problem is, the 'regulars' are used to it now so most of the flaws that would be obvious to a first time visitor get glossed over.
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