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    do anyone know where i might find the tilesets/sprites used in megaman?
  2. Brocketino

    By the way

    Quote:Original post by I Like Bread You look like a man who's run out of options. true but sad:) peace.
  3. Brocketino

    By the way

    btw this is another picture later from that night. I talked about making new friends. ps håll käften ds
  4. Brocketino

    What creeps you out or scares you?

    I think Funkymunky is rather scary.
  5. Brocketino

    Lesson 31 Help

    I think this perhaps can help you:)
  6. Brocketino

    Lesson 31 Help

    i guess u didn't see my previous post? U can also try using SetCurrentDirectory or similar.
  7. Brocketino

    By the way

    sorry, didn't mean to upset anyone. i guess u dont like me very much:( btw have u ever heard Dead Moon?
  8. Brocketino

    By the way

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight these are perhaps the most disgusting pictures I have ever seen, especially the last one, topping the one that we aren't allowed to even name anymore, topping the other one that we aren't allowed to name, and certainly topping Rod Stewart's head. c. you are the only one that really was listening Do use msn/icq would be nice to speak with you. ps can PM am you if that would be + ds rain 7 - Gullet didn't got it:) recall that the bartender did say something about Gurkan and Kraka + he didn't think c/c++ was something for me. I think Jim said something else?
  9. Brocketino

    By the way

    thx for nothing. regards *_Steels.
  10. Brocketino

    By the way

    Quote:Original post by Rain 7 A stocking cap, a beer, a ratty mustache and a 'wife beater'...you were just asking for trouble when you left the house that day. I have never hit any of my girlfriends - have u? Oh I forgot that u never had a girlfriend u stupid sod.
  11. Brocketino

    By the way

    Quote:Original post by Funkymunky this is the picture from the closed thread about his girlfriend's X running him over with a vehicle. your arm looks fine, btw Its before he ran me over.
  12. Brocketino

    By the way

    Quote:Original post by Cold_Steel OK, crazy question, but I gotta ask...what the hell are you talking about? I dont understand - can u be more specific? Its not so fun when everyone is making fun of me just because I'm not so good looking:(
  13. Brocketino

    By the way

    very funny - and diego - thanx alot.
  14. try to include the generic.h and/or switch.h in the main.cpp file instead.
  15. Brocketino

    By the way

    when i realised i wasnt the hardcore programmer i always thought i was, the old pub seemed to be the right choice at the time. I drank, I got drunk and then I became obsessed with the idea of convincing the bartender that c++ was the solution, but not for me... Heres a picture from that NIGHT
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