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  1. I have a basic popup window with javascript: function CouponPopup(url, title, info1, info2, width, height) { try { var winWidth = parseInt(width)+17; var winHeight = parseInt(height)+65; var popupWin = window.open('about:blank','coupon','scrollbars=yes,menubar=no,height='+winHeight+',width='+winWidth+',resizable=yes,toolbar=no,location=no,status=no'); popupWin.document.write('<html><head><title>Coupon</title></head><body>'); popupWin.document.write('<img src="'+url+'"><br>'); popupWin.document.write(title+'<br>'); popupWin.document.write(info1+'<br>'); popupWin.document.write(info2+'<br>'); popupWin.document.write('</body></html>'); return; } catch(ex) { alert(ex); } } Everything works fine, but something is driving me crazy. In Firefox, after this popup window opens, the status bar just "hangs" as if it's loading something, even though it's not. Does anybody know how to get this status bar to go away? Thanks.
  2. swordfish

    [web] MySQL Optimization Question

    I'm issuing the commands via PHP. I've been trying to get ahold of my client for the past few days so I can access their PhpMyAdmin, but communication is slow. MySQL 5.0.18, PHP 4.3.11 (GoDaddy Shared Hosting) I originally tried the listingID=listingID as illustrated by a site found on Google, and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I can get rid of the 500 Internal Server Error by throwing a LIMIT into the mix. What does this mean? Perhaps I'm running out of memory? I tried boosting the max_execution_time, mysql.connect_timeout, and memory_limit directives, nothing works. I'll try to issue the commands via PhpMyAdmin whenever I get a chance.
  3. swordfish

    [web] MySQL Optimization Question

    I think DISTINCT works as advertised - not sure what went wrong. Either way, I'm still having issues. Here's the query: (A) SELECT SQL_BIG_RESULT DISTINCT(listingID) FROM vamm_v1a1_listing_field_data The above returns only 1 listingID, which appears to either be the very last listingID, or the count of all of the listingIDs. I'm 100% sure that there are more than 1 distinct listingIDs. The above is a "browse all" type of search. On the other hand, if I add WHERE criteria to the query, the situation is drastically different: (B) SELECT SQL_BIG_RESULT DISTINCT(listingID) FROM vamm_v1a1_listing_field_data WHERE (sectionFieldID='1' AND value_string='Existing') That last query (B) appears to work the way I want it to, returning thousands of distinct listingIDs. Perfect, but (A) is still flawed. At this point, I can workaround (A) and just simply fetch all of the listingIDs directly from the Listings table, but I'd still like to solve (A) for peace of mind. What am I not seeing? P.S. Another test: (C) SELECT SQL_BIG_RESULT listingID FROM vamm_v1a1_listing_field_data GROUP BY listingID (C) appears to have the same result as (A)... Also, if I remove the SQL_BIG_RESULT keyword from the query, the search yields a 500 Internal Server Error (which is my original problem; and none of the php.ini directives remedies the problem). [Edited by - swordfish on September 29, 2007 10:18:00 PM]
  4. I have a MySQL table: (pseudo-code) ListingFieldData(ParentListingID INT, Value LONGTEXT) A basic search queries the Value, and returns all of the ParentListingIDs relevant to the query. (There may be 30+ ListingFieldData rows per each ParentListingID - and possibly thousands of "Parent Listings" - meaning potentially hundreds of thousands of ListingFieldData rows in total.) * The problem is that the search only needs to return each ParentListingID once, instead of hundreds of thousands of times. I've experimented with both the "DISTINCT" and "GROUP BY" keywords, both to no avail. The GROUP BY is the closest I've gotten, but it doesn't seem to work the way I need it to (I'm probably using it wrong). I have a feeling that I'm grossly overlooking something...something simple... Question) is there a way to get MySQL to return only "distinct" ParentListingIDs, skipping ParentListingIDs that have already been found? Perhaps there is some sort of "DISTINCT COLUMN" functionality? (Note: I need this operation to be performed MySQL-server-side, instead of "manually" trimming duplicate ListingFieldIDs with a PHP routine) Thanks for any help. [Edited by - swordfish on September 29, 2007 8:20:13 PM]
  5. Overlooked and underappreciated: WildMagic3 and WildMagic4 http://www.geometrictools.com It's the foundation for anything you could ever need. An intermediate C++ programmer with no prior knowledge of the engine could probably have a game prototype running from scratch in less than a few days, though it's true power is revealed when you extend it for your own specific needs. I can run down a giant list of why I think Wm3 is the way to go, if you want ;-) ..My 0.02
  6. swordfish

    Making a MMORPG: Mission Impossible?

    My point of view: when you've exceled, both technically and artistically, to a point where you can ignore the opinions of great minds - only then are you ready for the true challenge. In this case, when you're advanced enough to be able to interpret exactly what people mean when they say "it's impossible", then you'll be ready to develop a successful MMO.
  7. Quote:Why does magic exlude advanced tech? Because magic is holy and science is blasphemy :-P
  8. Cut the guy a break. He has a valid and unique idea buried in there somewhere... Word of advice: dont list a bunch of stats and whatnot. These belong in a spreadsheet buried deep in your project folder, not in your design statement :-) When I see a bunch of % symbols, I immediately stop reading and scroll down to all the mandatory cynical replies about how your MMORPG is going to fail :-P Personally, I'm all for the idea of war combat IN ADDITION to regular PvP/PvE. When I play a game like WoW; it's the "thrill" of the environment that keeps me playing. Once the thrill of PvP/PvE wears off (at about level 25 or so in WoW), the game becomes exponentially less interesting. I think having sporadic and intense wars would help a game maintain it's thrill, even for players that have been playing the game for quite some time. Think about the feeling you get in WoW, when you're all alone in a dark forest; and suddenly a squad of mounted enemy comes blazing through the area. Or in some Online FPS games; when you accidently walk into a room packed full of enemy. It's quite disturbing, even to the point of physical panic. I believe that games need much more of this...instead of relying solely on scenery, PvP/PvE, and quests to immerse the player.
  9. http://cotton5415.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/carbon-display-resolution-apis/
  10. swordfish

    Can a game be too polished?

    There's definitely a point in production where you have to ask yourself: is this done, or am I/are we over-doing it? I think the success of EV was largely in part due to it's graphics (high-end for the era, if you ask me). The art is beautiful, but the gameplay just plain sucks; so I guess they kind of evened eachother out.
  11. swordfish

    how would you create this effect?

    I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to use an animated lightmap. Generating a real-time animated lightmap would be more difficult.
  12. swordfish

    Social MMO Quests?

    I'm not sure if this has been done before, but it is a very interesting idea. Perhaps there could be a quest (or a skill or profession) that gives a player (or more realistically, a guild-centric NPC) the opportunity to become a 'quest-giver' (quest-giving player; or QGP for short). The QGP would earn "quest tokens" (or some similar item) that are binded to the player. Different tokens have different pre-defined quests, rewards, conditions, e tc. High-value tokens of course require a lot of hard work. The idea is that the QGP would use these tokens to have other players do his bidding; helping the QGP, or perhaps his guild, in some meaningful way. Quest-tokens could be generated to suit each individual player. For example; a QGP of the 'Blacksmith' profession might only receive quest-tokens that relate to his profession, perhaps helping him mass-harvest the resources needed to advance his profession rating. I could go on an on, but I won't. Great idea. I hope to see it in a game some day.
  13. swordfish

    Finnished 3d mmo games from help wanted?

    Quote:that role should ideally be handled by someone who's doing a major part of the workload as well; probably the project founder. That's kind of what I meant by producer; the guy that has his hands on everything. I probably use the word incorrectly.
  14. swordfish

    Finnished 3d mmo games from help wanted?

    Quote:As for the team sizes, I'd actually advise most of the people recruiting for such projects in Help Wanted to form smaller teams than they typically do, there's simply too much management and communications overhead added by the massive short-lived teams they tend to form. I agree.. 1 highly determined producer and 4 qualified individuals are worth 30-40 overambitious ones. Spending 12 hours designing an MMO is worth 2 years of dreaming about it. Spending 1 hour coding an MMO is worth 20 hours of reading about it. 50 lines of code are worth 50 subjective opinions from people you don't know.
  15. swordfish

    Resting contact

    Can't you just test to see if the box's movement falls below a certain threshold and then flag that box as inactive (stop iterating it until it becomes active again)?
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