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  1. Fantasy

    A Slight Hitch

    Got new working hours so I can't dedicate as much time anymore :( Still, Im beavering on and some concepts I struggled with at first are now a lot clearer.
  2. Fantasy

    Taking It Steady

    Still going through Beginning C++ Game Programming. Such a great book, so good...
  3. Fantasy

    Can I Get A Rewind

    Ok, so I regret skipping those chapters in my C++ book that i didn't get. So I scrapped pong and have decided to just concentrate on the great book that is Beginning C++ Game Programming. A wise move I feel.
  4. Fantasy

    To Pong Or Not To Pong

    Thanks for the advice. I'll be working on this one late tonight.
  5. Well my experience with SDL is growing but I have no idea how to do the collision detection. I think a bit of research is in order because at the moment I have 2 static paddles and a stationey ball on the screen.
  6. Fantasy

    About Me

    Fantastic stuff! Thanks for that.
  7. Fantasy

    Found A Partner

    Thanks guys. Just corrected those typos ;) nobody likes to read a journal with typos.
  8. Fantasy

    About Me

    I should probably let you all know a little about myself. I have been dabbling with C++ for about 2 years purely as a hobby. I don't ever intend to make games for a living but I enjoy the whole creative side of it and I seem to have grasped the basic concepts of C++ pretty well. Me and my programming buddy, (Si) set a little challenge and then after we finish we exchange source code and see the difference in the ways we have implemented the task. Well, first challenge is set............. PONG! so off I go then, i'll be learning a bit of collision detection on the way and I'll post our results soon. We use C++ and SDL.
  9. Fantasy

    Before I buy C++ Net

    Oh. Well I'll have both just to make certain. I am now a GD+ member as well for a year :) Despite not actually being able to make graphical games yet, I get a lot of help from the community so I thought I'd give a little something back :)
  10. Fantasy

    Found A Partner

    A great start! I have found somebody who is about the same skill level as I am, has the same book I'm learning from and also likes RPG's. We are currently discussing future plans and hopefully we will be working together to create an rpg in the future.
  11. Fantasy

    Before I buy C++ Net

    I'm 19 now and in full time employment but thanks for the info none the less.
  12. Fantasy

    Before I buy C++ Net

    Oh I see. Well thanks for all your help! I have enough information now.
  13. Fantasy

    Before I buy C++ Net

    thanks for the advice. I looked at the toolkit but Im not too sure what it's about. It can't be the full 2003.net because this is still selling in the stores. If it does have most the features then why did MS release it for free?
  14. Fantasy

    Before I buy C++ Net

    I have C++ 6.0 and I am aware of the fact it doesn't comply to the ANSi/ISO standard very well. So before I buy the c++.net standard 2003 (second hand bargain), is Dev C++ just as good would you say for a hobbyist such as myself?
  15. Fantasy

    New Programming Faith.

    i understand this, but it's the one I started off with, and I see no reason to change at such a late stage.
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