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    [4E5] Beer == Allowable Content?

    Quote:Original post by Programmer16 Quote:Original post by RAZORUNREAL Speaking of which, is there a countdown somewhere? Watching the time slip by is good for motivation. If you're a programmer, you could just make one. Have it pop up "inspiring" messages each day. "Hmm... another day has come and gone and what did you get done? Nothing. That's right, nothing." Atleast, that's what mine would say. lollerpops!!! I could imagine something like that, itll probally get me depressed instead of inspired though...
  2. TempHolder


    I noticed that when the song title and band name come out, it says through the wire not through the fire, boy did someone f'@3 up.
  3. TempHolder


    I dont even like metal Iam more into rap, but these guys are amazing!!!
  4. TempHolder

    PSP vs. DS

    I personally think the DS is better, in total I used my psp for like a week and I had it for about 9 months, Iam trying to sell it now. I also preordered the DS lite cause its slick. what kills me is that he said that you can play your friends with your psp wirelessely, but you cant do that with the ds... you cant play against a PSP with your DS.... and that its a fact to go look it up.... WOW!.
  5. TempHolder

    Today is my Birth Day

    Happy birthday, your still pretty young so instead of being sad about your situation this can be your chance to LIVE IT UP!!!, if you live by yourself now even better. You should start by going out RIGHT NOW!.
  6. TempHolder

    PS3: Official UK pricing announced

    Quote:Original post by sjelkjd .... You can make a system that costs less than $250, like Nintendo has. It just won't have 3 dual core cpus and some crazy custom graphics card. Most of the per-unit cost of the expensive graphics cards is in the ram. And if you sell a whole lot of them, the per-unit design costs drop very low. ... No, the PS3 is expensive because Sony is using it to try to establish Blu-ray as a media format. Cut the blu ray drive and you'd probably take $200 off the price of the ps3... Well with everything you said, the fact of the matter is that the PS3 is still going to have the crazy custom graphics card and it is including blu ray disc. But I think the price is going to do it some damage... it is a bit to pricy for a console especially the uk pricing.
  7. TempHolder

    PS3: Official UK pricing announced

    you cant say that 250$ is the most any console should be nowaday's, Look at how powerfull these consoles are getting, makes me wonder how game companies are making money off of them(the 360 took a loss for example) a graphics card for the P.C could go for up to 600$, and thats just the graphics card. The PS3 is expensive cause it takes money for them to make it, you cant expect lobster when you pay for shrimp. But as for me Iam getting the Wii because graphics dont really mean much to me anymore, cause most games coming out right now are really sucking I like the new form of gameplay the Wii offers.
  8. TempHolder

    Stencil = Slow

    I was just wondering on one of my old projects I had to remove reflection on the water because it was dramatically decreasing the FPS. I just thought about it if I had a VAST sea, and I used the Stencil Buffer to reflect Everything on (Everything because everything was above the water level) would this of caused the slow frame rate?) If not does anyone have any Ideas why it would of been going slow?
  9. TempHolder

    The Funniest Essay Ever

    well I thought it was funny...
  10. TempHolder

    The Funniest Essay Ever

    ROTFLMAO, you people have to read this, when some people say lol they arent actually laughing but this actually had me laughing for quite a while. Essay
  11. I was wondering is there anything in Swing that I can use to create that Open / Save Dialog box that you see when clicking open or save in things such as notepad? I looked around but i couldnt find any, but I remember when I used to take AP Java they had something like that, can anyone point me into the right direction.
  12. TempHolder

    french question

    should be "Elle ne voules pas je parle son nom" but i just started taking french so i might be wrong.
  13. TempHolder

    [java] Problem with strings

    [EDIT] I found the problem it was with if(bein>0) which should of been if(begin>=0) [Edited by - TempHolder on February 24, 2006 6:58:42 PM]
  14. Hey Iam making a Scripting language for my GUI. But I have a problem, Iam searching for the text "Cr" in a arralist of commands but even though Cr is in a couple of lines, it only detects it if "Cr" is NOT at the start of a string, which is a problem because most of the script has "Cr" as the start of each line. Can anyone help me out? [source = "java"] for(int i=0; i < commands.size(); i++) { String curr = (String)commands.get(i); int begin = curr.indexOf("Cr", -1); if(i==0) System.out.println(curr.charAt(0)); if(begin > 0) { int end = curr.indexOf("_", begin); String item = curr.substring(begin, end); System.out.println("item = " + item); } else { System.out.println("No \"Cr\" in " + curr); } }
  15. TempHolder

    Why does no one like me?

    do what I do stop caring about everything, and if some talks s@#! about you, just agree with them it tends to make people stop.
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