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  1. I agree with Lithander. Drop the current job and look for something in programming. If you don't want to travel far look for remote work. There are plenty of companies that will take on a programmer remotely with the occasional office visit for a few days.
  2. One of my favorite parts so far in FFXIII: LR is how you can find random musicians that play songs from the previous FFXIII title. I love that soundtrack and find myself taking minutes from the precious 13 days I have just to sit there and listen to it. Awesomeness! #ffxiii #lightningreturns
  3. Good by sweet internet. I have received my copy of FFXIII: Lightning Returns and I am now going to shut myself away for the forceable future...
  4. Played through the demo for the new #FFXIII that will be arriving on Tuesday. I must say I'm pretty impressed with the battle system. They did a good job making it extremely interactive and not just a "press the x button". It makes the battles nice and fast paced and not boring. Can't wait till the full game arrives on Tuesday. I will be locked away all day once it arrives :) #lightningreturns
  5. w00T! Plane tickets and rental car booked for Florida! Looking forward to Scott and Kelly's wedding!
  6. While starting a game of Red Dragon Inn. Brian : How do we go first? How do we go first? Oh... Somebody goes first.
  7. I find that I fail more often than what I’d like. However I don’t mind failing. Whenever I fail I use that as a learning experience and make sure I do it differently next time, even if I fail again. I keep trying until I get it right.
  8. Enjoying a nice sushi dinner with my beautiful wife Ines after a long day at work. It was a good day but long :)
  9. w00T! First time in maybe 6 years that I filed my taxes and had them accepted before Feb!
  10. Enjoying some lunch :)
  11. Coding like a frackin' madman!!!!!!!
  12. My cat just grabbed my ass!!!!
  13. Sitting down to some classic FFVII :) Ahhhh brings back memories :)
  14. We're hiring a Graphic Designer for our Marketing Department! Posting isn't even on the site yet but if your interested here are the details. If you are REALLY interested send me your resume so I can make sure it gets to the right person ASAP :) enjoy! • 1-2 years of experience in graphic design (You gotta have the skills we’re hiring for, you know?) • Strong portfolio of collateral that includes print campaigns with posters and flyers and online campaigns involving web and email design (Ser...