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  1. Totem is an up-beat, fast-paced matching game with a variety of challenges. The controls are easy and intuitive, and you will be able to use combos to gain helpful items like axes, bombs, and lightning bolts to help you complete each level. As each boss level (4 total) is defeated in Adventure Mode, you will be introduced to a new type of totem block (i.e. ice blocks) that continues to increase the challenge and enjoyment of the game. In Survival Mode, you will attempt to stay alive as long as possible while the challenge increases with each level completed. See how long you can last and get your name to the top of the high score list! Give the demo a try and tell me what you think....your feedback will be very helpful while we work on our next title. Here are a couple of Totem Reviews to check out. Have a look, we are very excited about the reception we are getting. Review 1 Review 2
  2. My game Totem has been approved for release on the 19th on Microsoft's new Xbox Live Community Games service for the 360. Check it out here along with lots of other cool games hitting the new service on the 19th... TOTEM
  3. Truespace 7.6 ...full featured modeler and its free. XSI Mod Tool...same
  4. nex7

    Lightning effect

    Alright ill give that a shot....what the heck
  5. Ok I have explosions and smoke and flashy things and all that in my game...but how does one go about making a lighting effect. Anyone have an article I can read about 2d lightning fx in XNA? or any other api for that matter. screenshot of what im looking for clicky
  6. he means sort by render target first... then sub sort by shader then sort by texture then you can render all things who are on the same render target with the same shader and the same texture together. but not all necessary....you will want to profile while you are doing this to make sure that your sorting actually has the performance gains you are looking for.
  7. Did you use all of the SaS data binding stuff for your vars? it looks like you need to make float4x4 WorldViewProj : WORLDVIEWPROJECTION; sas compliant //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Variables //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SasAmbientLight AmbientLight <string SasBindAddress = "Sas.AmbientLight[0]";>; SasDirectionalLight DirectionalLight <string SasBindAddress = "Sas.DirectionalLight[0]";>; float4x4 World <string SasBindAddress = "Sas.Skeleton.MeshToJointToWorld[0]";>; float4x4 View <string SasBindAddress = "Sas.Camera.WorldToView";>; float4x4 Projection <string SasBindAddress = "Sas.Camera.Projection";>; float4 MaterialDiffuse <string SasBindAddress = "Microsoft.Material.Diffuse";>; float4 MaterialAmbient <string SasBindAddress = "Microsoft.Material.Ambient";>; float4 MaterialEmissive <string SasBindAddress = "Microsoft.Material.Emissive";>; texture MaterialTexture <string SasBindAddress = "Microsoft.Material.Texture";>; bool IsMaterialTextured <string SasBindAddress = "Microsoft.Material.IsTextured";>;
  8. nex7

    Particle Engines

    I usually create 3 classes... ParticleEffectManager ParticleEffect Particle When i want to fire off an effect i ask my ParticleEffectManager to give me an instance of the type of particle effect i want (fire, explosion, whatever)...Since my ParticleEffect class knows what kind of particles it needs to make the effect i want it sets itself up and is then ready to fire. I can then attach the effect to any object in my scene graph and when i want to fire off my effect i just call ParticleEffect.FireEffect and it will activate the effect and and all of the little particles will be thrown all over however the ParticleEffect wants to throw them.
  9. nex7

    Particle Engines

    well it would be the same code for non shader stuff as well but thats beside the point... http://www.two-kings.de/tutorials/dxgraphics/dxgraphics17.html that explains pointsprites
  10. "For ground cover, we have a seperate system to draw multiple types of plant in a single draw call, with an array of plant defintions, including size, UV range, and how much to sway." how do you send this information to the shader....part of each vertex? or some other way?
  11. ok so the standard way of doing things is to vertex buffer everything common up and then do a draw call per unique object while setting the shader values for transformations? so combine verts into vert buffer until full and keep track of offsets when buffer fills up flush through rendering thusly for each object in the vert buffer { set shader for world transform of the object(and whatever else) call render } rinse repeat
  12. My engine currently batches geometry which has been sorted based on shader and texture. The only thing it does not do is transform things into the correct location. I have everything rendering accordingly and on update passes all objects have their current transformation matrices updated but I have no way to get all of those matrices into the shader when i call Draw on the vertex buffer. How is it that one would go about stuffing all of his geometry into one vertex buffer and drawing it transformed correctly. Normally i would set a world matrix in the shader for the object and render it but i can't do that if I'm rendering everything at once. thanks!
  13. Along the same line...if i have 50,000 billboarded quads on screen and i have to update their positions then refill the vertexbuffer to be drawn.... having to update 300000 verts...then pack vertexbuffers up and draw as i go.... i mean whats the best way to go about doing this sort of thing...i feel like im just doing way too much work.
  14. This would mean a draw call per object though....because i cant do a draw verts 1-40, 53-64 and 128-178
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